Season 3 Episode 20

iBeat the Heat

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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There is a city-wide blackout in Seattle and because of this, heaps of people are in the living room at the loft. Meanwhile, Freddie finally meets Sabrina from their online chats together but Freddie realizes that Sabrina is much taller than him.

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  • Fantastic!

    Ok, so i am a huge fan of icarly. :p. i watch it whenever i can. This episode was funny. Read the title! 10/10.
  • Hot!!!!

    Not a bad episode at all. Its actually is quite good. Better than some from this season. And it has some very funny moments.
  • One word: Poor

    I thought that this was a poor episode of "iCarly". The plot wasn't that good. The only scenes I laughed at was when Spencer bought the generator and had a bag of ice in his pants, Lewbert asking if he can stay in the apartment to use the generator, and when Carly was protecting her school project (I don't know why I found that part funny but I just did so... yeah). Anyways, this episode could have been so much more better. I hated it when Freddie had his friend Sabrina over and that Sam is making jokes about her being too tall and Freddie being short. I hated Mrs. Benson for calling Carly "dumbo" because Mrs. Benson is the real dumbo for calling her that and for being such an overprotective mother for Freddie. The thing that really angered me the most about this episode was that Sam was taking advantage of those poor elderly people by telling them that they have to massage her or else they won't get any air. I felt so sorry for the elders and I just wanted to jump in the screen and kick Sam in the face for doing that to those elders. It was pretty to see Dr. Dresdin (iFight Shelby Marx) and Griffin (iDate a Bad Boy) appear for a second time in this show. They also totally ruined the heartwarming moment when Carly was giving the speech about being neighbors and all that and everyone in the apartment just runs off excited back their home. Wow! really?... it's episodes like these that make wonder... why is this show so popular?. Overall, a poor episode of "iCarly. 4/10moreless
  • Dull, I thought

    I didn't like this episode much, in some aspects it was like The Storm episode of Drake and Josh, except that had a better plot (Drake wanting the rain to stop so his band could perform), and it was funnier. This episode didn't even really have a plot, like, if you were describing it, what would you say? The only thing that comes to my mind is "Everyone in the apartment complex comes in Carly and Spencer's apartment because of air." It was just an overall boring episode, I thought, and one of my least favorites of the series. D- for a grade, though it is really close to an Fmoreless
  • The most boring and lackluster episode of iCarly ever hands down.

    In an episode where old characters from past episodes and specials are under the same roof at the same time, one would expect an astounding experience they would never forget. If you expect or expected the same here, then let me be the first to say you are DEAD wrong. Between Griffin's pleas to stop an old man from sitting on one of his infinetly irritating Pee Wee babaies to Freddie's "awkward" interaction with some tall chick he met online, I found this episode to be both platitudinous and flat out lifeless in every possible way imaginible. None of the interactions between the characters were remotely funny or interesting. Once again, Carly has to "show off" and make some big speech in which every listening reacts in a manner in which most people with a single brain cell would react. Walking away. Oh, and what about that cliche, slow mo, "clever" reenactment of Godzilla with the tall chich which kills about two minutes thus driving the quality of this episode and the show all together into a void of mediocrity in which there is close to no chance of ever escaping. However, I must close this review by pointing out that it wasn't the WORST episode ever. In fact, it could have been so much better if a little thought or creative insight had been put into it, but of course, the unknown and unloved creative team(immensily deserved by the way)fails to do so and produce along with the drab, non existent humor form the actors, another iDisaster.moreless

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    • (as Mrs. Benson leads the elderly into the Shay apartment)
      Spencer: Who are these people?
      Mrs. Benson: The elderly. They live in this building.
      Spencer: But why are you bringing them in here?
      Mrs. Benson: Every apartment is nearly 100 degrees inside. Yours is the only one with air conditioning.
      Spencer: But why can't they go somewhere...
      Mrs. Benson: When temperatures get too high, the elderly will start to die!
      Spencer: Wow, that's a creepy rhyme!

    • (Sam sticks her head in Carly's freezer)
      Carly: What are you doing?
      Freddie: She's either cooling off or eating your frozen pizza. Probably both.
      Carly: Oh my god, you are eating my frozen pizza!
      (Carly grabs the pizza from Sam)

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