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I Want That!

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Welcome to the I Want That! home page. I Want That! has all the newest, neatest innovations for your home and beyond! HGTV's I Want That! gives you the lastest information of the coolest products for your lifestyle and home. Most products are suitable for you and your price rage. I Want That! is the best show to watch if you're looking for great innovations for your home. Some innovations protect your family in a cool, high tech way, while other innovations help you when you need to clean, cook, or hang out. I Want That is on often, and is 30 minutes long. I Want That! also gives you the prices for some innovations, making it easier for you to purchase the innovation that you want. HGTV's I Want That! is the best show to watch if you are looking for the coolest innovations for your home! I Want That! shows you how to live a better, high tech life. All the innovations are useful, some are even helpful to the environment! Every innovation is cool and unique, and has the style you're looking for. Also HGTV's I Want That! has other cool shows called I Want That! Baths, I Want That! Kichtens, I Want That! Gardening, and I Want That! Tech Toys. These shows help you purchase kitchen, innovations, your bath innovations, your gardening innovations, and your tech innovations for you and your home.


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AIRED ON 11/27/2015

Season 7 : Episode 3


    Five new series find home at HGTV network

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    • Different title, same episodes

      I keep seeing the same episodes on ATT Uverse's DIY channel 454. The guides shows different episodes that I haven't seen, but the episodes are the same. There was a marathon on 8/18 and the episodes didn't match the guide description.
    • I want that

      wanted to let you know that I visited your site to see the pet door and I was infected with a virus. I had to have microsoft do a sweep on my PC and at the end they tell you where I got the virus so beware
    • Help...

      Recently saw the tail end of an episode highlighting a Website, where you can upload your photos to, choose a background, color, shading, etc and then the company would send this finished framed product back to you in the mail ... anyone know this website?
    • Bruinno Peephole Viewer

      This is junk unless you live in a lighted indoor building. All you see is a silloutte of a person, the backlight is horrible. It does work by prochlight at night, but not too many people are at the door at night. They off a light bar to purchase, but you would need a SPOTLIGHT in the day for it to work...Bad advertisement..
    • Awesome show!

      I love this show cant wait for the show that has the cool resistance bands.

      Not many know about them, if you havent seen them go look now at http://www.myotraining.net

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