Season 6 Episode 6

iBattle Chip

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 09, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • iBattle Chip

    Not exactly a classic by any means. Should they really have a grown man abusing a child, no matter who started it, on TV either?
  • Good :)

    It is good
  • Awesome Episode!

    I LOVE this episode! Certainly a reminisce of the earlier seasons. Glad to see Chuck returned, even if we didn't actually see him, but his brother is funny and his eyes make him look posessed.

    FTW when Sam beat upt hat bulyl. That was THEEE BEST FIGHT ON THE SHOW!!!!!! Lol, when Sam had the pepperonies in her pocket. She seems to have become less of a bully and more of a defender of the bullied. I like that. Its shown that she has matured. LOL when they all screamed and got down when Gibby was about to shoot the laser xDDD.

    Chip is such an evil little boy, interferring with the webshow like that. Reminded me of all the times Nevel did that. This is certainly a vintage episode of iCarly .

    Lol at Spencer tied up on the table like a pig.

    LMFAO when the laser expoded and they all fell xD.

    The ending was priceless when Spencer put cream on his buttand they all just left him there xP.
  • Good/Decent, that's all I have to say for my introduction

    After Spencer's arch-nemesis Chuck pulls his latest prank on him and steals his clothes, Spencer calls the cops on him and Chuck gets sent to military school. However, this causes Chuck's younger brother Chip to hate Spencer and terrorize him more than Chuck did. Meanwhile, Gibby buys a Galaxy Wars toy phaser and becomes depressed when Sam accidentally breaks it while beating up a bully. Freddie fixes it, but also modifies it into an actually working heat laser gun. My introduction of my review already tells you right there, I thought that this was a good/decent episode of "iCarly". I liked it, I did... I had a fun time watching this episode. It's BY FAR a major improvement over the horridly awful episode "iPear Store". I would probably recommend this episode and I would watch it again if I feel like it. This episode, however, does still have its problems but not really a crap load of problems like "iPear Store". Just to make it easier for me, I'll go ahead and say the negatives first then I'll move forward to the positives.... does that sound good? okay, good now let's do this. One of my problems with this episode was Gibby and he is probably my biggest problem in this episode... Gibby, once again have proved that he has changed and I just don't find the dude funny. He can say "Gibby" whenever he makes an entrance and the laugh track just claps for him but it's not funny or something worth clapping about, it's just repetitive and dumb. I really didn't like how Gibby was acting towards Carly and it wasn't Carly's fault or anyone's fault and it was by accident that his stupid laser broke. Yeah Gibby, I called the laser "stupid" so deal with it. His attitude really gets me annoyed too, he just isn't a funny dude anymore and RARELY brings me laughs now. Seriously? he had to use his ray on the door when Spencer just finished fixing it like wow. My other problem was another "catching on fire" gag, like seriously, how many fire gags are there gonna be in this show and it's get getting old already and just repetitive like enough with that already... there is a positive that ended in that scene and I'll tell you when I discuss the positives. So yeah, the "fire" gags need to stop. I think this should be my final problem coming right here but my final problem was just overall Chip.... I just didn't like how he was abusing Spencer and how he interrupted the Carly webcast by playing loud music, at the same time I don't mind though since the scene with the gang doing their webcast are usually never funny to me anyways. Chip overall was just an unlikeable little boy. Several humor is this episode is maybe a little meh also and that covers all my negatives and now to move on to the positives. First of all, I really liked Sam defending that boy when the bully was picking on that boy. Sam just beating up that bully with the butter sock was funny and also awesome. That totally made me gain more respect for Sam and I'm starting to really enjoy this new Sam. I hated the old Sam but I'm liking the new Sam WAY more and I hope it continues that way. The positives will mainly just involve humor so I'll go ahead and say the parts that made me laugh which were Sam using the butter sock on the bully (just said it like a few seconds ago), Spencer covering himself with bushes because he's naked, Spencer saying he's not wearing underwear (even though I've heard that humor like that before), Gibby's exploding and Spencer throws it in the hallway which makes Chip stuck in the wall, the very ending of the episode with Spencer just leaving Chip on the elevator and putting cream on his jeans, Carly roasting a weenie when the rollerblades Spencer was wearing caught on fire (that part was just unexpected and surprisingly cracked me up... see, that's the kind of humor I wanted... unexpected and NOT predictable, that's scene that ended on a positive note that I was telling you about when I discussed the "negatives") and more. I also liked the fact that Chuck has a little brother named Chip. It's cool to hear Chuck be mentioned before though he didn't make a physical appearance. The episode overall was just a fun time. It may NOT be the best episode I've seen but it's definitely one of this season's better episodes. Overall, this episode of "iCarly" is a decently good way to spend 30 minutes of your time and I might even watch it again sometime in the future because I LIKED it, not loved it, but I liked it at least. 7.5/10