I Wanna Be a Soap Star - Season 2

Thursday 11:00 PM on Premiered Oct 16, 2004 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Chemistry Set
    The Chemistry Set
    Episode 10
    We see some of the dress rehearsal. This is where an actor practices the scene to help them feel comfortable before the cameras roll.
  • Guess Who's Coming To Pine Valley? (Special)
    In this special episode of soap star we take a look back at the past seven episodes and contestants who were killed off. We also take a look at the millions of people who want to compete both in New York and Los Angeles for the chance at a 13-week contract on All My Children.moreless
  • How The Other Half Lives
    The contestants this time have to do a party scene with some former contestants as extras. The party scene involves a family welcoming their father’s new bride. The contestants also have to perform with a few stars from popular soap operas.
  • It's Not easy being Green
    The contestants act which themselves as screen partners only to learn that it is very hard to do dual roles. The contestants use a green screen this lets each part to be taped one of time. Then the two roles are edited together.
  • The Real Survivors
    The Real Survivors
    Episode 6
    The contestants learn how to act with a real snake on a desert island. The winner from last season gives the contestants advice on how to act in a scene. The contestants also figure out how life will go on a desert island after their helicopter crashes.
  • Accidents Happen
    Accidents Happen
    Episode 5
    This time the contestants learn how to breathe properly as they act out the scene. They learn how to make an accident scene believable for the camera.
  • Oh Baby
    Oh Baby
    Episode 4
    This time the contestants must act with babies and learn how to concentrate on the script and deal with the baby at the same time.
  • Caught In The Act
    Caught In The Act
    Episode 3
    In this episode, the contestants get a shock as one of the former contestants is brought back from the dead. The contestants will have to practice doing love scenes before the judges but, before they do, an acting coach is brought in to help them understand exactly how love scene works. Next, the contestants get some professional advice from our real soap star who explains how to find chemistry with the actor your working with.moreless
  • The Cut down
    The Cut down
    Episode 2
    In the second episode the contestants do a cold read and to their surroundings and learn about several sets .
  • The good the bad and the ugly
    In this episode we see potential contestants going through the process of hopefully being cast on All My Children. First the judge's audition 40 people from York and Los Angeles and then choose 12 people to make it to the next round. We see some of the potential contestants getting callbacks The contestants learn how to concentrate and focus on what they're doing and not think about the continuous distractions that happens on a set.moreless