I Wanna Be a Soap Star

Thursday 11:00 PM on Premiered Oct 16, 2004 In Season





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  • People want to be a soap star DUH!!

    So this show is basically trying to find a soap opera actor for like 13 weeks, most likely trying to captilize on reality show success. Anyway I think the show is okay, however, now remember this is not a contest, it's a reality show. Here's the thing Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, actually you know what, I got a question, Now they said that none of the actors were on their game, in the snow love scene "I want you but you're married episode", but anyway, They cut Shamika, based on industry standards, I think they didn't want to, but that guy judge doesn't really look like he cares one way or the other really, sometimes it's like the contestants annoy him. But anyway they didn't want to cut her I guess, but just because of that doesn't make it okay, they had a chance to go with acting talent, and they passed it up, time and time again. But let's be honest, it's one life to live, a soap opera, which means it's on forever, so really they could stick anybody in the role, it's not like they are going to ruin the show. Hasta Lasagna I got my eyes on ya!!
  • I love it! It gets better every season.

    season one was okay but season two was great. I liked the contestant more. They had way better acting than last season's contestants. This is a great series for anyone who like soaps and reality tv. I cant wait for season three to start. The scenes that the contestant have to do are what you would exspect in any soap. From car driving to parties to getting stranded on a deserted Island. This show is awesome.
  • Unoriginal? American idol is NOT an orignal, so get it straight....

    No of course "I Wanna be a soap star" isnt an original.........but neither is American Idol......ESPECIAL AMERICAN IDOL, LMAO! its FARRRRRR from an "Original".........but that doesnt matter, hardly anything on tv is a "True Original" Lmao. ANYWAYSSSSSS, i LOVE cameron mathison so anything with him, in my eyes, is purely great! hehehe =^^=
  • this show is great

    I missed the firsdt season of soap star but i loved it and hope there is another one. I was torn between Alec and Prudence fo rthe last couple of episodes and I thought the ending was great exspecially when the wedding was interrupted and the actors were completely confused because that was not in the script
  • You have to like Soap Operas to like it.

    The show is good and creative it gives people the chance who love watching there favorite soap stars on tv actually the chance to work with them. If you like reality shows it is also good. Plus everyone is pretty on the show. And Farley is hot. And the show gives everyone the chance to see how it isn't that easy to be s soap star.
  • Isn't this just American Idol for actors?

    Once again we see how the reality shows are just copying each other. All the shows are the same. Isn't this just American Idol for Soap Stars? Instead of poor singing the viewer is subjected to poor acting. The Apprentice? Instead of fighting for the chance to run one of Donald Trump's companies, the chance to star on a soap. This is just another reminder of why I don't watch reality shows. Soapnet do me a favor, put on the best of from the abc soaps. That's what we really want to see. Please, Please, please, no more reality shows.