Episode 206 (07/22/09)

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    In the first game (Brain Freeze Fish Breath), the Green Tigers grabbed the most fish and won 3-1. The Green Tigers won the second game as well (Baby Go Boom Boom) as they finished with twice as much milk.

    In the two games, Jamie performed the worst for the Red Robots. Dan grabbed the only fish in the first game, and Justin carried the team with two successful runs in the second game.

    Jamie decided to pick Dan for the Elimination Round. It was a bad week for Jamie, as she performed horribly in all three games, getting shutout in the elimination game (Up Your Nose Dragon). Dan won 3-0, sending Jamie home this week. So in consecutive weeks, both the lovebirds Jamie and Drew are off the show.

    Nice to see Brent successfully take on one of the sumo wrestlers. Too bad it was a shrimp wrestler though.
    What's the deal with blurring out the wrestler's butts anyway? Unless fat butts are too offensive to show on TV...

    So now the Green Tigers need to ship someone off to the Red Robots again. I'm guessing they won't send Cathy a second time. Brent is a keeper, so my choice would be Megan...
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    That was cool to see the loseing team clean up the bathrooms with a naked sumo in it ok that was a little groose but it was funny when he farted lol and brent dressed as a sumo was cool to i wish i could go to japan and do all that stuff as a touris not a contesting on the game show every time i watch this show i like to say majide the way everyone on the show duse its fun.
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