Season 7 Episode 3

iGet Banned

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • iGet Banned

    A really bad episode that showed how aged this program really is. No funny lines, nothing memorable, and way too much random yelling for my liking.
  • Funny Here And There, But Overall A Bit Forgettable

    So I caught the episode on Youtube and I think it was okay...but idk, it could of been better.

    Carly/Tbo: It was funny when Tbo told her she was banned from the Groovy Smoothie, then pulled down that poster xD and Carly was all like "You had that made?!" . Then the Mrs.Benson stuff. I think she needs to calm down on some of the things she does.

    Freddie/Gibby: I hated Gibby in this episode. He was definitely on his high horse. Seriously, he's become so conceited. The whole band thing was stupid. Sam was the funniest thing in this entire plot, but I do think it wasn't necessary for her to do that to Freddie and Gibby. Kinda random. Then at the end when Gibby actually punched Freddie out cold. That was mean. Gibby knew what he was doing.

    Overall, kinda a forgettable episode..idk I'd give it a B or 8/10. I expect iFind Spencer Friends to be much better.
  • Nice and funny

    Like the title says. T-Bo saying "Aaaaaaay" and about Spencer's style (harsh lol) was funny. Sam was her usual Sam-ish self. Lol. Gibby and Freddie starting a band was kinda funny/interesting. Poor Carly. Lol. Mrs. Benson kinda keeps getting weirder and weirder. Lol. There were other things I thought about. I know I'll mention the laugh track sometimes.