Season 1 Episode 3

iDream of Dance

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • This episode could've done a whole lot better. Just saying.

    This episode of iCarly was not good, but it's not bad either. They really could've done this whole episode a whole lot better. It had a couple of funny moments like in the beginning when Sam was eating breakfast in class. This episode is a little boring. All it is is just Carly, Sam and Freddie watching 500 dance videos. After about I think 472 dance videos, they all fell asleep. They each had a dream about them dancing. Sam's dream was stupid, but it was funny when Gibby was naked, and asked "Am I too late for the test?. Then sam saying "Get out of here Gibby. This is my Freddie's dream was cool, and so was Carly's dream. Spencer's dream was also kind of funny, especially when he was in a dress. Overall, this episode is just okay. Some parts bored me a little bit. They really could've done this whole episode a whole lot better. But it had a few funny moments. 6/10.
  • Not to bad of an episode.

    Lots of people hate this episode. Not as good as the first 2 episodes but entertaining none the less. Yeah the dream sequences are a bit silly but its fun to watch them dance around like idiots!
  • iDream Of Dance- Abysmal

    This episode was awful because it made no sense. They just randomly all dream the same thing? Thats so dumb. And they all suck at dancing. Btw, Freddies dance was NOT cool you little dorky weirdo.
  • This episode wasn't that good.

    This was an ok episode of iCarly, i may have been good if everyone wasn't dancing. When i first saw this i was so bored, but when i went back and watched it and laughed at some parts but not that much. Now if they had less dancing and more comedy this would probably and enjoyable episode. Now i laughed at some of the dancing (that was bad) Sam putting Freddie's straw in her ear and into the tea, and when they got to school and everyone started dancing (before you found out it was just a dream.) I also laughed Mrs. Briggs said that they were getting a specail treat and Gibby said "A spelling bee?" and when Sam was knocking Gibby's locker sdoor of with a hammer (because she thought it was hers). Now the dancing was taht good and pretty boring. Overall 6/10.
  • It's episodes like these that make me say to myself "Season 1 really isn't iCarly's best season"

    This was just a poor episode of "iCarly". Even back then in 2007, I was bored out of my mind watching this episode. It's just nothing Carly, Sam, and Freddie falling asleep and dreaming about themselves dancing. They could've made the plot much more interesting but they just had to suck all of the boredom out of us. I guess one of the few funny things was Sam eating breakfast in the beginning of the episode but that was just pretty much it. Of course, Gibby stole the show in this episode but his role wasn't that huge in this episode. I can't remember any more funny parts probably because there weren't for me and I was just bored. Sam's dancing dream was pretty stupid and just plain ridiculous. Freddie's dancing dream was mildly entertaining and probably the best but it's dance moves we've all seen before. Carly's dancing dream was also mildly entertaining. The last part I found very funny when Spencer had a dancing dream and he was in a dress (it was weird that he had the same dancing dream like Carly but oh well). Overall, few funny and mildly entertaining scenes but that's really not saying much and this episode just sucked the boredom out of me. 4/10
  • Viewers send in dance videos

    Viewers send in dance videos. So The gang watches them to pick the best ones but they have to watch a lot. They start watching but after a while fall asleep. Then they dream of dance themselves. I liked the story line when they we're watching so many dance videos that they we're starting to dream of dance. But why are they staying up so late? Seriously it's like they can do whatever they wan't. They must have practiced some time. Although Freddie clearly had a dance double. I give this episode a six because i did'nt like all the dancing.
  • iDream of going away.

    iDream of Dance,
    In this episode Carly and friends decided to get kids to dance to be shown on the air. Before they fall into a dream sequence during looking through tapes. Overall i hated this episode. Then again i hate dance shows and thios episode went nowere. Just usual with nothing. The good part was Spencer even though that was very creepy on so many levels it was still kinda funny. Overll i hate dream sequence episodes were nothing happens. I hated the over parts with Freddie and Carly although Sam's was ok. But i hope they dont this type of episode again.
  • The trio falls asleep and all have different dreams which involve dancing.

    I'm a big fan of iCarly and this episode was the only one that bored me to tears. In the whole episode nothing interesting or amusing happens. There was some funny bits but that doesn't make up for the mediocre idea. As I was saying, I enjoyed the bit where Sam was eating breakfast in class and also broke in to the wrong locker. The funniest bit in an actual dancing clip which took up the majority of the episode was when Spencer cross dressed and wore the same dress that Carly wore before. But I stand beside what I say, the idea of this episode was very feeble.
  • The worst episode in the series

    "iDream of Dance" was an eh... ok episode. It wasn't my favorite mostly because I'm not a fan of dancing and the way every sitcom has to do one.All three of Dan's shows have done one now. Drake and Josh and Zoey 101 both had an episode called "Dance Contest". I think those two episodes of those shows were actually better than this one.I also dont like it very much because of the way Nick keeps showing it consistently. "iLike Jake" and iWant More Viewers" also plays over and over. Just like Spongebob plays everyday like 8 times.If they keep showing in episode over and over I"m gonna stop liking it. None the less,good episode i guess
  • Wha?

    The first half actually had a pretty good plot. But the second half was boring. To me, I don't care about dancing on TV, unless it is impressive. Only good one in the second half was Freddie dancing. Sam's was boring, Carly's was boring. Freddie's was good. And I don't like episodes where a lot of it is a dream. I think of it as time-filler. The title could have been iDance and they think of something else, but instead they made the entire last half a dream, which didn't quite work out for me. So, one of their worse episodes, saved by a couple funny moments
  • The weakest storyline ever

    This was a terrible episode of iCarly. I didn't even get any laughs out of it. I didn't see any humor in any of the characters. The writers really need to shape up or else they will get fired from the iCarly writing staff. The cast didn't do the best they could with acting. The script was low on plot. These episodes are the reason why I don't like this show. Nickoldeon should come up with new shows that are worth watching. It seems like the episodes are iCarly are redundant. Maybe the iCarly show has completely run it's course.
  • Dancing fools!

    This episode of "iCarly" centers around the world of dance. Carly and Sam must watch hours of dance. By the end of the first day, they have seen some 500 dances. Lots of dances. So they fall alsleep. In that dream epsiode, the cast are taking part in the dance. My favorite of the dance is the one that dreamed up by Sam. I think Sam is very sexy in a Scotish dress. the Carly dance came in second. but I don't the dance by Jerry Trainer. Why would I want to see him in a dress? Despite that, a fine episode. I gave it an 8.
  • It didn't have the best plot, but it did turn out pretty good!

    Carly,Sam and Freddie were in school and forced to watch dancing in class, they thought it was horrible. When they got home, they wouldn't mind seeing some great dancing, so they hold an audition on their webshow to find the best dancers. They watched hundreds of dance moves during the night, and Spencer told them that he had his own dance move called The Firecracker, but he had to get his helmet first to do it. Then after watching so many dance moves, Carly, Sam and Freddie start dreaming about dancing. Spencer wakes them up to show them his move but they were too tired. Then Spencer just fell asleep and had the same dream as Carly had, wearing a dress and dancing with a bunch of guys. Sure it didn't have the best plot for an episode, but it turned out pretty good with all the great dancing and Spencer's hilarious dream! Final Grade: B-
  • iCarly hosts a dance video contest and get about 3,000 entries, which according to Freddie, means they will have to watch about 500 clips per night. On their first night, they all fall asleep and have dance dreams. Later, you see Spencer dreaming as well.

    I admit, nothing significant happened in this episode. In fact, you don't even get to see a true closure to this episode, explaining who won, when did the iCarly team finally finish watching the clips, etc. Still this episode was hilarious. The dream that all three had was very funny, almost High School Musical like. I loved Sam's dream, it was so funny how she kept dancing against her will. Then, in Freddie's dream, we saw him in a dance off against a guy Carly found cute in real life on the show, but hated in the dream. Also funny. Then in Carly's dream, we see her dancing broadway style. Very cool! Last, Spencer has the same dream as Carly, where HE wears her dress. I couldn't stop laughing! Overall, I would say this episode isn't that important, but very funny!
  • The best iCarly episode for me.

    iCarly is a great show, no doubt about that, and each episode does something special to the show that makes it better everytime one watches it. iDream of Dance is no exception.

    The story of the episode could be described as a simple one but with an entertaining outcome. Not all shows that involve dancing in dreams are as fun as this. And iDream of Dance perfectly shows that the stars don't only act, but they also dance.

    My personal favorite dance was Jennette's. Her character, Sam, doesn't really love dancing. And while her friends are enjoying their dancing dreams, Sam thinks of her dream as more of a nightmare. She danced so well, though, and it's out of the question that Jennette's not only a great actress, but also exceptional on the dance floor. No doubt, this is one of the best iCarly episodes I have ever watched.
  • This episode was hillarious. But, there's something 'bout this episode that just didn't flow.

    I kinda liked this episode, but it wasn't the best of this great series. I just got tired of watching them do nothing but dance during the whole episode. Some of their dances were good, but some of them were pititful. Many parts in this episode were hillarious. Such as Sam throwing her food in Freddy's backpack. Or Spencer in a dress. I absolutely loved seeing Spencer in the same dress Carly wore before. I also thought it was funny when Sam had no idea what was going on in her dream. That dance was my favorite. My least favorite dance was Freddy's. That didn't really make my amusement. Again, the reason it didn't make it into the ninties was because I just got tired of seeing them dance during the whole episode.
  • Not my favorite, but I liked it.

    As funny and great as this episode was, it wasn't my favortie. But I still really liked it. I thought everyone's dream sequence was pretty funny. Especially Carly dancing with all the guys in her apartment and not knowing where they came from or why they were there. Now that was funny.

    Freddie's dream was funny too. Him protecting Carly by having a dance off with that guy. He had some nice moves in a certain way though. And because it was his dream, he had Carly come over to him and kiss him on the cheek.

    But the very funny dance dream was Spencer. He was hilarious, waking up liek Carly did wearing the same dress that Carly was. That got me laughing pretty hard too.
  • I liked this episode, actually I was waiting for it to show again as I haven't seen it in a long time and really enjoyed it the last time.

    I loved how Sam was eating breakfast in class but man is it going to be hard for Freddie to explain to his mom how juice and cereal got into his bag and it will be a pain to clean up. I laughed at the "you might get paid, probably not" and Sam trying to bust open the wrong locker. Wow 500 videos each night, that is alot of videos to watch, lol. I wonder if those are really ICarly viewers dancing? I wish I had the dreams that Sam, Freddie and Carly had, though the Scotish one would be way freaky and painful. Sam freaking out at her dancing was funny to listen to. I wonder what a nub is? The dancers were well rehearsed and did a great job. I love how Spencer had the same dream as his sister and didn't even freak out that he was in a dress dancing with other guys.LOL. I love how the three of them fall asleep on each other, looked comfortable.
  • Not my fav episode but its alright to watch it.

    Honestly, nothing happened in this episode. there was no character development and whatever. But, the dance item was pretty cool. Sam i had to say was the funniest and the best dance item. How she told her crazy legs to stop and how Gibby went to the wrong nightmare. that part was hilarious
    Carly's and Freddie's dance were alright. Not exactly the best dancers but they were kinda cool too.
    Spencer's dance was cute. but when i watched it all of a sudden, 'Drake and Josh' ended up in my mind. i will never tell you why.
    anyway, i like this episode. probably for those who love to dance.
  • I didn't like it, but mainly for the concept.

    I've never liked the standard "everyone falls asleep and takes turns having musical dreams" concept. But I guess it's okay here.

    Another thing that bugs me is that I think they might've just pulled this episode out of thin air. They probably made it just to fit the medley of Teen Nick shows that feature dancing.

    Maybe if they didn't do that and they didn't do the cliched formula of what I described in the first paragraph, I would've liked it better.

    It's not so much the episode, as the concept that the episode has strived for. Oh and seeing Spencer in a dress was a incredibly scary and mildly funny at the same time.
  • sam and carly get an idea to have dance videos from fans of the show on their next ep and get a lot of videos sent in..however they see too many and this presents a problem

    eh this ep was ok..it got annoying after seeing it like 15 times so far since its been on lol..its been too many times and the dances just get more annoying..it starts off ok but then it just drifts off..the only redeeming quality of the show was spencer in a dress dancing..how funny was that..geez...they do that in like almost every show tho dont they lol..but yea spencer was funny in that part..i like the choreography but the dances and stuff were ok..it was an ok ep..not my fav and i doubt ill see it again..i mean seriously i doubt it
  • Eh...

    "iDream of Dance" was an eh... ok episode. It wasn't my favorite mostly because I'm not a fan of dancing and the way every sitcom has to do one.All three of Dan's shows have done one now. Drake and Josh and Zoey 101 both had an episode called "Dance Contest". I think those two episodes of those shows were actually better than this one.I also dont like it very much because of the way Nick keeps showing it consistently. "iLike Jake" and iWant More Viewers" also plays over and over. Just like Spongebob plays everyday like 8 times.If they keep showing in episode over and over I"m gonna stop liking it. None the less,good episode i guess
  • Eh...

    I'm not a fan of dancing. So, obviously, I'm not a fan of this episode. The only part where I laughed was at the end with Spencer in the dress. Now THAT was funny!

    I liked Sam's dream, too, but I REALLY didn't like Carly's dream. That was just boring, and I was waiting for it to end.

    Freddies dream was alright. Nathan probably worked hard on this episode, learning the dance moves, so you gotta give him a little credit.

    So, yeah. 8 out of 10. -10 because of Carly's dream, -5 because of Freddies dream, and -5 becaue of the lack of jokes, which leads it to an 8.0.
  • Pretty good.

    iDream of Dance is the third episode and it was good. It just premiered during the Back to School Bash marathon. It was funny. I thought that Freddie's dream was a little weird, and he was really weird in it. Sam was funny in hers and I liked Carly's. So far I liked this episode the best out of the Back to School Bash. Some parts of this episode were in the theme song for this show. Gibby was pretty weird in this episode, and Mrs. Briggs was in this episode again. I wonder of she'll be in almost every episode and then be added as a regular star. I hope not!
  • Carly dreams of dancing.

    I've recently been really sorry for writing lazy, lazy reviews. I am very sorry to everyone and TV.com staff. Now back on topic, Carly dancing? Wow, amazing just a great way to fit in the TEENick; Back to School Bash. Well iDream of dancing, this wacky show if full of surprises and happy endings, I really R R R R eally wanted to see the one and only - - - - - - FIRECRACKER! I wonder how it would look like, I hope it was amazing, as in AMAZING! Well thanks for reading iAm OUT! - Halo R R R eview
  • I really liked this episode a lot because it was really funny, not corny, and the dancing was actually pretty cool.

    iDream of Dance was a great episode for me to watch. Before I give the whole summery of it, I want to say a few things. First of all, the dancing was great! It wasn't at all like the High School Musical dancing and the music they used for the different dances fit all the scenes perfectly. I really liked the ending of it because it was really funny and we got to see Spencer in a dress. Anyway, this episode was mainly about dancing. After a long and boring day of school they host the show and tell people to send in clips of dancing so they rate them and put the best on the show. About an hour later they fall asleep because they watch a lot of clips. In Sam's dream, she is at detention and things start to go weird. Big stereos appear behind the teacher and the teacher starts playing really loud Irish music. Than everyone starts dancing... even her! Freddie's dream was about him standing up to the bully that tries to annoy Carly by asking her to go out. They dance and at the end, Carly comes out and they run up the stairs together. In Carly's dream, she's alone in her apartment and everything and everyone is gone! Than, when she goes to get juice, boys start to appear. Soon, she starts dancing with them. They wake up when Spencer comes to show them his dance and go away. Spencer goes to sleep and dreams that he's in the same place as Carly! He starts to dance through the ending credits.

    So far this is my favorite episode. I think this is one of the best episodes yet of iCarly. I would recommend it to people that just want to try out this show.
  • Another dancing episode? *sigh*

    Personally, singing and dancing does not interest me at all, and what I meant when I said by ANOTHER dancing episode was: not in this show itself. This is only the third episode of the show and the two oprevious episodes have nothing to do with singing and or dancing, or both. But at least once or twice, a show has a singing episode, a dancing episode, or a singing, AND dancing episode, which I'm not interested in. Oh well. The dreams were okay, but Sam looked weird in that what-you-ma-call-thems... manskirts? I have no idea, but she looked weird. Freddy's dream was more cool!! YEAH! Rock on, Freddy!! Spencer's was crazy and him and a dress just don't go together. I wanted to see him do the Firecracker!
  • It was cool!

    Well, for starters, it's a little early for a danicng episode, but as far as this episode goes, it was pretty cool! Sam's dream was amusing! I liked how she kept yelling, Help Me! while she kept dancing. The part with Spencer was kind of too silly, though... It was verging on annoying, but i liked it overall! I laughed when Carly opened the refrigerator and there was a guy there and she was all," Wait, you're not juice!" My favorite dance thiugh was Carly's. It was cool. Freddie kind of annoys me, especially now, but whatever i guess... he'll be around for a while.
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