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Carly is a teenager who lives with her 29 year old brother and guardian Spencer, and produces her own web show, iCarly, from a studio she constructed in the her apartment. She does this not because she is looking for fame or fortune, but because she wants to be a good role model for kids and teens, along with her brother and their three neurotic friends Freddie, Sam, and Gibby. "iCarly" makes TV history as the first series to incorporate kid-generated original content into its script.

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    *10 second laugh track*

  • It looked like a good idea, but it got terribly executed.

    iCarly is one of those shows that may have sounded promising with its clever premise, but it got awfully executed on television. The show is about a teenager named Carly Shay who produces a webshow called iCarly were they do the most random stuff onscreen. in her apartment building, She lives with her older brother, Spencer, and has friends like Sam and Gibbie. The premise is creative, and most shows that had good premises were usually executed awfully, and iCarly is no exception. The first season of the show was pretty good. There was some pretty funny moments, it had the right amount of randomness, and it had something going for it. But after the episode iMeet Fred aired, the show just turned into a mean spirited and cruel pile of junk.

    The characters are too mean sprited and cruel hearted, and are barely likeable. Carly is a whiny spoiled brat who complains about everything and it's so obnoxious. Sam is quite possibly the meanest protagonist ever portrayed in a show. She is always so rude to Freddie for no reason, and even goes as far as hitting him with objects like a tennis bat, makes jokes about hobos (seriously what's so funny about them?), and pushes every aside like they mean nothing to her. Freddie was the only one who could be likeable at times, I envied him anytime he was being hurt by Sam. The acting is just abysmal, if that's the nicest word for the acting. All of the characters either underreact or overreact themselves a lot. The humor is pretty much just juvenile humor that feels too inappropriate or gross, and a lot of it is about hobos or something about fried chicken. Again, what's so funny about hobos? Mocking the poor is just cruel. In terms of inappropriate and gross humor, in one episode they refered to boobs 3 times, which is pretty inappropriate for a kids show, and an example of gross humor would be in one episode a kid named Jermy (who is called Germy due to his constant sneezing) sneezed on the camera and we got to see a close up of his snot which really wasn't necessary.

    The random use of humour in the first season felt pretty funny, but now its unnecessary and goes overboard with randomness to the point were it's not funny anymore.

    The morals are just awful and no children should learn these type of morals. The episode iMeet Fred insists that it's not ok to have a different opinion, super good moral indeed NOT. That has got to be one of the messed up morals ever in a TV Series. No offense to iCarly fans, but after Season 1, the show became unwatchable and mean sprited. The morals are terrible and untruthful, the humor feels too juvenile, the characters are cruel hearted and unlikable, and the acting is atrocious.moreless
  • Fantastic!!!!!!

    GIVE ME THE PIE!!!! you'll love it!
  • Decent

    Not bad, not good either, when I was younger I was a fan of this show. But then I realized it wasn't as good.
  • Ah, here we go again...

    iCarly is a Nickelodeon show created by Dan Schneider. The show did end recently after the final episode entitled: I have watched a lot of iCarly before giving a final judgement so please keep that in mind first. OK, let's begin the review!


    The concept of this show is based around Carly Shay, a teenage girl who runs a web show with her two best friends (Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson). Also, Carly lives in an apartment at Bushwell Plaza with Spencer, her older brother who is (or was) a lawyer turned artist.

    OK, so far the plot doesn't seem to bad. The idea of a show within a show actually sounds promising but the execution is actually mediocre.

    So, iCarly started when the gang were forced to judge a talent show as a punishment. When Carly and Sam made jokes about Ms. Briggs, Freddie filmed it and the video got millions of views on SplashFace and things went from there.

    OK, the only thing that questions me in the plot so far is the fact that Carly and Sam got millions of views on a video in seconds. Other than that, the plot is fine I guess.


    The characters in the show don't really interest me that much to be honest. It seems like the creators of iCarly got the stereotypical personalities and spent 5 minutes developing them.

    Carly: Being the main character of the show, Carly is usually the sweet teenage girl who always tries to fix people's problems. The main thing I don't like about this character is the fact that she bosses her older brother around and sometimes she tends to act like a three year old when she doesn't get her way (for example: the MMA fight episode). Also, she tends to act as one of Sam's followers whenever Freddie is abused by her and this doesn't set a good example for children. I feel that Miranda Cosgrove (the actress for Carly) doesn't really fit this role, in my opinion she was better as Megan from Drake and Josh.

    Sam: She is one of Carly's best friends who is a tomboy with an obsession for food and fighting. I don't particularly like Sam's character either because she abuses Freddie way too much and she pretty much likes to criticize him every 5 seconds. Also, she starts fights for no reason and she has also been in prison way too many times for illegal activities. At one point, she put herself in a mental hospital because she liked Freddie and the gang busted her out (again, doesn't set a good example). I do admit that she can have some nice moments though.

    Freddie: One of the few characters I tend to pity a lot. He pretty much serves a purpose as a punching bag and target for abuse in 99% of iCarly episodes and he doesn't really have a backbone whenever he tries standing up to Sam. Also, he did appear to be a stalker in Season 1 due to the fact that he was obsessed over Carly. His character did grow on me in the later seasons though.

    Spencer: He is the older brother of Carly who was a lawyer for three days and he is now an artist. To be honest, I don't see him as a guardian, he comes across as pretty irresponsible and he seems too lenient, expect his leniency isn't on the same level as Jessie Prescott's from Disney's At times, he can act like a child on drugs but there are times where he does become serious every now and then.

    Gibby: I don't have much to say about him other than the fact that he is a target for fat jokes, which irritates me a lot.

    Nevel: He is the person who has been the rival of the iCarly gang since he reviewed their show. He does have an obsession for ruining iCarly and he is another target of abuse.


    In earlier seasons of iCarly, the jokes weren't so bad but they started getting overdone and flat to the point where it isn't even funny anymore.

    Moral value:

    I don't really see much moral value in iCarly, it seems like it's teaching children the wrong things and it seems inappropriate at times.


    I have decided to give this show a 3.0. It does have potential but it seems like the creators screwed up the show in some ways.moreless

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