Season 1 Episode 23

iCarly Saves TV

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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TV producers want to turn iCarly into a hit TV show, and 100% fame wouldn't be a problem for Carly, Sam, and Freddie. But is it really what they expected?

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  • iCarly Saves TV- Bad!!!!!

    This episode WAS NOT GOOD!! Sam was fired because she was violent!!! Hello tv producres ever seen iCarly?? Freddie quit on Carly like that? What a little b***!!!! And the Zebo thing sucked!!!! Seriously i am glad this season is almost over!!!!!
  • It's not perfect but at least I get to see an actual great episode of "iCarly" and it was actually better than I expected when I saw it the first timemoreless

    Okay, you all know that I dislike most of the Season 1 episodes. Well, this special was actually pretty great. Sure, it's not perfect and it could have been better but I actually see a great episode of "iCarly" that cleans up all of the messes that Season 1 has been making with the unwatchable and bad episodes. Carly, Sam, and Freddie getting their webshow to go on television was a great idea and pretty funny. Spencer eating Mrs. Benson snacks and then throwing it was hilarious. Mrs. Benson staying with Spencer because she feels lonely without Freddie was funny. The Zeebo the dinosaur was hilarious especially when Sam was beating up Zeebo with a microphone... I don't like Sam but that part actually made me laugh very hard. I also laughed at the line "I did four episodes of Full House". There were more funny parts as well. My score was low because the producers making major changes to iCarly's television show was bugging me very much. I also didn't like Freddie doing things for the studio such as unclog the toilet, etc. but Harper's (Leon Thomas III) song at the end of the episode was good. Overall, it may not be perfect but it was mostly certainly a great episode of "iCarly". 8/10moreless
  • great

    What I liked: the Full House reference, Zeebo, Harper appearing on iCarly at the end, "I ain't supervising what you produced in there", Sam agreeing to be fired because she would still get paid for the rest of the week, Harper crashing the producer's car, amongst other things.

    Good episode. It gets a lot of hate amongst fans but personally, I think there are far worse. Somewhere in the "B" range is going to my final grade, I think is fair for this particular episode.moreless
  • tv show?

    So The gang gets offered a TV show by a producer That makes terrible sitcoms but he changes everything. Freddie is know the slave that has to do nasty chores. The producer want's a guy in a dinosaur costume. that bumps into Sam and she doesn't like it! she beats the guy up for like 30 seconds! Another bad case of inappropriate violence. Then Sam quits and only Carly is left. She has to work with a girl who's clearly a snobby arrogant .... But Carly doesn't wanna continue. So at the end they've changed the show into the girl and the dinosaur. I liked this episode because you get a behind the scenes look of what can go on at the icarly set. While we all only see two girls and a guy you realize that's it's already a TV show with multimedia components of course.moreless
  • icarly saves TV

    A nice TV special that focuses on just how bad the TV business can be and how moronic network executives change the original concepts people bring to them. Would iCarly work as a TV show (their show on the internet, not the actual show)? Probably not, but their way certainly would not work either with a dinosaur.

    The episode was both funny and relevant, and really had you rooting for the iCarly gang, something this show excels at. Usually I like the villains, the bad guys on TV shows, but not this one. That shows how strong this writing is.

    Great episode, it is a shame not everyone feels the same way about it.moreless
Rachel Fox

Rachel Fox

Amber Tate

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Leon Thomas

Leon Thomas


Guest Star

Sammi Hanratty

Sammi Hanratty


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Mary Scheer

Mary Scheer

Mrs. Benson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Carly and Sam are pumping up the watermelon with pressurized air, Carly turns the air compressor off instead of on.

    • After Sam wipes her mouth with her hand because it's covered with barbecue sauce, her hand is completely clean.

    • The musical track playing while Sam and Carly were pumping up air into the watermelon was the same musical track from the Drake and Josh episode, "The Demonator."

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Sam: Mmm...I hate this TV network, but I love their ribs. Mmm...the sauce is so thick and rich! Watch this. (sticks the BBQ rib to Freddie's face) That's good barbecue sauce.

    • (on iCarly TV show rehearsal)
      Carly: Hello, people who own televisions. My name is-
      Amber: (jumping in front of Carly) I'm Amber Tate!
      Carly: -Carly.
      Zeebo: I'm Zeebo.
      Carly: And this is iCarly. Kinda.

    • Carly: You can't fire Sam!
      Sam: Woah wait, woah. If you fire me, do I still get paid for the whole week?
      Brad: Yes.
      Sam: Later! (walks away)

    • Brad: They are cuckoo for iCarly!
      Carly: But you just want to change-
      Brad: One thing.
      Carly: Shocker!
      Brad: This involves you, Sam.
      Sam: If you try to put that dinosaur head on me, I swear-
      Brad: No, nothing like that. You're fired.

    • (Spencer is fixing one of his sculptures)
      Mrs. Benson: Careful Spencer!
      Spencer: I'm fine. Just hand me the screwdriver.
      Mrs. Benson: Okay, but caution! The tip is pointy.
      Spencer: I've used a screwdriver lots of times, so I really don't think- (reaches for the screwdriver and hits the tip with his hand) Ow!

    • Brad: Harper, can I talk to the girls alone?
      Harper: Can I drive your new Porsche around the parking lot?
      Brad: How old are you?
      Harper: Fourteen.
      Brad: (handing him the keys) Drive slow.

    • Mrs. Benson: You know, it is so lonely in the afternoons without Freddie.
      Spencer: Yeah, it's pretty quiet around here without Carly too. Been doing laundry to help keep my mind off-
      Mrs. Benson: I can help with your laundry! (reaches into the bin)
      Spencer: Aw thanks, but seriously, you don't have-
      Mrs. Benson: (holding up a pair of underwear) Where's your name?
      Spencer: Huh?
      Mrs. Benson: In your underpants. You don't have your name sewn into your underpants.
      Spencer: No...no, I'm a grown man.
      Mrs. Benson: A grown man who's going to lose his underpants.

    • Freddie: I think the show looks a little too bright. Can we bring down the lighting just a bit?
      Brad: Look, it's really not your job to handle the lighting, okay?
      Freddie: But you said I was gonna be a producer!
      Brad: Yeah but you gotta work your way up to producing to stuff like lights.
      Freddie: Okay...So, what can I produce right now?
      Brad: Why don't you go produce me a toasted bagel with cream cheese?

    • Brad: Carly...are you in?
      Carly: A TV show, limos, ribs? I'm not stupid. Yeah I'm in!

    • Brad: (walking in) Okay everyone, please sit. Take a seat!
      Mrs. Benson: (squeezing in as Morgan's Dad closes the door) 'Scuse me. I'm Freddie's mother.
      Brad: Yes...please come in, Mrs. Benson.
      Mrs. Benson: Oh I will.

    • Brad: I'm the Head of Development for TVS. We want to turn iCarly into a hit TV show. Will you come with me?
      Carly: (glances back at Freddie, who nods eagerly) Okay! But, I should probably call my brother Spencer. He's the adult that's responsible-
      Spencer: (running in with his arms full of fruit) Hey! They picked me up on the way here! In a limo! It's full of fancy sodas and fruits I've never even heard of! (shows them one of the fruits) This is a guava! (slowly) Guava...
      Students: Guava...

    • Teacher: And so, the hierarchy of the identification system goes: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus-
      Brad: (walking into the classroom) Hi.
      Teacher: Yes, can I help you?
      Brad: I've come for Carly Shay and her friends, Sam and Freddie.
      Teacher: You can't just barge into my classroom and demand to take children away without proper-
      Brad: I run a television network.
      Teacher: Oh! Help yourself!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Sam: Now we'll see what happens if we pump air into Freddie's pants!
      Freddie: (from behind the camera) Woah, woah! Wait a second!
      Carly: Yeah! Pump up da pants!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: And now...
      Sam: We're gonna see what happens when you take an ordinary watermelon...
      Carly: And pump it full of pressurized air!
      Sam: Yo yo, pump up da fruit!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Hey! It's me, Carly.
      Sam: On the other hand, I'm Sam!
      Carly: And this is iCarly.
      Sam: Voted the number one web show in the world!
      Carly: By who?
      Sam: Me!
      Carly: Then it's official!

    • (on TV show)
      Dad: But Michelle, why would you accept two dates to the prom, but not tell either boy about the other?
      Michelle: Because Dad, Luke is so sweet. But Brandon is so hot!
      Dad: Aw, noodles!

  • NOTES (4)