Season 3 Episode 4

iCarly Awards

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2009 on Nickelodeon

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  • Fantastic episode of icarly

    I thought that this episode of icarly was Fantastic. The premise for this episode is about icarly doing an awards show. The premise for this episode is fun and innovative. It was funny in the beginning when Freddie Spencer were bringing in European Swimsuit Models to make a dozen awards while the icarly crew did the awards show. It was funny when Spencer threw an award at Gibby, and then it hit him. I laughed so hard when the European Swimsuit Models were dancing nonstop. The award winners showing their performances was kind of cool. It was cool to see the guy that was in the first episode get an award for Squirting Milk. The ending where they end off the awards show by dancing was good. My only flaw with the episode was when Spencer taped the Photographer in order to continue finish making the awards. Like that was just cruel and wrong Spencer. Anyways, this is a really good episode. Icarly awards is innovative, funny and good overall. 9/10
  • What did we deserve.

    Terrible! Awful! Brainless! Idiotic episode thats very insulting.
  • Thank you iCarly for stealing 30 minutes of my life for such a dumb episode

    In this episode, the iCarly gang hosts an awards show from the studio for the craziest videos from iCarly.com. Ok, so what happens is we watch crazy clips (similar to the ones from a normal episode, just an episode chock full of them) the gang gives them an award, and they do the same thing wih a different clip. Also, the sub-plot was Spencer and some swim-suit wearing men making the actual awards commeneration. I didn't laugh during this whole episode (not even Gibby made me laugh :( ) Overall, the worst episode of the series (yet) avoid at all costs. 0/10 F-
  • The worst episode in the entire series' run.

    I usually like this show, but this episode was awful. Ok, I'll admit the premise of this episode wasn't too bad. iCarly having an awards show actually seemed like a good idea, but the execution was terrible. There was not one joke that made me laugh, not even Gibby's parts, and the things the kids won the awards for were really random and stupid. I mean, best video of a turtle eating a small tomato?? What the heck?
    I also hated the subplot, which was even less interesting than the main one and made absolutely no sense! Overall, this was a pointless and uninteresting episode, and I can see why it is one of the lowest rated ones on this site. Final grade: F! Marebear2009, out!
  • award show

    ICarly has had some stupid episodes in the past, but this very well may have taken the cake...and given an award out for it. If I wanted to see a show with a bunch of guys without their shirts on, sorry I can't think of anything with that that I would want to watch.

    This was essentially a collection of endless video clips, that were not funny in the least, and snarky comments about those clips, that were not funny either.

    This seemed like a good idea, iCarly having an Awards Show, but this was just not done very well at all.
  • Thank heaven for Gibby...

    because he singlehandedly kept this episode from being abysmal.

    Seriously, what the hell was that? I hated how rude Carly and Sam were to the winners. Funny the first time. Bearable the second time. Not funny and annoying the third time.

    Also, the episode itself wasn't very interesting. It just seemed to be a recap of what I hate about the new seasons of iCarly, which is the completely random unfunniness.

    Spencer's part was okay, but not much better than the award show. The one who was really the star was Gibby. I loved how he was throwing confetti at the beginning, and then there was the whole dilemma with him not getting the awards in time.

    The other thing that saved the episode from being b-a-d BAD was the 10-foot tall iCarly statue. Nice pop culture reference. Other than that, it was a bad episode.
  • Boring episode

    The first time i rated something so lowely.The episode was pretty wack,i mean you got ppl getting wawards and they arent competing with anyone.There being no awards and the body builders was just an excuse to give Spencer something to do in the episode.Overall,its episodes like this that make fans think twice about likeing season 3.

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  • Really Bad

    This episode was terrible. It had no real laughs, the sub plot was really stupid, and so was the main one. I really dislike this one mostly because the winners were really dumb things to win for. I mean that was the joke but it wasn't handled well at all. If they ever did this again then they should try harder to be funny. I know some people think the nominees/winners of the awards were funny but I thought they were all stupid. Like the turtle/tomato, the little girl singing with her mouth closed. though the slingshot{?} one was cool.

    Worst episode of the series, please do not do this type of thing again
  • I was waiting for conflict.

    What was up with this episode, it was a total filler. And the whole episode, I was expecting something to go wrong, conflict. That would of made the episode more interesting. Which is why they call it an EPISODE. There has to be conflict. This should of just been a special on the DVD release. Nothing really happened plot wise. The highlight of the episode is when they brought back the guy from the first web cast. That made this episode special in some way. Also first episode to revolve on one web cast. (iWant A World Record wasn't the whole episode) Not satisfying whatsoever.