I Want to Work for Diddy - Season 2

VH1 (ended 2010)


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Episode Guide

  • Season Finale
    Episode 10
    It's down to the final two applicants, and for the deciding test, they must report to the top floor of Bad Boy to work for the man himself. He puts them through their paces, testing their dedication, work ethic and their sense of humor. They must arrange a last-minute listening party for Bad Boy employees to hear tracks from his new album, "Last Train to Paris" at the hip Hudson Hotel. Then it's reckoning time. Daniel and Ebony are summoned to the roof deck of the hotel, but only one will leave with the job of Diddy's new assistant.moreless
  • 12/28/09
    The final three applicants find themselves overwhelmed as they attempt to pull off this larger-than-life fashion event. Just when it seems the pressure can't get any greater, some four-legged fashionistas arrive to make their job even tougher. Capricorn shows up hours before the event to find that the group is way behind. With no time to spare, and no room for failure (especially with Diddy attending), the applicants are about to get a rough lesson in how the pros do things.moreless
  • The Fashion Event
    Episode 8
    It's their hardest challenge yet: the applicants must plan and execute a fashion preview of Sean John's holiday line for an audience of buyers. They are given a venue, budget, access to models, a room full of mannequins and the clothing for the event. But when Sean John executives get a preview of the preview, they're shocked at how much still needs to be done. Diddy calls an emergency judging session. Someone isn't pulling his or her weight, and that person has to go.moreless
  • A Family Affair
    Episode 7
    The four remaining applicants get a taste of life in Diddy's inner circle when they must arrange a dinner party for Diddy's mother, sons and close personal friends, including his recording artists Dawn and Kaleena of Dirty Money. But Diddy doesn't want just any dinner. It's supposed to be a 5-star affair on Diddy's 80-foot yacht... and Mother Nature isn't cooperating.moreless
  • 12/7/09
    Tensions are rising in the loft and the competition is becoming more cutthroat. It's a good time to find out who'll compromise their principles just to win. Diddy decides to give the applicants an honesty test with the help of one horrendous tie-dyed outfit. Diddy sends the group to an honesty retreat at a lush Japanese garden, where they meet Dr. Greg, who's devised some very intimate exercises to lessen tensions among the applicants. But no amount of new age soul cleansing can help one applicant who earns Diddy's ire.moreless
  • 11/30/09
    It's time for the applicants to enter the heart of Bad Boy: Diddy's recording studio, Daddy's House. The aspiring assistants take over for the support staff through the night. But this is no ordinary graveyard shift. All night long they'll be hit with diva behavior and ridiculous requests from the talent on hand. The applicants will have to show they have all the right moves - literally.moreless
  • 11/23/09
    The teams are told they must assist Mr. Combs in doing a series of press interviews. Each team is given a bible of Diddy information (his accomplishments, awards, personal facts, likes and dislikes, etc.) to answer any background questions the press might have. But they arrive to find that the "press event" is not that at all. The applicants are going to have their Diddy knowledge tested in a much more pressure-packed way. Later, the applicants learn that Poprah is a mole. As if that's not enough, she's got another surprise up her sleeve.moreless
  • 11/16/09
    The applicants get a rude awakening at 3AM- it's time to go running! To work for Diddy you have to be ready to run at any moment. But along with shaping their bodies up, the applicants have to get their loft ship-shape. And Diddy's demanding more than just your average cleaning. The next morning, the teams get their assignment: collecting donations for the inner city kids of the Fresh Air Fund. And in keeping with the physical fitness theme, the teams must gather their donations using a rather interesting mode of self-propelled transportation. They're sweating for a worthy cause--but whichever team loses is going to be extra sorry.moreless
  • 11/9/09
    Sean John clothing has changed its logo and the Uptown and Downtown teams must each design a new print campaign to celebrate the brand's reinvention. Each team gets two models, a studio and photographer. Before shooting, they must make it through the pitch session from hell. The winning team gets to have its design displayed in a very prime location. Later, the teams return to the loft only to find one of last season's most controversial characters.moreless
  • Welcome To Bad Boy
    Welcome To Bad Boy
    Episode 1
    "I Want To Work For Diddy 2" premieres with eleven applicants from across the country arriving in Manhattan with instructions to go directly to Bad Boy headquarters. One by one they arrive, only to find some very unusual, and uncomfortable, sleeping arrangements. After a lousy night's sleep, they're immediately subjected to an intense test of their smarts and resilience by one very harsh taskmaster.moreless
  • Season Premiere
    Episode 1
    Diddy searches for a new protege.