Season 3 Episode 17

iBelieve in Bigfoot

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 08, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • YES!!!!

    Finaly after 3 bad episodes in a row,we are rewarded with another perfect episode.
  • another funny icarly.


    another funny icarly. Carly tries to prove there's a bigfoot creature, a legendary creature claimed to have been seen by many people in the Pacific northwest, after bigfoot fevers hits Seattle. So the icarly gang goes up to Mount Baker National Forest in Soko's RV, suprised to see Dr. Sydney Van Gurbin who was on Icarly and made the book Bigfoot True or Real. Meanwhile, Spencer is trying to prove that a beavecoon a combination of a beavers head in a body of a racoon exist. I thought this episode was funny. Spencer was hillarious, but i didn't like Sam in this episode.

  • Okay episode but it does lack the "finding Bigfoot" story

    I thought that this was just an okay episode of "iCarly". It's wasn't the greatest episode but it also wasn't the worst episode either. It's good that the writers wanted to do "finding Bigfoot" story but the plot wasn't executed that well and nothing really good happened in this episode. The biggest disappointment is that we all never saw Bigfoot. The gang talking about if Bigfoot was real or not real was pretty good. Carly using the turnkey baster to suck all of the water out of Spencer's ear was very funny but a little weird also. Carly saying "Look, the squirrels are wrestling and then Freddie responding "Um Carly... they're not wrestling" was very funny. Younger viewers probably wouldn't understand that joke. It was also funny when it was the author of the Bigfoot book that was in the Bigfoot costume and then Freddie says "Well, this is a Scooby-Doo moment" was very funny. There was nothing else that made me laugh after that. The rest of the episode was just alright but kind of pointless. The ending was also pointless and not very funny. Overall, this was just an okay episode of "iCarly" it could have been much better. 6.5/10
  • 317

    A great episode of iCarly tonight, and definitely one of the funniest I've seen. From the squirrel jokes to the scientist continuing to mention his book that eventually Sam smacks out of his hand which was absolutely hilarious. This epiode proved that this show can bring laughs to everyone, not just 5 year olds which Disney Channel is having trouble with right now. The interactions between all the characters were fantastic. There really wasn't a sublot and everyone got a chance to interact with each other. The RV idea was really great, and the ending was a bit too predicable for my liking, but the episode overall was still great nonetheless. Overall, a great hilarious episode of iCarly. Don't miss this installment, because it just may become your favorite.
  • Good

    I had low hopes for this episode because of the plot sounding very crazy and out-there, but I ended up liking it. It had a lot of subtle jokes that most younger kids would not get- the "Freaky rabbi in Vegas" line, beaver and raccoon "socializing" by water or whatever, the "wrestling squirrels". I got all of them and they made me laugh. The plot was still really weird but it wasn't totally unbearable like I kind of thought it would be. My overall grade for this episode would be a low B. It was above average but not by much
  • ibelieve in bigfoot

    As a Bigfoot believer I really enjoyed this episode that did not completely discount his existence (and proved that beavecoons are real!)

    I found myself laughing a lot more than usual, and think this was better suited as a regular episode and not an hour long movie. I am new to this show, but I am really starting to enjoy it. It truly is a show that anyone can laugh at and enjoy, something not very prevalent on TV these days. I am finally figuring out what the millions are talking about when they praise iCarly.

    The author's constant plugging of the book was great Larry Sanders-esque humor too, so this show is not just pure children's humor.
  • My favorite icarly episode ever

    iBelieve in Bigfoot is my favorite episode of icarly ever. This being because of the strong comedy, and randomness. I myself am a Bigfoot fan, and found this episode very enjoyable. If you are not firmiliar with the series "iCarly", this would be a good episode to watch because you don't have to know that much "iCarly" to realize what is going on , unlike other episodes.The plot is this: A news story comes on tv about Bigfoot, and Carly goes crazy, the next day at school everybody is talking about Bigfoot. While searching the web, Carly finds out that Ryan secreast's favorite hot dog stand is near the spot where Bigfoot has been spotted. Also, Spencer wants to find a "beavcoon" So, the gang heads up to mount Bakers state park to find Bigfoot.