Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2012 on Nickelodeon
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When Carly leaves to take care of her grandfather in Yakima, Freddie and Sam co-host iCarly together. When the skit goes south, they design a 3D webshow that has a less than desired effect on its viewers.

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  • A Great Episode

    A really fun episode . I felt really bad for Freddie. This episode, like iWDF shows how underrated his contributions to the show are. LMAO, I can't believe Sam actually went and made Baggles XD.

    It was nice that the web cast actually helped her vision, but Courtney was annoying with that quacking s**t.

    LOL At Spencer falling out the chair xD, I laughed WAYYY more than I should have .

    The hasty scene at the GSmoothie was funny. Especially when ppl thought the smoothies were the cause of their vision problems, then T-Bo was like "NO. Its not the smoothies!".

    The whole 3D thing was pretty hasty.

    Marty was SO awesome! lthough he seemed a little to fond of Spencer if you know what I mean xD .

    The end montage was HILARIOUS!

    I liked Carly in this episode. Not an overdose of her. LOL when she was like "I'm Back!" and nobody cared XD. She's like "What'd I miss?"

    Overall, a well done episode .moreless
  • iBalls

    What i Liked:

    1- Title

    2- Storyline

    3- Way they played without main character (Carly)

    4- Plot wasnt bad

    5- Way they wrote it

    6- Subplot

    Dont Like:

    1- Some Jokes

    2- Freddies robot part

  • Great Episode

    what i liked- no one liking freddie's robot skit, the montage of spencer and marty, marty as a whole was a fun character, everyone thinking the smoothies were the reason for their bad eyesight, the ending of the episode, etc.

    good episode. only thing i didn't like was how people's eyes hurting only lasted like one/two scenes of the episode, but the rest was pretty good. B
  • Lacking.

    Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy iCarly quite a bit, and the last few episodes were great, but this episode just felt a bit vague. If that's the right word. Perhaps it was the fact that it came after the "still psycho" episode that made it seem kind of overshadowed, but in general this episode was missing something, and it wasn't Carly.

    Of all the episodes, this one actually bored me. The assistant storyline was a tad creepy to watch, though the flashbacks in the end. I think that was a failed attempt to generate a punch line, much like Freddie's robot on the sketch.

    It could have been better, I'm not saying it couldn't have been better because Carly wasn't there, they could have made it a good episode even without her. I found the entire thing to be off the wall crazy, sort of. For one thing, Freddie had been on iCarly plenty of times, so it seemed off the wall for his mother to show up just because he was on there. The whole thing with the 3D was a bit out there too, as it probably wouldn't actually work out like that.

    Then the name of the episode, the whole thing with everyone's eyes didn't happen until the last five to ten minutes, so why name the title this?

    Now I have great respect for Dan and the writers of the show, but I have to say to this episode: Come on, you can do better. It just feels like this episode was a throwaway because someone didn't have any ideas. In an ironic twist, with this episode being about Freddie's creativity, the episode itself seemed to lack creativity.moreless
  • Definitely not a bad episode but it did become a little annoying and really boring

    Well... this "iCarly" installment wasn't that bad as their have been worse episodes than this one. Season 5 really hasn't been doing that good but I guess this season is picking up a little since the whole Seddie thing is over. This episode was a pretty enjoyable and I kinda like it but it just could have been better. The storyline is about when Carly is going away for the weekend to take care of her granddad in Yakima and Freddie wants to prove that he is creative so he will be the co-host of "iCarly" along with Sam being the host while Carly is away. Freddie becomes creative by making "iCarly" 3-D but without wearing the 3-D glasses and you can just watch it from the screen of your computer but things don't go well when the 3-D webshow of "iCarly" makes everyone lose their eye vision. Meanwhile, Spencer hires a new assistant named Marty. There wasn't really that much humor in this episode. It was a little annoying and it boring in most of the parts but the thing that did keep it a little more entertaining was that the storyline... at least it was pretty decent. The subplot with Spencer and his assistant was pretty boring but we've seen those plots before. I also didn't like the part near the beginning of the episode when that woman told Freddie that he isn't that creative. Also, Carly had a short role in this episode which disappoints me a little since that's the character I love the most... she was only in the first 6 minutes of the episode and then didn't come on again until like the final 10 seconds of the episode. The parts that did make me laugh was Baggles the trashbag that squirts milk out of its nose (I don't usually laugh at the webshow scenes of this show but that one was actually creative and pretty funny), the flashbacks with Spencer and Marty near the end of the episode when Marty quit his job as Spencer's assistant, and a few more. Like I said, not really a lot of humor. As I just mentioned a second ago, the flashbacks with Spencer and his assistant Marty having their good time cracked me up (watch it to see why... you might laugh or you might not). Oh yeah, the very ending was pretty funny as well. I did feel bad for Freddie because he really wanted to be creative and no one thought his creativity with the robot was funny... poor Freddie when he walked out of the webshow all sad. Overall, an okay episode of "iCarly" but it could have used more humor and more improvement. 6.5/10moreless

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