Season 3 Episode 12

iEnrage Gibby

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Freddie accidentally steals Gibby's girlfriend, and Gibby gets mad. So, he challenges him to a fight, and Freddie figures out that he is an amazing kickboxer. Meanwhile, after Spencer is presumed dead he hears he can sell his art for extra money so he sells his art, pretending to be dead.moreless

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  • another hillarious ICarly.

    another hilarous Icary. When Freddie helps Gibby's girlfriend Tasha, find a gift for his birthday party in the Icarly studio, Tasha actidently falls on Freddie . Gibby walks inand thinks Freddie was trying to make out with Tasha, so he challenges Freddie to a fight on Icarly. Freddie learns that gibby is an amazing kick boxer and is being trained by Sam. In the end, Freddie shows Gibby a webcam that shows that they tripped. I thought it was funny when Gibby went all crazy psyco and Freddie yelling You shut your mouth Benson! and when Gibby says at the end. "i feel like turd. the spencer plot was pretty funny. When the newspaper says that he's dead and everyone starts buying his artwork. But then he realizes he dosen't want to be dead anymore, because its boring sitting in the house. He then tries to tell people he's alive. Overall another perfect Icarly.moreless
  • Poor episode of "iCarly"

    This isn't the worse "iCarly" episode I've seen because there are much more worse episode than this episode BUT this episode didn't do it justice the main plot was just ridiculous and it kind of angered me. It really angered me that Gibby can't trust Freddie and his girlfriend after she and Freddie accidentally fell down. Remember everyone, trust always comes first before you accuse someone... that's another thing, this episode didn't have a very good message. The subplot is what made my score a little higher though. I thought it was hilarious when it said on the newspaper that Spencer is dead. It was very funny when Spencer was shredding all of the newspaper. It was also very funny that Spencer would pretend to be dead so his sculptures could get a lot of money. It was also hilarious that Spencer's ex-girlfriend (from iMake Sam Girlier) came to the apartment because she thought that Spencer was dead and then Spencer popped up and said that he will lower his voice and that he has a twin brother named Spuncer. While the subplot made me laugh very hard... the main plot didn't make me laugh at all. I also hated that Sam would train Gibby to fight Freddie. It also angers me that Carly and Sam don't even beg Gibby to not fight Freddie but I felt like they weren't true friends in this episode especially Carly. It's like they didn't care if Freddie gets hurt or not. Gibby and Freddie making up at the end of the episode still didn't make up the fact that Gibby was almost going to fight Freddie. Overall, I didn't like the main plot at all but the subplot made me laugh so hard. 4/10moreless
  • Gibby's Mad at Freddie

    When Gibby sees Freddie and his girlfriend on top of each other, he immediately gets mad and challenges Freddie to a fight. But Freddie tries to prove that the whole thing was an accident. In the end, they make up, and Gibby and his girlfriend resume dating.

    Spencer's art is trashed in the newspaper by a critic, and in the same paper, it has been announced Spencer has "died of natural causes". He plays along because it turns out people are buying his sculptures thinking he is dead. In the end he presumably is thought to be alive again.

    Good, I did not like the sub plot a lot, but main plot was great.moreless
  • Pretty Good

    I like the Freddy and Gibby affair that was funny.But spencer pretending to be dead........ not so much it wasnt funny how he took advantage of the art buyers that is not what a true parent or guardian would do. I kind of wished Gibby fought Freddy. It would have been cool to see them battle it out. I didnt like how Gibby reacted to freddy and tasha tripping. It wasnt nice and it could teach kids bad things. Other than a few bumps this episode was good. The best part had to be when Gibby was warming up It was just funnymoreless
  • ienrage gibby

    What is with this show and fighting? Honestly, it seems like they have a bout every week. This isn't Spike TV though, it's on Nick.

    Anyway, another fun episode of the show where supporting castmember Gibby thought that Freddie was macking (as Carly called it) with his girlfriend, and threatened to fight him. In Scooby Doo like fashion, a camera meant to be filming something else proved Freddie's innocence.

    A few good laughs here, but this is not one of my favorite episodes. I have said in the past how Gibby is best in small doses and this is not a small dose.moreless
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Emily Ratajkowski


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    • Sam: If people are stupid enough to buy an artist's work for more, just because they're dead, then that's their fault.
      Carly: It's taking advantage of people. (taking away the money Sam took from Spencer)
      Sam: I see nothing wrong with taking advantage of stupid people.
      Spencer: That's why we have stupid people.

    • Carly: Apparently artists' works are more valuable when they're dead.
      (phone rings and Spencer answers)
      Spencer: Hello? No I'm sorry, Spencer is dead.

    • Freddie: (after Gibby knocked the cup out of his hand) That was a chai latte!
      Gibby: I'll make you die-latte. Yeah, I said it!

    • Freddie: My mom was an angel for a while. Until they kicked her out.
      Carly: Why?
      Freddie: They hated her.
      Carly: Ah.

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    • Spencer: Awesome, did you uhh, get the...
      Carly: Yes, I got 'em.
      Spencer: Yeah, I love Sizzle Rocks!

      This is a parody of Pop Rocks which has the famous urban legend that mixing the product with soda pop could explode the consumer's stomach.