Season 5 Episode 6

iBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 28, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Christopher Cane (Rex from Victorious) interviews the cast of iCarly and shows the bloopers.

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  • Oh my God

    This episode sucked. Seriously. The first bloopers episode was awesome. This episode barely had any bloopers. It was just this stupid fake Christopher Cane puppet insulting everyone on iCarly. And that whole 'salsa' crap was just weird. It has barely anything to do with iCarly, besides the fact that the main cast comes out in front of the camera. They apparently did an episode like this with Christopher Cane (Rex) in a Victorious episode as well. Meh. I love iCarly, but every good show's gotta have its duds now and then.moreless
  • Good Lord!

    Another boring and unnessesary blooper episode of iCarly.
  • Normal


    1- Bloopers

    2- Interview Programme

    3- Some Christopher Cane jokes

    4- Way they presented actors/actresses

    5- Audition part

    Not Liked:

    1- Christopher Cane Salsa Stuff

    2- Why do have to name it Christopher Can?

    3- Dan involving Victorious on iCarly

    4- Christopher Cane attitude
  • This 2nd "iCarly" bloopers was awful and boring

    Christopher Cane (Rex from Victorious) interviews the cast of iCarly and shows the bloopers. Oh my gosh, I was watching this episode with high expectations since I loved the 1st "iCarly" bloopers and it was very funny. Well, this episode was a total letdown big time. This is nothing like the 1st "iCarly" bloopers. First of all, they do more talking than they did show the bloopers in this episode and it was boring and just awful. Obviously, Dan Schneider that it would be funny if Rex from "Victorious" with Christopher Cane voicing as him would be hilarious but he was dead wrong. This was majorly disappointed and hated Dan for even doing this. None of the bloopers were in this episode were funny and the talk scenes were just annoying. Christopher Cane was getting on my nerves as well. I have nothing else to say about this disappointment so there you have it... if you haven't seen this 2nd bloopers of this show then you really didn't miss anything and it's better that you ONLY stick to the original iCarly bloopers. Overall, the 2nd ever "iCarly" bloopers was it was majorly a letdown. 0.5/10moreless
  • Oh dear....

    This is the first time I've ever listed an episode of this show down this badly.. Not good, but in all honesty, I hated this episode. It was pretty much the same exact thing as Victorious, the puppet dishing out insults, and some random stuff about salsa that no one cares about.

    It was terrible. I mean, it seemed like they weren't really trying with this. They could have turned it into a special, made it like an actual interview format, and showed some extensive bloopers. I'll give credit where it's due, some of the bloopers were entertaining, but that's about it. That's where the 3.0 comes in. Everything else could have gone without.

    I'm sorry to say that I've had to hate this episode, but I guess, you can't like enjoy them all.moreless

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