I Survived a Japanese Game Show

ABC (ended 2009)


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  • why is it not on tv anymore i loved it

    i wish thay would put thisshow back on
  • I love the concept! It is sensational!

    This show brings a very excellent idea to the table, The show is incredibly interesting and very well planned. The games that I've seen so far are really unique, and I think the show also promotes Japan in a positive way, by showing great views of the country, and exposing us to the Japanese culture of the 'game show'.

    I think that whoever came up with this idea was really smart and I really enjoy this show! I'm a fan of reality television, and this is another show that I loved!

    I highly recommend this show because it can provide suspense, laughs and great action all at the one time!
  • A game show where contestants from America travel to Japan to company in various zany game to win $250,000.

    With Wipeout, this show makes a great one-two punch of great hilarious game shows. Great experiences, very funny stipulations to games and how the games are played, and the very electric Japanese crowds easily make you feel all warm inside. :) I also, was fortunate to discover such a great show last season, when it all started. Justin was last year's winner, edging Donnell is an exhilirating final game for the cash.

    It's a great show to watch on Wednesdays at 9 PM EST. Last year it was tough, as Hell's Kitchen was on as well. Lots on channel flicking there. See an episode, you'll be impressed.

  • Wow, can we say, "ANOTHER SEASON?!"

    Of course like everyone else, I loved the entire atmosphere of the program. From Mama-san all the way to the elimination rounds. I found the show extremely entertaining with the challenges from the eating the "gooey balls" (yeah I know how that sounds) to the crane game and so on. Hopefully the ratings on the show has given it another shot for another season. This show is just as entertaing as that Japanese show that came on Spike TV or FX I think. Well whatever the case is, let's make it happen again for the fans. k?! ABC needs another show like this. Go MAJIDE!!!
  • One Of The Rear Best Show's So Cool I Loved it

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  • Go back! What was that? Was that an adult dressed like a baby, spinning around holding milk?

    The very first season of Japanese Game show was funny and a new idea on ABC. The show started with 10 Contestants divided into two teams of five, The green monkeys and Yellow Penguins. The 10 contestants came from different backgrounds, they were Justin, Donnell, Meghan, Bilenda, Andrew, Cathy, Mary, Darcy, Olga and Ben.

    The Yellow Penguins pretty much dominated the whole game. Winning 4 out of the 6 games, and eliminating almost the whole green team. Which led to the Final Four; Justin, Donnell, Meghan, and Bilenda. In the 2 hour finale the two ladies were eliminated leaving Justin and Donnell to battle it out. Justin won the final course to become the first winner of "I survived a Japanese Gameshow". The show was very entertaining and well done. Not only was it a gameshow, but it gave us a look at the japanese culture, with the prizes the winners go and punishment the losers got. It was a great fill in show, when regular shows are on hiatus. I would love to see it come back for a 2nd season!
  • This show is so good!

    I absoulty love this show. Its so funny and great to watch!
    It is a reason to watch abc again after all the crappy show were on. Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! Go yellow penguins! WATCH THIS SHOW!!!
  • I laugh everytime I watch this show.

    This show is totally great and entertaining! Great lines, great drama, great show!
    It's so funny to see Americans go and compete in that Japanese gameshow to win 1/4 of a million dollars. All the games that they have to play just makes me laugh my head off! Dressing in baby suits and getting milk in your little container? Very interesting!
    The winners gets a great experience in a new world culture and the loser has to do work that Japanese people has to do for a living. Great experiences!!
    This show also has great suspense. Who's going to get voted off and play in elimination?? If you're looking for great entertainment and something to laugh at, this is totally the show for you!
  • Where will this take us in the future!

    Why cant we just be original and make up a game shows thats based on are views and not over someone else's.

    If a sheep crosses the street do we follow it?
    If the chicken lays a egg, do we dare try?
    I can keep going on with these question but at this point you get it.

    So i know its summer and shows are on vacation and we people are left with reality, game shows and whatever they can come up with.

    And here is a show that takes a basket filled of popular challenge that worked in Japan. So we covered what its about and all that jazzy stuff.

    Well here is were it boils down to.
    After the first week the feel to it will wear down and the excitement will dry up.

    The final statement i will make.
    If a man were to fall over over and over again, will you stay and watch it over and over again and get that same feeling you did when it first happened. Whatever answer you come up with will decided if this is your show! But for me i have the internet and thousand and one links to a man falling down!
  • This show is good to watch.

    This show has some weird events, but the show is good. my best episode was Episode 101, because the green team won, and the event was interesting. Darcy needs to get out of the show all of the events Darcy messed all of them up. Go Donnell!!! Episode 102 I couldn't watch, because I was sleeping, and I was too tired to wake up. I really want to be editor of I Survived a Japanese game show. Episode 103 the Green team lost, because of Darcy I thought Darcy was gone, but she's not. Episode 104 cant wait to watch! I can't wait for season 2!
  • ISAJGS is the funniest game show I've seen from Japan!

    Ten Americans sign up for a new reality show, what they don't know.... THEY'RE GOING TO JAPAN! Why? To compete on a real Japanese game show! This show is funny, challenging by the looks, and just downright ridiculus! The best part is, the toilets have remote controls! Though it seems more like a reality show than a game show, I Survived A Japanese Game Show is better than Wheel of Fortune! Just kidding on the WOF part. Anyway, ISAJGS is clever also, who else woulda thought of a game where people dress like bugs and splat on a fake wind shield? Then there's the tour of Japan, the winners, whether the yellow penquins or trhe green monkeys, get a tour of Japan! I was most amazed when I found out the show takes place in the Toho studios! Toho are famous for making all sorts of movies such as Godzilla. They also sponsor the Naruto movies! Anyway, I never thought Toho would be home to a game show, of all things. But that's beside the point, I Survived A Japanese Game Show is really funny and will be recorded by my DVR every week!
  • I look forward to seeing what they do next week.

    This was hysterical! I enjoyed it a lot. I had to laugh when the one guy described mochi as tasting like paste. Obviously gaijin (non-Japanese). I'll admit that mochi can be an acquired texture as well as taste, though. The challenges reminded me a bit of Double Dare/ You Can't Do That on Television or even My Dad is Better than Your Dad. I do wish that Cathy had been the one to be eliminated, though. I thought she was too much of a diva. Athleticism will only get you so far with some of the sillyness that makes up Japanese game shows. Definitely worth watching again.
  • That was just plain awful!

    I don't know why shows like this get made, much less aired. There is such an overabundance of good ideas and excellent shows on the air that there is no excuse for rubbish like this. It really doesn't take any serious thought to figure out new ways to degrade and humiliate people for money. It just seems that this is a new low that game shows and reality shows will sink to in order to get a piece of the Jerry Springer audience. Gone are the days when game shows tested your intelligence or knowledge or skills. Now all they have to do is come up with some degrading activity and dare someone to do it for money. I remember daring the boys to eat worms in the playground when we were 6 years old. Maybe I should be a reality show producer.
  • I Survied a Japanese Game Show is Awsome!!!

    When I first saw on the Simpsons that Japanese Game Shows were a lot crazyer than American Game Shows, I didn't believe it. Until I saw an ad for I Survied a Japanese Game Show. This show is crazy!!! They make the contestents do all sorts of crazy things (to me some look like fun). In the show they divide the contestants in to two teams: The 'Yellow Penguin Team', and the 'Green Monkey Team'. The contestants (All from America sent to Tokyo) all live in a house ruled by Mamasan. I cannot wait until the next show! I wonder what they will do to the contestents next!
  • Awesome Game show so far!

    I seen the previews for this show, and I thought I might watch it not sure how it would be. But within minutes I was in love with the show. It's not like normal game show's. It's fantastic. Some games shows and even some shows on the first episode you can tell it's going to get boring fast but with this new show (I survived A Japanese Game show) you can expect something new and interesting. The challenges are funny to watch and neat to think about you just want to be in the audience watching or better yet on of the contestants.
  • I cant judge much yet seeing as it didn't air, but it seems like this show is going to be a win.

    If you know anything about Japan, you would know they love doing crazy new things. To have Americans who are used to having pretty calm game shows usally testing ones brain power to well... THIS than that is what I call entertainment. The show should be a great show to lighten up your summer; who would want to watch people doing wacky things? The concept of this show is original and judging on the commercials it looks to be a humorous show as well. Overall I would have to say I cant wait to see this show and it looks that it might just last for a few seasons.
  • The show itself looks to be very funny. The contestants though, not so much. They should have gone for a whole new set of personalities......

    ......if I wanted to watch these types of personalities on tv I would have not stopped watching American tv. I will watch the show though, if nothing more than to see these people get tortured, and to be completely culture shocked. If you read the bios for the first contestants, then you will look forward to any and everything to happen to knock the egos down a bit I've been watching Japanese tv for some time now, and like the real shows, this group will get bumped around a bit. Again, the show looks to be funny. It will be a good filler show. A 10 for the show, a 1 for the starting players.