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  • Season 8
    • No episodes have been added for this season of iCarly.
  • Season 7
    • iGoodbye - Part 2

      Colonel Shay surprises everyone by arriving just in time to be able to take Carly to her special dance. They return from the evening and Carly is disappointed to hear that her Dad must go back to Italy that night and she is put up to a difficult decision. Colonel Shay offers his daughter to come with him, to which she agrees, which means the end of iCarly. Before she leaves, she personally says goodbye to Freddie in the iCarly room and kisses him. They both go downstairs smiling and Carly says goodbye to Sam, Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer for the last time. When Carly is on the plane, she watches previous iCarly webcasts and Spencer, Freddie, and Sam recall previous iCarly moments from the Pilot, smile, and the show ends.

    • 11/23/12

      In Part 1 of the two-part series finale, Spencer offers to take Carly to the Air Force father-daughter dance because their Dad, Colonel Shay, isn't able to accompany her because of his overseas deployment. Spencer gets ill because of Lewbert and can't take her, so Freddie and Gibby offer to take her to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Sam and Spencer rebuild a motorcycle, which Spencer later gives to Sam as a present; and Freddie obtains a new Samsun Gemini Maxpad, which Gibby and several people at the mall tease him about because of its size.

    • iBust a Thief
      Episode 7

      After a webcast, Sam notices her laptop is missing. Freddie remotely activates the webcam with the laptop's serial number, and they see an old lady in front of it. After watching her for eleven hours, they figure out where she lives and go to her apartment, breaking down the door. However, once there, they find out that Sam gave them a wrong serial number and now think that Sam's laptop is gone forever. When they get home, Sam goes to the fridge to get food and finds her laptop in a pizza carton. She leaves and takes the carton with her without telling anyone.

    • iRescue Carly
      Episode 5

      Carly tags along when Sam hangs out with Dana, an old friend from juvie. Although Sam warns Carly about her, Carly tries to get into the tough crowd and accepts Dana's invitation to a smash party where people break into an old house and smash everything. Despite Sam not going and insisting that Carly doesn't go either, Carly goes anyway. Once there sherealizesshe's uncomfortable but wishes to prove herself to Sam so she calls Freddie and Gibby to go meet her there. When Freddie and Gibby arrive at the party, the three of them get tied up and people throw stuff at them. When Sam learns Carly went to the party, she goes there, too. Although she is outnumbered, she beats everyone up with her butter sock after turning off the lights and putting on a pair of night vision goggles, saving Carly, Freddie and Gibby.

    • 10/20/12

      Carly and Freddie type up a list of people to invite to Spencer's birthday. They realise Spencer was playing Tennis and knew that he had a friend along, so they get ready to type. But Spencer reveals that he played Tennis with a kid in 3rd grade. Carly gets upset and agrees with her friends that they should find Spencer friends his age.

    • iGet Banned
      Episode 3
      In hopes of making themselves seem cool, Gibby and Freddie join a band. However, Gibby soon realizes he doesn't possess the talent to play in a band. Meanwhile, Carly and T-bo get in an argument, which results in T-bo being banned from Carly's apartment, and Carly being banned from the Groovy Smoothy.moreless
    • iShock America - Part 2

      The iCarly gang get into some big trouble making them pay $500,000.

    • 10/6/12

      The iCarly gang get into some big trouble making them pay $500,000.

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