Season 2 Episode 18

iDate a Bad Boy- Part 1

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 09, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Carly starts dating a bad boy that has a shocking secret, much to Spencer's dismay. Meanwhile, Freddie helps Sam make her own website to put up her disgusting videos.

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  • One of the worst icarly TV Movies of all time!

    Im not really a fan of icarly's TV Movies, because most of them turn out pretty bad like ifight shelby marx for example. But there are some good ones like "igo to Japan", "istart a fan war", and "ishock This is one of the worst icarly TV Movies of all time! Carly is the biggest problem with this TV Movie. Carly falls in love with a guy named Griffin who is a deliquent, but she wants to leave him after she finds out that he plays with pee-wee babies. Is this a good message to teach kids writers? No! This is a STUPID Message, and it makes most people that have boyfriend/girlfriends who have these types of hobbies feel bad. Carly is definitely out of character in this TV Movie. I don't understand why this is a TV Movie, because this didn't need to be a movie anyways. Well Griffin broke up with Carly in the end, which is what Carly gets after wanting to leave him just because of his hobby. My positive for this episode is the funny subplot with sam and Spencer talking about Spencer's nightmare with Spencer eating soup while a monster scares this is the worst icarly TV Movies of all time. Shame on you, writers! I would never show my kids this movie because of that horrible message. I give this abomination of a Television film a 2.5/10. Shame on you, writers!

  • Worst episode EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate this show so much! If you read my icarly review you'd know I hate this episode.

    Carly asks so out of character in this episode. She acts like a slut for no reason. The side plot is boring and this episode proves Spencer still isn't a good enough guardian. The worst part of the episode is the end when Carly dumps Griffin for his pee-wee babies. Honestly, this episode turned thousands of kids off from Carly's character. She is such a shallow bitch. there's a reason she has no other friends in the show (Sam has been shown to hang out with a large group of girls and Wendy, Freddie's in a million clubs but Carly is always shown alone. I hate her she is just a dumb-ass bitch

    final rating -1000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 Worst episode ever

  • Most stereotype and shallow of Carly I have ever seen...

    At first, Carly despises that thief with all her guts, which I deeply admire and agree with, she hates him and everything about his character and Spencer was dumb for forgiving him, and then what ya know? she starts smooching out with him only because he looks cute from up front! Most Shallow Charecater I have ever seen on TV! man what a disappointment and to think I actually respected Carly...

    From idol straight girl to downhill crashing with the bad seeds, Carly gives up on all her morals and disrespects and disobeys Spencer just for a badboy she finds attractive, all those stunts she pulls go against everything she ever stood for: honesty, respect...

    And just when you'd think she'd reached the bottom of shallowness, it even proves to be worse, the boy she likes, who's a thief, a punk, and a bad seed to society, she wants to dump him only because she found out he likes something she thinks isn't of his age, she crys about it! that was low, that was lower than low, and again, stood against many of what Carly always stood for in previous episodes...

    Only part that was enjoyable was when Freddy got his well-deserved reward of finding out Griffin collects baby dolls and rubbing it in Carly's face, sweet sweet karma, Freddy deserves more of those moments cause he's the only one staying straight...moreless
  • Worst episode yet...

    iCarly is my favorite show, and I really like it when I hear some character is going to date or fall in love with another one, but then it turns out as a horrible episode. The characters new each other for six minutes, and hated each other at the beginning,and then, out of nowhere, they are kissing. Spencer, who thought Griffin was cool at first, immediately starts hating Griffin. Then, Griffin stops being a bad boy and starts being a "Pee-Wee baby lover." He liked Pee-Wee babies for a year, and he still was a bad boy, and then when Carly figures out about Pee-Wee babies, he is not a bad boy anymore. The only good part about this episode is the second sub-plot, when Sam has those dreams about soup, and Spencer tries to figure out what they mean.

    Overall Grade: C-moreless
  • Is this some kind of joke?

    Before I saw the iMeet Fred episode I caught this episode on the night it premiered, and like many others I was very disappointed at this episode. The plot is that Carly meets this bad seed, and thief named Griffin, and she hates him at first. As time goes by though Carly develops feelings for Griffin, and starts to make out with him. Spencer objects to this, but Carly goes all nuts on him until Spencer acts spineless and lets her date Griffin. Some guardian you are Spencer. Eventually Carly learns that Griffin actually collects these childish and girly thing called Pee-Wee Toys, and Carly wants to end the relationship. Wait, what? You mean to tell me that Carly wants to break up with Griffin all because he collects dolls? Carly, Sam, and even Fred make fun of him about it, and act really cruel to him. I want to say that I collect Star Wars figurines, and yet I have a girlfriend who says she's fine with what I do. Carly even cries about how Griffin does something like that like as if it's the end of the world. I mean come on really? She's got to act like this to a boy? Eventually they do break up, and I am glad. Griffin deserves another girl than Carly. I can see now why no boy would date Carly in this show. Griffin showed that he cares for Carly, but Carly goes nuts over Griffin's hobby. It teaches kids that if you are a boy and you like a girly or childish thing then you aren't a man. It also teaches girls to only like real men who are jerks, bad seeds, and are not sensitive. Just what were they thinking with this?! While this isn't as bad as the iMeet Fred episode, and has a couple of funny moments like Spencer trying to figure out why Sam was dreaming of soup it's not enough for me to see this episode again. Pass this one up if you can.moreless

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