Episode 207 (07/29/09)

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    The Red Robots were short on people again after losing two weeks in a row. To even the teams, Megan volunteered to go to the Red Robots team.

    In the first game (Sour Milk For Kitty), Megan had trouble getting the milk into the can for the Red Robots. The Green Tigers won with nearly double the amount of milk the Red Robots had.

    In the second game (Big Foot Bang Bang), Cathy had an easy time scoring goals for the Green Tigers because she played soccer for ten years or something. Cathy rubbed it in big time even though she only needed three goals to win as the Green Tigers rolled 12-2.

    The Red Robots again couldn't decide who to send to elimination, so the Green Tigers chose Dan and Justin. Justin was familiar with the velcro suit wall-sticking game and won 4-1, sending Dan home this week.

    As I suspected last week, Megan was the one to switch teams. Brent and Cathy are the strongest on the Green Tigers. Glad they stayed put. Dan and Justin knew they were going to elimination if the Red Robots deadlocked. IMHO, Dan should have volunteered to go against Megan. I believe a similar scenario played out last year with six people left...
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