I Want That!

HGTV Premiered Apr 03, 2005 In Season





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  • Different title, same episodes

    I keep seeing the same episodes on ATT Uverse's DIY channel 454. The guides shows different episodes that I haven't seen, but the episodes are the same. There was a marathon on 8/18 and the episodes didn't match the guide description.
  • I want that

    wanted to let you know that I visited your site to see the pet door and I was infected with a virus. I had to have microsoft do a sweep on my PC and at the end they tell you where I got the virus so beware
  • Help...

    Recently saw the tail end of an episode highlighting a Website, where you can upload your photos to, choose a background, color, shading, etc and then the company would send this finished framed product back to you in the mail ... anyone know this website?
  • Bruinno Peephole Viewer

    This is junk unless you live in a lighted indoor building. All you see is a silloutte of a person, the backlight is horrible. It does work by prochlight at night, but not too many people are at the door at night. They off a light bar to purchase, but you would need a SPOTLIGHT in the day for it to work...Bad advertisement..
  • Awesome show!

    I love this show cant wait for the show that has the cool resistance bands.

    Not many know about them, if you havent seen them go look now at http://www.myotraining.net
  • Absolutely love this show!

    Not on often enough, could watch everyday.

    Love the fabulous ideas and new products, keeps us in tune with whats happening and makes us want to rush out and buy every new gadget.

    Also provides a great understanding of how products work and the benefits of having them

    Thanks, great idea, great show

    The show is well filmed and discusses the products in detail giving total information to the viewer. We really enjoy the information and knowledge provided.

    Although having to right such a lengthy review is getting me tired. hehe

    Everyone does an excellent job on the show, keep up the good work.
  • A cool show

    I like this show. It shows all the latest products. I think this show is defenatly good. I love all there products they put up. I think this show is defenatly a success story. I think HGTV came up with a good show (finally). I never really watched HGTV before until I was passing the channels one day and I saw a cool product on I want that and Ive liked the show ever since.
  • This show is so cool, it gives you the info on the latest products!

    It is so cool to have a show that gives you info on new products. It helps me know all of the cool things we have today, and it gives you a little demonstration on how it works, and what the product is. Nobody knows i watch this! Sometimes when I see the cool things on the show, I say to myself "I Want That!".