Season 5 Episode 3

iCan't Take It

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Sam and Freddie's relationship is sabotaged by Gibby, and Carly is torn about whether to help him or not.

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  • Still good!

    Ms.Benson finds out about Fred and Sam and you know what that means.
  • 503

    Give iCarly credit for trying something new with the Sam and Freddie relationship and for the first time I actually thought that it could work based on what I saw in this episode. Now, we also saw that this program could be gearing more toward relationship humor/problems and that is a change I don't want to see iCarly undergo, but as far as right now, not a bad episode at all.moreless
  • better than idate Sam and Freddie.

    better than IDate Sam and Freddie. Well Season 5 still isn't that good but this is the best season 5 episode so far. And So far the Seddie story isn't that good. But this episode was way better than idate Sam and Freddie and ilost my mind. The reason why this wasn't a 10 was because of Mrs. Benson. She annoyed me. But it wasn't awful like the last two. Spencer was hillarious as usall in this episode. overall a good icarly.moreless
  • Major improvement over the previous two Season 5 episodes "iLost My Mind" and "iDate Sam and Freddie"

    Well... I'm still not getting a good feeling about Season 5 after what I saw in the previous two Season 5 episodes "iLost My Mind" and "iDate Sam and Freddie" but this episode wasn't half bad. It still has its flaws which is why my score is a little low but it still isn't horrendous, awful, and unwatchable like "iLost My Mind" OR annoying, mediocre, and mildly unwatchable like "iDate Sam and Freddie". I'm still not getting into the Sam/Freddie relationship and it honestly isn't working for me. Everyone is getting crazy with these "Sam and Freddie getting into a relationship" episodes but it isn't that huge of a deal. Besides, I've seen better relationship episodes that have more deep sentimental values to it, actually develop tons of funny moments, and nothing weak about it. Mrs. Benson kinda irritated me in this episode and I also didn't like Sam starting to abuse Gibby since she is dating Freddie. Seriously? the only upside to the whole Sam/Freddie relationship episodes that I've expected was that when Sam is in a relationship with Freddie, she doesn't abuse anyone but she decided to abuse Gibby. Why? no why? I better not see Sam abusing Gibby. I know that this is just a television show but it really bugs me how people actually find Sam abusing people like Freddie and now Gibby to be funny... she is such a bad influence. My friend's cousin is beating up people and stealing because she gets all of that from horrible Sam Puckett from "iCarly". Enough with bad influences, I want good influences. Well, this episode did deliver a lot of funny moments though. I have to admit that so many parts made me laugh hard such as Mrs. Benson screaming after Gibby showed the picture of Sam and Freddie dating, Spencer watching "Rachel Ray" and saying that she is a genius (or something like that), and much more. Overall, this is Season 5's first enjoyable episode but I'm still not crazy about Season 5 right now and next week's episode looks awful and uninteresting. 9/10moreless

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