Season 1 Episode 13

iAm Your Biggest Fan

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Carly invites her biggest fan to watch a live taping of iCarly but the girl is so obsessed that they can't get rid of her. Meanwhile, Spencer discovers that his band puts up with him only to use his apartment to rehearse.

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  • iAm Your Biggest Fan- Great!

    Wow I liked this episode! The points were taken off because it was bad humor. But Mandy made me fall off the chair on laughter. Shes this energetic crazy girl!!!! I just love her!!!!
  • One word: ANNOYING

    I thought that this was a mediocre episode of "iCarly". On the bright side, it's better than most of the Season 1 episodes so it's luckily not the most hated Season 1 episode from me. This episode actually is good but my score is just lowered down by a lot because that Mandy character was so annoying and is just a nightmare. I swear, I wanted to duct tape Mandy's mouth because she was so annoying. Also, when Carly, Sam , and Freddie tell her not to do something... she does it. She sneaked through the window to get inside Carly's house, her laugh is so annoying and scary, and he can't stop doing that quaking noise plus she even interrupted iCarly when the iCarly gang told her to just sit down. Oh my gosh, Mandy just annoyed the living hell out of me. Excuse my language but that's how much she annoyed me. Spencer's plot is what pretty much is keeping my score very high. It was hilarious that he joined a band group. Spencer making deviled eggs for his band group was funny. Spencer fixing his drums that he found at the junkyard was funny. Spencer's drums catching on fire was hilarious. Also, that lead singer (forgot his name) never learning Spencer's name was funny. Overall, I actually do like this episode but my score is just because of the annoying and living nightmare Mandy. 5.5/10moreless
  • good

    icarly's biggest fan comes to a taping of their show, but they soon realize that the girl, named Mandy Valdez, is such a big fan that they can't get rid of her. Meanwhile Spencer becomes part of a band but he stinks at what he does. But when he books them on seattle Beat will they have the heart to tell him their true feelings of his drum playing?

    good episode, but i can't explain it, it feels like something was missing. but overall it did have some funny parts and two interesting plots so it gets a low Bmoreless
  • My absolute favorite episode! Both the writing and the acting were terrific!

    The iCarly gang receive an email from a girl named Mandy who claims to be the biggest iCarly fan ever and asks if they would ever consider having a live audience. So they invite Mandy to be iCarly's first live audience and everything's cool. Until they find out that Mandy is completely obsessed with iCarly and would do anything to be apart of the iCarly team. Mandy is totally crazy! She follows them around everywhere and even put on a duck mask and quacked in Carly's face! Meanwhile Spencer joins a band that he later finds out is only using him for a rehearsal space. This episode is my personal favorite iCarly episode! Everything about it was just great! The writing was excellent, as was the acting. I laugh the whole way through the episode every time I watch it! A lot of people don't like this show because they think Mandy is annoying, but I'm not one of those people. I'm so excited that they're bringing Mandy back for another episode! I also think they made the right choice in casting Aria Wallace as Mandy, I can't see anyone else playing her! This episode will forever remain my favorite! This episode in my opinion is an iCarly classic!moreless
  • i think they could of done a better job i think all there other ones are funny well not all but they could of done a way better job!! : )moreless

    i did not like the episode really but it was ok but they could of done better and so they could really boost it up a little bit like maybe say they dont want a live audience they could not let her come and then mandy thinks they want her to come so she comes and the door is locked so she goes through the window and she comes in and carly ,sam,and her brother are sleeping (freddy doesnt stay the night) and she comes in and goes to the studio when its morning and they do the show and shes there and carly,sam,and freddy get freaked out...... just personally i think that would be a good idea i dont know about you but i think thats a good idea!!! : )moreless

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    • Blake: Can we use this apartment any time to practice?
      Spencer: Of course.
      Blake: Well then, congratulations, Alphonso-
      Spencer: (interrupting) It's Spencer
      Blake: You're in the band.

    • Mandy: (walking over) Hey, gang! (Carly, Sam, and Freddie scream) Can you believe I'm here at Ridgeway?
      Sam: No!
      Freddie: No, we can't!
      Mandy: It's true. I'm officially a Bulldog! Woof!

    • Spencer: Where's Freddie and that girl, uh...?
      Sam: Mandy.
      Carly: Freddie went home.
      Sam: And we finally got rid of Mandy.
      Carly: Someone needs to take that chick to the wacky shack!

    • (Carly, Sam, and Freddie are sitting on the chairs Spencer made)
      Spencer: Now if you hit that button, you'll hear a real car horn!
      Carly: Kay! (hits the button and one of the police lights catches fire)
      Carly: (jumping up from the chair) Electrical wiring just isn't your thing!
      Spencer: No it is not!

    • (Carly, Sam, and Freddie enter the room and are greeted by a big object covered with a sheet)
      Carly: What is that?
      Freddie: Looks like a big sheet.
      (Carly and Sam look at him)
      Carly: I want to know what's under the sheet.
      Sam: And I want to know what's between your ears, 'cause it sure ain't brain!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Okay, now-
      Sam: -to conclude this fine webcast...
      Carly: Sam and I will demonstrate the classic comedy bit called The Spit Take! (starts drinking some water)
      Sam: Hey Carly, remember at lunch when you asked me to put ketchup on your fries?
      Carly: (while drinking) Mhm!
      Sam: It was really chicken blood!
      (Carly spits out the water she was drinking)
      Carly: And that's what's known as...
      Carly and Sam: The Spit Take!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: And now-
      Sam: -webcasting to you live from Seattle...
      Carly: My name's Carly!
      Sam: And my name's Sam!
      Mandy: (shoving Carly and Sam aside) And my name's Mandy!!
      Carly: Yes, you remember Mandy...
      Sam: Our audience member from last week!
      Carly: Who's still here.

    • Mandy: Here ya go! (hands the Fladoodles to Carly)
      Sam: Thanks...
      Freddie: Great...
      Carly: Uh...but we needed fat free Fladoodles!
      Mandy: Oh! (reaches into her bag and pulls out more Fladoodles) Fat free! I also have Barbeque, Cool Ranch, and Zesty Jalapeno!

    • (someone knocks on the door)
      Mandy: (from outside the door) It's meeeeeeee!!
      Carly: Aw, man!
      Sam: How can Mandy be back here already?!
      (Carly opens the door)
      Mandy: I found Fladoodles!
      Sam: I thought they didn't exist! (Carly elbows her)
      Carly: She means we thought they'd be really hard to find!

    • Spencer: (about Mandy) Can't you just tell her to leave you alone?
      Freddie: We tried!
      Sam: She won't listen!
      Carly: She tried to follow us home. I had to get rid of her by telling her we need some "Fladoodles" for the show!
      Spencer: What are "Fladoodles?"
      Carly: I don't know, I made 'em up!

    • Spencer: Anyway, thanks for coming by. I guess you'll want to hear me play a little.
      Blake: Yeah, we can't actually put you in the band yet, until we hear you pound a little bit.
      Spencer: Oh, I'm ready to pound a little bit. Or a lot of bit!

    • Carly: How'd you get in here?!
      Sam: The door was locked!
      Mandy: Yeah, but not all your windows were!

    • Sam: Hey, can I spend the night here?
      Carly: You don't want to go home?
      Sam: Nah, when my mom buys a new bikini, she usually wears it around for a couple of days to break it in. (putting her hand on Carly's shoulder) If you're my friend, you won't make me look at that.

    • Sam: (about her smoothie) I just that think for five bucks, they could blend a little bit better so I don't get strawberry lumps stuck in my straw!
      Carly: Hey, that'd be a cool name for a band.
      Sam: Stuck in My Straw?
      Carly: Strawberry Lumps!
      Sam: Better!

    • Sam: Come on Mandy, let's go to Groovy Smoothies.
      Mandy: Awesome! (runs to the door) We'll be like the Three Musketeers!
      Freddie: But there's four of us.
      Mandy: (pointing at Freddie) Touché!

    • Freddie: Hello!
      Mandy: I like your camera work. Sweet zooms!
      Freddie: Thank you. I do try my best to...zoom sweetly!

    • Carly: (picking up one of the show idea cards from the floor and reading it) Carly and Sam roll Freddie in bread crumbs, then bake him at 350?
      (Freddie glares at Sam)
      Sam: Just til he's golden brown!

    • Freddie: (looking at his computer) Hey, listen to this comment one of our viewers wrote.
      Sam: If it's about that zit I had last week, I don't want to hear about it!
      Carly: It was barely noticeable.
      Sam: It was a volcano!

    • Carly: (reading off a paper) Okay. Sam gives Carly a haircut? What, are you serious?
      Sam: I think our viewers would get a kick out of seeing me cut your hair!
      Carly: I'm not letting you near my neck with a pair of scissors!

    • Spencer: (about the chairs he made for the iCarly studio) It's art...you can sit upon!
      Freddie: May we sit upon it?
      Spencer: I'd be sad if you didn't!

    • (Carly, Sam, and Freddie walk over to the object covered with a sheet)
      Spencer: (running into the room) GAHHH!!
      (Carly, Sam, and Freddie scream)
      Spencer: Did I startle you?
      Carly: Yeah!
      Freddie: You did!
      Spencer: Sorry! But what's under this sheet is a big surprise, to make up for your last birthday.
      Freddie: I thought you bought her a lava lamp?
      Carly: He made me a lava lamp...which exploded!
      Spencer: It didn't explode. It burst into flames!

    • Freddie: (After finishing iCarly webcast) Now here's some punch for you and you and me. To Mandy, who knows what happened to her!
      Carly: Let's just be glad she's out of our lives!

    • Mandy: (does impression of a duck wearing a duck mask) That was my impression of a duck! Ooh, here it goes again! (repeats duck impression)
      Carly: Yes...quack, quack...

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