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NBC (ended 2005)


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  • I really, really enjoyed this show a couple years back. I thought it was excellent.

    I LOVED this show. I was so disappointed when it didn't return for another season. Tragic. I think Kathy Hilton came off as a really warm, inviting person. She seemed very motherly. I loved the different tasks the contestants had to do. I liked the contestants. I likes how they fought with each other, of course. It was really a terrific show to watch. I would love for them to bring it back. I think this show was for people who like the glamorous life and and are genuinely interested in the rich and famous. That's me to a tee. I hope one day they bring it back.
  • Am I the only one who likes this show?

    I love this show and I can't beleive they only had one season! I love those kind of show where you compete for something by doing all these different tasks. I can't really say anything bad about this show except for Kathy is to fancy. But I really hope that they have a new season or at least that first season comes out on DVD. I looked forward for every Tuesday when it went on. I always was said this to my mom,"can I stay up a little bit later tonight? It's Tuesday and I want to be a Hilton is on."
  • I don't care how much money she has, until she can control her own family, Mama Hilton can't teach me a thing.

    She definitely can't teach me the value of a dollar, how to value people over money or how to have a generous spirit. Which are things I doubt anyone in the Hilton family can teach. This shows and proves that money isn't everything. You can learn manners and etiquette from Ms. Manners or simple trial and error. There are far too many rich people that I've encountered who don't have the decorum God gave a chimp. Not that Mama Hilton is one of them, but let's not give her the opportunity to prove me wrong. Reality TV in general is punishment enough rather than watching 'richies' try to teach real people how to be more 'civilized'-please.
  • The Simple Life wasn't any good, this one's even worse.

    A show from the mom of Paris Hilton, the Hilton's must be a very very nice family. This show is awful, it's just awful. This show is not like the simple life, this show is like a contest using the formula used by survivor or fear factor. This show is just awful, it doesn't have a hook that can make a person watch it. This show is a cheaply produced reality contest show. Not much thought was given on the premise of the show, I wonder why nobody watched it, this show is just awful. I can't stand watching 10 mintues of this show.
  • Why not just hit yourself in the head with a hammer repeatedly?

    If you really want to be a Hilton, why not just hit yourself in the head with a hammer repeatedly? This would be better than going on this show for several reasons.

    1- It would save your family from years of ridicule.

    2- After stunning yourself you might actually think you are a Hilton, solving your problem.

    3- If you cause brain damage, you might end up as smart as Paris.

    4- You might knock some sense into yourself and realize wanting to be a Hilton is an idiotic goal in the first place.

    5- As long as you don’t hit yourself in the face, no one will know, while the people on the show will know nothing but mockery and ridicule for the rest of their lives.

    6- None of the people on the show are going to be Hiltons. They may be complete jokes, like the Hiltons, but they won’t BE Hiltons.
  • Yvette in a video...

    Well I just want to say tha I think I just saw Yvette on TV in the new Backstreet Boys video for the song I just want you to know. I really don\'t know if it\'s her but it looks like her. She\'s in the front row at the concert. We can see \"her\" a little bit after the middle of the video. So if someone see the video I want to see if I\'m right!
  • Well it not the worst.

    Well this isn't the best of reality shows, But still The Benefactor was way better. Who thought all the millionaire/billionaires would one day suddenly decide to come out of their shells and host a T.V. show.

    Well $200,000 I believe is way below the average loot in most reality shows, But if you throw in all the extras then okay. But $200,000 isn't going to buy you a private jet unless you would be willing to opt for a Cesna. Which are about $100,000. You probably have to rent a limo (Unless it's part of the prize) and certainly $200,000 even put in a bank won't generate more than $6,000/yr.
  • Awesome show, too bad its over, In my opinion, Johnny should have one... he was hot... looks like my pal David. Anyone who thinks the show sucks should go to hell :) the show rocked and they should bring back everyone for a huge reuinion

    that show flippin rocked! Especially because of johnny.. hes cool.... *swoon* He was so hott.... wow, too bad he didnt stay to long.. but wow it was a damn ass good show when he was :) and when he made appearances... America, Bring Back Johnny!! *sings* Johnny Is A Hottie, He Makes Me Dotty.. snicker.
  • This was a reality type television show that followed fourteen not so etiquette favored indivuals and each set out to win a prize package, money, and knowledge of the good life. Kathy Hilton trained each to compete and in the end an amount of people were

    I think that this show was great when i first watched it but as i watched it I grew less interested, though i still made sure i found out who won!
    I dont think Kathy Hilton made a good move by doing this because it was kind of odd, and some people love there not so rich lives.
  • What's that smell?!?!

    Oh, wait it's 'I Want to be a Hilton' NBC's pathetic attempt to cash in on the recent reality tv craze! This show is crap, pure crap.
    There is nothing that will make you want to watch this trash contained within, unless you are like the people at Vh1 and are obsessed with celebrities. There are very few shows as bad as this one but I will name a few that are.
    Barney and Friends, Teletubies, anything like the previous two, and anything on Pax. I can't think of anymore crap shows right now but there are a few more. Here is my advice to everyone, Stay The Hell Away From This Show!
  • Who would have thought Paris Hilton's Mom could create a disaster worthy of one her daughters? Well genetics rules!

    If you ever wondered where the heiress Hilton daughters developed their skills to error, this will answer your questions. The show appears as a mix of "The Apprentice" with competing teams scheming and plotting with "Survivor" cumming in a world with the pretentiousness only a Hilton can inspire. One watches contestants worship and grovel at the alter of greed in such with such fervor that Wallstreet's Gordon Gekko would cry. The creators must have been worshiping at the same alter as this show is a basal play at ratings with no redeeming value.

    If you have nothing else to do, it is TV. However, if you plan do watch the whole thing bring you "No Doze." Unless, of course, you want to be a Hilton; then bring your Coke. Right, Nicole ..... :)
  • Should be titled "The Revenge of the Hiltons"

    So, I imagine that Rick and Kathy Hilton were sitting around swilling caviar and champagne and noticed that not one or two, but ALL comedians in the known world were making fun of their precious darling Paris.

    Knowing that Paris brings it all on herself, and it is no doubt their example that taught her to behave this way, they were embarassed. BUT WAIT! They realized that they have more money than god, so they decide to buy their way out of this family delema.

    STEP ONE: Buy a TV program where gullable yokels from the lower levels of society are forced to get along in the cut throat world of society parties. Then people will see that poor people are stupid and our dear Paris is really better than them, because our family is rich, and we deserve to be admired!

    STEP TWO: If no one watches, make sure the correct people are compensated to keep the show on the air. (Because the message of poor people being tasteless cads has to get out!)

    STEP THREE: When weeks go by and still no one cares, repeat step two.

    The world will love the Hiltons and worship Paris if mommy and daddy have to buy every last person's affection. (of course by "people" we mean only the right sort!)
  • this show is great.

    I want to be a Hilton is a great show in order to get what you want you have to earn it and Mrs. Hiltons way of earning is being on the list because if you\'re not on the list than that means you get sent home with nothing this show i think is ahead of its time.
  • ......people can't come up with good ideas

    This show sucks! I watched episode 2 and I hated it, the show is just like The Apprentice, another show I hate. The airing of I wanna be a Hilton just tells you that producers can't come up with any good reality TV shows now. Just cancel this show and I'll be happy.
  • The psychos (Yvette and Amy) and the ever-hilarious and lovable Latricia have made this prim and proper show absolutely hilarious! I think I'll actually miss the psychos but I'm glad Latricia's on the list and she'd better win!

    I Want to Be a Hilton so far has been nothing short of hilarious. Amy's random singing when Kathy asks for opinons from her team when she's talking to them and her dancing at the auction had me laughing way harder than I should ever laugh! Yvette's obnoxious nature and strange personality managed to be both disgusting and funny. Latricia is the only reason I'm still watching the show though. She truly deserves this and she's putting a tremendous amount of effort into it. Plus she's both nice and funny! The only other people I like so far are Jackee and Jabe, who I only admire for his grudging admiration for Latricia. I'm glad this isn't like Survivor and that the far outnumbered team has an equal chance of winning as the other team once they "merge". Kathy Hilton has been a truly amazing host. She seems like a genuinely nice and good person. I'm glad Paris and Nikki (however the heck you spell it) aren't a permanenet part of the show. Anyways, a pretty entertaining show and Latricia better win! =)
  • I was shocked when I watched this show...

    I didn't expect this show to be good at all, It's not a great show but it is interesting. When I first new this show was coming on t.v I thought blah, Do we need to hear about the Hiltons? I think people probably judged it before watching it. It is a interesting show but the show is nothing without the big black woman, forgive me I don't know her name. But I think she indeed makes the show. Without her I don't think I'd be even tuning in to watch this. Even though it's interesting we all know this show is only a sucess because of Paris Hilton. Like her or hate her the Hilton's weren't barely known until her sextape came out. I advise people to give this show a chance.
  • omg this show is soooooooooo good! i dont know whats wrong with you people saying that is wrong? is the same as any otehr reality show just better...its the best show out there! and i hate that yvette, i hope this shows continues because i will watch it e

    omg this show is soooooooooo good! i dont know whats wrong with you people saying that is wrong? is the same as any otehr reality show just better...its the best show out there! and i hate that yvette, i hope this shows continues because i will watch it everytime! yes
  • EWWW!

    Ok, What do a singing beauty queen, a construction worker, a dancer, a fashion student, a waiter, an Interior desginer, a retail manager and a bartender all have in common? They all end up in New York City on a reality show enititled "I Want to Be a Hilton." Sounds crazy? Well, it is. You've all heard of Paris Hilton's break-out role in "The Simple Life" with Nicole Richie, but this one however, is the same show with a twist. Paris' mom Kathy takes the role as host and puts them in challenges that ties them in the social life of either New York City or Los Angeles. Each program has her relatives drop in on the challenges that help their teams win or lose each week. Why did NBC do a show that already has the last name of a media starlet who's retiring in 2 years? Just why?
  • This is a very nice show, but I did notice a little pot calling the kettle black.

    At the end of the show, Kathy Hilton held her wine glass by the bowl and not the stem. All of the guest were taught proper etiquette of wine glass holding in this episode. I thought it funny to see someone that is suppose to be fine tuned in etiquette make such a mistake. Kathy Hilton would you like a personal trainer in etiquette. I would be glad to come on your show and you can wear the ear piece while I instruct you.