Season 6 Episode 1

iApril Fools

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • iApril Fools

    I know they were trying something different with this alternate world universe, but they were trying too hard to be meta and it just didn't work. The writing did not support the imagination here.
  • Yeah its bad,very very bad!

    This is by far the worst episode in iCarly history. It makes no sense whatsoever,and T-Bo is a geney. Wow! So random its not even funny. Terrible,just terrible.
  • Random

    Okay, the episode was really random. The most random episode in the entire series in my opinion. The best bits were:

    -The puppy flashback.

    - The reference to Sam/Spencer's paintball war from iSYL.

    - The shock pen returns again!

    - The Back To The Future ending !!!
  • Happy April Fools' Day!!!!!

    Carly and Spencer recall past events as they face eviction on April Fool's Day. Yeah, Season 6 started off to a kinda suckish start with this very disappointing April Fools' Day episode. Honestly, after seeing how disappointing Season 5 became. I honestly knew that this April Fools' Day episode was going to be NOT very good. It's nowhere close to being good. The storyline was NOT developed very well. This "iCarly" episode is definitely very different from the other episodes though. There were some parts that made me laugh like the beginning (before the theme song) with the cast of "iCarly" warning us about the episode being different and how it's not for normal people, Gibby hitting Spencer with a Stop Sign (just the first time though... the other times just got old very very very quickly), the flashback with the kitten running away and the gang don't bother to get up to chase after it, the gang ending up in the "Victorious" living room at Tori's house set and Robbie (who is Gibby) making a cameo appearance in that part), T-Bo as overall pretty funny as a genie, and Spencer dressed up as Ms. Briggs (although, that part was just at the KINDA funny level.... it was mostly dumb in my opinion). So yeah, no other parts in this episode made me laugh except for those. This episode was so old and I don't know why Dan Schneider made an episode like this. He should've just made a regular April Fools' Day episode instead of an April Fools' Day episode about the iCarly going through flashbacks of some of the past episodes except with idiotic and stupid things added in there. The "Back To The Future" ending was also stupid as well. Overall, a poor April Fools Day episode of "iCarly" and a kinda suckish start for Season 6...... the "Victorious" April Fools' Day episode is WAY better than this one. 4/10
  • Not as good as Victorious one!

    After I saw the Victorious April Fools Episode (which was really good), I was expecting the iCarly one to be just as good. It was good, but I was a little disappointed to be honest. I think it was mostly because it didn't have a good storyline.
  • Bad Episode

    This episode was pretty dumb, kinda disappointing