Season 3 Episode 14

iFix a Pop Star

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Carly and her friends try to help a former pop star make a comeback video, but the task proves challenging when they realize the ex-star is all washed up. Meanwhile, Spencer is surprised to learn the new woman he's been dating is actually Gibby's mother.

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  • Fair enough!

    They tried but wasn't good enough to make a great episode.
  • i actually loved this episode.

    i actually loved this episode. Carly, Sam and Freddie are shocked when they find out they have to rehearse with Ginger Fox, a talentless, shrewish popstar. And things become a disaster when Ginger hasn't rehearse din three years. i thought it was funny when ginger gets mad throws a fork in Freddie's shoulder. the Spencer plot was pretty funny. When she starts going out with Gibby's mom and his mom thinks he looks to much like Carly. when they start kissing Spencer sees Gibby's face and Charlotte sees Carly's face. overall another hillarious icarly.moreless
  • Somewhat decent but this episode could have improved so much more

    I thought this was a decent yet not that great episode of "iCarly". It wasn't a bad episode because there are much much much much much more worse iCarly episodes than this like "iMeet Fred" for example. There were some very funny parts in this episode thought when the fork was stuck in Freddie's shoulder (although that part is not appropriate for kids to see). Spencer freaking out about dating Gibby's mother was hilarious especially at the end of the subplot when Spencer freaked out because Gibby's mother looked like Gibby and then Gibby's mother freaked out because Spencer looked like Carly. There were a few more very funny moments as well. I really didn't like that Ginger Fox character and she is mainly the reason why she lowered my score pretty much. Warning: Kids should not watch this episode. Here are the reasons... as I mentioned earlier, Ginger threw the fork at Freddie's shoulder, Ginger Fox using the cuss word "damn" in this episode, and she looked like that she got hungover and drinks alot of alcohol. What is it with Dan Schneider putting cuss words in "iCarly" lately. Come one, Dan... you made this a kids show which I don't even consider a kids show because teenagers seem to enjoy this show more than kids. Anyways, if you are overprotective of your child... PLEASE don't let him watch this episode. The ending was also pretty cruddy. Overall, this episode was somewhat decent but Ginger Fox ruined pretty much most of it. 7/10moreless
  • Britney Spears take off, got up and went!

    I love the series, but "iFix a Pop Star" is the least favorite of the series. This episode is a take off on Brittney Spears bad year in pop music. there were some good moments, but the epiosode doesn't have much to laugh at. Carly, Sam and Freddie come to the aid of a wash out pop star name Ginger fox who wants her help to stage a comeback. If you follow Brittney spear's bad year of 2007, that what's sums up this episode. One scen where Carly and Sam are lying back in their chairs looking sexy. I love that scene. "Pop Star" gets a 5.moreless
  • A bit strange otherwise hilarious in all ways! (Big Spoilers)

    Okay the part with the fork in freddies shoulder was kinda gross and does anyone notice two things: The Ginger Fox/Britney Spears resembelence, and the Gibby's Mom and spencer thing kind of like that episode of hannah montana where jackson likes rico's cousin(then sister at the end)? Because those are defenuitly somethings i found Well, anyways, great comeback after that horrible iSpace Out. I loved Ginger Fox's performance and how later she is backstage asking where her baby went and she didn't even know his name. Great job Dan Schnieder and I hope you start to make episodes like this again.moreless

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    • Ginger Fox - PMA Perfomance Song

      The song Ginger performs is very similar to Womanizer by Britney Spears.

    • Ginger Fox

      Ginger Fox is a parody on pop star Britney Spears. Ginger Fox has an ex-husband and a kid, as does Spears (who actually has two). Ginger's Pop Music performance is a parody on Spears's 2007 MTV Video Music Awards performance. Other things said about Ginger about how she was better when she was younger, being voted Sexiest Woman, as well as mentioning the lack of talent are all references to things that have happened to Spears or things she has been accused of.

    • Amazing Glaze:

      The doughnut shop "Amazing Glaze" is an allusion to the hymn "Amazing Grace."

    • Pop Music Awards:

      This is a reference to the American Music Awards.

    • Backstage Hollywood

      This is a reference to the show Access Hollywood.