I Wanna Be a Soap Star

Season 2 Episode 10

The Chemistry Set

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Aug 18, 2005 on

Episode Recap

The show starts with a recap of the previous episodes leading to the finale of the second season. The two finalists meet with the acting coach for the last time. The two finalists get a private fitting with the costume Designer for All My Children. David makes a comment with regard to one of the finalists that because he is short no alterations had to be made to his costume.

Next the two finalists have a visit with a numerologist who helps them find their life paths. Alex is a 3 which means he is very funny. The other finalist is a six life path that means she is very strong.

A dress rehearsal is shown to the viewers so we can see what dress rehearsal is and if actors forget their lines. We are also shown the script with the dress rehearsal. The script will scroll up on the television so we can see it. During dress rehearsal the judges are not present the scene will be done just for the cameras for now.

One of the contestants realizes he forgot his lines. We see Alexa Havins navigate one of the finalists through their rehearsal. She also tells them that he was OK

The contestants do this scene in front of the judges and then take their notes to hopefully make the scene better. We get to see how each contestant reacts to each of the judges as they give notes. We also get to see the contestants rehearse right up until the next performance. Earlier the contestants were told they would have to do this scene twice so the Executive Producer of All My Children could see their work.

After the contestants do this scene for the second time they get another surprise they will do the same scene again this time they will compete against each other and do this scene together.

After Alec performed his scene for the second time in front of the judges he talks about how doing soap is mind bending. Then they get another scene to do in front of the judges or so they think. Alec and Prudence get a scene where they have to kiss each other prior to becoming husband and wife. Just before they do that a wedding guest speaks her peace.