Season 3 Episode 17

iBelieve in Bigfoot

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 08, 2010 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

After a recent sighting of the mythical creature, Bigfoot, was announced on TV, the iCarly gang tries to prove the legendary apelike figure, claimed to have been seen by thousands, is real. Carly, intent on redeeming herself of the F she received in fifth grade for writing a paper on Bigfoot, tries to find evidence that he's real along with Sam and Freddie. Meanwhile Spencer searches for the Beavecoon, who, according to him, is "about yea wide and yea long, has the head of a beaver and the body of a raccoon".

A bigfoot-expert, Dr. Sydney Van Gurbin, mentions he is going hunting to find it in Mount Baker National Forest, and the four set out to look as well in an RV. When they arrive they meet two other people wanting to catch bigfoot, who Sam scares away.

After arriving at the forest and initially finding nothing, Sam traps "Bigfoot" with a rope trap, but they discover it is Dr. Van Gurbin in costume, who wants to get publicity for his book. Spencer then says he has been attacked by Bigfoot, but when he leads them in the woods, there is nothing there. After hearing Socko's RV starting and honking, they return to their parking spot to find it has been stolen. They initially suspect Dr. Van Gurbin, but soon discover he is still dressing up as Bigfoot and has been captured by the two campers. It is unclear who took their RV, because they dismiss the idea of Bigfoot stealing an RV as ridiculous. However, they hear roaring in the distance, and see the RV driving away.

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