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Carly is a teenager who lives with her 29 year old brother and guardian Spencer, and produces her own web show, iCarly, from a studio she constructed in the her apartment. She does this not because she is looking for fame or fortune, but because she wants to be a good role model for kids and teens, along with her brother and their three neurotic friends Freddie, Sam, and Gibby. "iCarly" makes TV history as the first series to incorporate kid-generated original content into its script.


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    Fan Reviews (543)

    • So Many LAUGH TRACKS!

      I watched the episode iSell Penny Tees, and it had 156 laugh tracks in 22 minutes! That's more than one every 9 seconds!

      Typical scene:

      "May contain real meat" *LAUGH TRACK*

      "Well if it may" *LAUGH TRACK*

      It's like that for 22 whole minutes!!!
    • It was decent for a while.

      Then I got bored from it. But overall, not a bad show.

      At least I can pretend that this hadn't got two piece of crap spinoffs: Dicktorious and Stupid and Crap.
    • iCarly Review

      I think iCarly is a decent show. I loved watching iCarly growing up. It was one of those nickelodeon shows that I liked when Nickelodeon was going downhill. Their bits on their web show are unique, and I loved the guests that appear on the show. I even love Spencer's subplots in most episodes. The writing in most episodes are stellar, and funnyHowever, iCarly definitely has it's problems. One being the SEDDIE timeline. Sam is my least favorite character on the show, and the show really lost my interest when Sam and Freddie started dating. My second Problem is Carly dating Nonstop. Carly back in seasons 1-4 was a pretty cool character. She was the voice of reason to Sam and Freddie, and she was funny. But, in seasons 5 and 6, my least favorite seasons, She became out of character when she was dating boys multiple times. My third problem with the show, which is the biggest problem are the episodes that are bad such as iMeet Fred, iLost my Mind, iQ, iQuit iCarly, and iPear Store. I'm kind of glad season 7 improved from seasons 5 and 6, because despite season 7 being the final shortest season, it had some episodes that I enjoyed. Overall, Aside from all of the issues I have with the show, I still think of iCarly as a Good show. I enjoyed watching it from the time it came on, to the emotional series finale: iGoodbye. It is FAR from amazing as Drake & Josh was, but it was still enjoyable to watch. Like I said, it was one of the last good shows that came on Nickelodeon, besides SpongeBob, and Harvey Beaks. I give the show a 7 out of 10! Good Job, Dan Schneider! Good Job!moreless
    • icarly

      i love you icarly i watch your show
    • The show that officially lowered the quality of sit-coms

      I used to watch Disney Channel first sit-coms (before it became a teen girl channel), like Hannah Montana or Zack&Cody. They were not the best sitcoms you ll see, but for the most parts they were funny enough, without being annoying. But when the worst Tv writer of all time, Dan Schneider, came in, the television quality of this kind of shows died.

      He created Drake&Josh, who was damn funny, but only because of the two main actors. Man, they were great. They managed to keep funny and likable an horribly written show. If you really think of the stupid premise, the plots, the characters, you will see with mediocre actors it would have been the typical Dan Schneider's trash.

      And then came ICarly, the worst show ever been on television.

      They put a laughtrack at every single line to be sure that kids are stupid enough to laugh.

      They totally destroyed the meaning of "nonsense humour", which is a really difficult and sophisticated art, and turned it in "anything with no sense", with jokes, lines or scenes that make absolutely no sense, but with a laughtrack they are funny. Right?

      What this show thinks is funny is: physical and verbal abuse towards weak kids\people(they are losers! funny!), people pathetically crying or bitching, and those gags Carly and Sam do in their on line show; i mean, Dan Schneider gang really think teenagers are so stupid? who would ever watch that show Carly and Sam do? it has absolutely no sense, ever.

      The worst thing of the show and the worst character of the history of sitcoms is Sam. She is a bully, she is stronger than anyone, she beats anyone especially the so-called losers(because its funny, you know!), everybody is scared by her, and nobody ever stop her. Great stuff, great comedy. She calls herself a misanthropic and she hates everyone, but then he does all those stupid things for the show with Carly, like the most friendly and funny person there is. Great writing.

      Anyway, i'm done. The only good stuff in this show come from Spencer. That's it. After Icarly became so succesful, all the other sitcoms understood that qualities is not important, just put some scene with no sense, give the chacacters technological accessories to make it modern, and fill it with casual laughtracks: the show is done. Fantastic television folks.


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