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Episode 205 (07/15/09)

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    [1]Jul 16, 2009
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    The Green Tigers were short on people after losing two weeks in a row. To even the teams again, the Red Robots decided to send Cathy back to the Green Tigers even though she helped the Red Robots win the past couple weeks.

    In the first game, Soccer Time With Grandpa, the Green Tigers won with more goals (5-3). The Green Tigers completed the doubleheader sweep by winning the second game (Stuck on Golf) as well.

    The Red Robots couldn't decide who to send to elimination, so the Green Tigers chose the lovebirds Jamie and Drew. Jamie survived a late rally by Drew and won with more squids 12-11, sending Drew home this week...
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    It was kind of interesting how they broke up the romance and actually got Drew packing out of Japan.
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    Without Drew, the Red Robots are going to have a never-ending losing streak. Even though Drew had one slip-up, he was an incredible asset to the team during physical challenges. The Red Robots should have put Dan and Justin in elimination. If they continue to eliminate the strong competitors, the show isn't going to be interesting in the end when you have two poor participants. I now have a strong feeling that Brent will win this game especially that Jamie and Drew are gone. The Red Robots made a poor choice.
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