Season 5 Episode 2

iDate Sam and Freddie

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Carly finds herself in the middle of all of Sam and Freddie's arguments as a new couple. Meanwhile, Gibby use's the moments Sam and Freddie are not around to get closer to Carly, using a puppy.

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  • Getting better.

    Now hear we go into Sam and Freddy fighting and they each reilize they was wrong and apologize after each fight. Sounds boring huh? Well think again!!!!!!
  • 502

    It is not that I have anything in particular against Gibby, but I think the character was better in the early days when he was limited recurring and not a series regular. He may have tried his best did Noah Munck, but the random storyline of wanting to have a relationship with Carly over a puppy was doomed from the beginning. It is times like this where the target age group for this show really stands out.moreless
  • fair icarly.

    fair icarly. I really didn't like this episode i only laughed at Spencer's plot that's it. This episode wasn't that good. So far season 5 isn't that good. The top 2 worst thinks about this episode were sam and Freddie fighting and Gibby trying to make Carly share the dog with gibby. Overall a fair icarly.
  • Better than "iLost My Mind" BUT Season 5 is still not looking very good right now

    This episode is better than "iLost My Mind" and unlike that previous episode.... this episode actually delivered some laughs. Not really a lot of laughs mainly because the jokes felt like they were forcing us to laugh. Even though this episode is an improvement over that abysmal episode "iLost My Mind", it still doesn't make Season 5 look good. This Sam/Freddie relationship is definitely not working out for me though. They were being completely annoying just arguing. I think Freddie is better off dating Carly. The lawn in the living room thing with Spencer wasn't even funny either. Why did Season 4 have to be such a short season. I loved Season 4 and the jokes didn't really feel forced. I know that this is barely the second episode of Season 5 but I hope that this isn't a sign that "iCarly" will possibly go back to being kinda lame just like the first 3 seasons especially Seasons 1 and 2. Like I said, there were some funny parts. Gibby was sure as heck hilarious in this episode especially when he brings his puppy that makes Carly the "mommy". The irony in that plot just had to make me laugh. That random guy named Paul sitting with Carly and then Carly telling Paul to leave like 3 times was funny. The ending also made me laugh as well. My biggest issue was that Freddie and Sam arguing over the littlest things got super annoying and ridiculous plus the plot was mediocre. Overall, this episode is better than "iLost My Mind" (much better actually) but Season 5 is NOT looking so good right now. 5/10moreless
  • good

    what i liked- the Pini's innuendo (probably my favorite innuendo from the show), Carly and Spencer watching the 'sky' at the end of the episode, Spencer's new invention, Gibby and the dog (though to be honest it got kind of old near the end), Sam telling Carly "nice butt" when she was talking about the butt Carly spray painted blue, amongst other things.

    This episode was good but REALLY repetitive. Every scene was either Gibby and the dog, which started off nicely but got too repetitive (oh wow Carly does NOT want to help take care of Sir Licks A Lot...), and if the scene had nothing to do with this, it was only Sam and Freddie arguing over things, like the 'which mom is crazier' argument. It was way too repetitive to fully enjoy. That's not to say I did not like it- there were some laughs to be found, but the episode as a whole is just really repetitive- every scene is either Sam and Freddie fighting, or Gibby trying to allude himself into thinking him and Carly are equals in the taking care of the puppy. Because of all this, C+/B- or so seems fair.moreless

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