I Wanna Be a Soap Star

Season 2 Episode 4

Oh Baby

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Jul 14, 2005 on

Episode Recap

What the contestants don't is that they get to work with real babies right and not dolls as they thought they were going to do. As the contestants get ready to do this scene they practice with a baby dolls. And then they get a big shock they immediately began working with real babies kiss. An All My Children star gives them tips about her work with babies on set.

Alexa tells them to have patience and just go with what the baby does. The contestants must also try and remember arm to know their lines and make sure the camera sees the baby.

The contestants have to do this scene about a father's will and whether the father should be put in a retirement home. The hard challenge is getting husband or significant other to sign the papers. They have to do all of this while the babies are crying really loud.

The judges critique the contestants on the scene with the babies. They also find this appointment in to do of the contestants to they thought were the stronger ones.

Seven seats await the contestants to see if they will continue in the competition or will be eliminated. Four seats get filled two still remains standing.

The six remaining contestants get to celebrate that they made it this far.