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Official " New Editor / Moderator Thread.

Votes for new editor

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    True, all true.
    Fireofnature wrote:
    teenj12 wrote:
    Fireofnature wrote:

    Guys, just leave it alone. Leave it alone now....

    I've talked to her, and out of respect, I'm not going to say anything because really there is nothing that anyone here needs to know. Yes, there have been some stuff that contributed to her "Disappearance", definitely not Dan, she doesn't care about that. She isn't going to just 'hand over' her editorship, she doesn't really know anyone and handles the submissions just fine. I suppose if she were to give up her editorship or make someone a trusted contributor, it would have to be one of the veterans that she KNOWS would take care of things.

    Everyone here...I guess cutting some slack is definitely needed. We all have reasons for things, and she's got her reasons, and suffice to say, the forums just aren't the foremost thing on her mind anymore.

    Yes, I'm defending her, but I'm not necessarily saying that I agree with her decision to hold on to her editorship and not clean the forums, which she would if she really felt like it, but I am saying...I guess it would be best to just let it go. Do not force it, do not threaten it, that will not be a good idea anyway.

    Everyone needs to just concentrate on what we CAN do, let Marc do ALL submissions since he's closest to the editor position, maybe I can talk her into getting on to submit when he submits. We have struck up a friendship, and talking briefly about tv.com we've come to the conclusion of basically what I just said, she's not going to just give up the editor position. Pride, I think, that and she has reservations about that.

    If it is really that troublesome, then let's all move over to the forum community that Teen has made, THAT would be the best thing to do. Just, as for here, leave things be. Try to make sure boards STAY ON TOPIC, make sure people don't break the rules, do what you can...

    She hasn't 'tried' to 'know' us. What'd she think would happen when she left for 2 yrs. If her editorship isn't the foremost thing on her mind anymore, she really needs to go. Out of respect for you FoN, I'll let her be.. for now.

    This thread can be used however to solve issues with the board. Right now, everything is pretty ok .

    I'd say more out of respect for her, rather than me, but either way, you shouldn't try to judge somebody. She may have perfectly good reasons.

    Look at me, I vanished for two years because I got into a relationship with somebody who became controlling, manipulative, abusive, etc etc...and I have a hard time even admitting that...I don't even tell people EVERYTHING. The whole thing made me wary, when I finally got out of that situation and got back here. I browsed these forums for the longest time, never saying anything, holding back.

    iCarly was dead to me, thanks to my ex, thanks to her mother. WRITING had become dead to me, my "bouncing back" story got me back, but I still can't really write Seddie anymore, just...too much, and I don't bother trying to explain it. Seddie became dead to me.

    You know, it took a LOT of courage for me to even say anything. I didn't know a lot of you guys anymore, a lot of the old people I was familiar with...gone, so I was afraid. I was afraid of not being accepted. Hell, I think if not for the fact that PCSF was one of the old ones that I remembered, then I might never have come back. Just faded away...

    You never know what reasons people might have, you never know what people might cling to. I clung to some of those old people, or some of the old threads here in order to hold that sense of familiarity. I NEEDED familiarity in order to gain comfort. Right now, MSkate is at least looking at submissions, that's important. I can tell she's accepting, she just accepted one of my submissions for the Pity the Nevel episode...so who knows, if you give her time, MAYBE she'll ease back into the forums, or maybe not. Who really knows? Nobody can predict the future and nobody can read into anybody's minds.

    So definitely, thank you for understanding , and so far, yes, everything is okay on the forums. Nothing's getting out of control, nothing's chaotic at all. Everything's decent...
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