Season 2 Episode 11

iGive Away A Car

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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A car-giveaway contest on the Web show turns into a problem when the dealership supplying the vehicle expresses no knowledge of the contest. Carly asks Spencer for help, but he's focused on a new movie prop he purchased.

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  • Finally a perfect episode. please read on review for all you spoil alerts.

    finally a perfect epiosde. I have been waiting for a perfect episode for a long time. There wer so many almost perfect episode this season but we got a winner here. i really don't know how to describe this episode so I"m just going to give you some hillarious quotes from this episode.

    Spencer: Ok you're lying what makes you lie

    Freddie: I'm not lying

    Spencer: yeah you are. fell like a big boy telling your big boy lies.

    Freddie: Spencer!

    Spencer: yes, little larry-lies-a lot

    Carly: are you ready Nevel?

    Nevel: Yes my heart is pounding

    Sam: Good maybe it'll explode

    Nevel:I didn't come here to be insulted

    Carly : Wait a minute why do you have that printed out?

    Nevel: Because i like to print things

    Freddie: No you'd print something if it was important

    Sam: yeah, how did you know there was going to be a problem with you getting the car?

    Nevel: oh please, i don't have time to be interviewed

    Carly: So where's our couch

    Spencer: You know there's much more to life than couches

    Carly : What?

    Spencer: I don't know

    Nevel: I suspected as much. I knew you Icarly's would pull a fast one!

    Sam: Who still says pull a fast one?

    Carly: Whats wrong with you Nevel why's your life long dream trying to get rid of Icarly

    It's not my lifelong dream is to open a haberdashary

    Freddie: What is a haberdashery

    Nevel: Oh why does everyone ask that? A haberdashery is a men's rateal store that sells men accesories such as buttons, belts, ribbonsa nad zippers!

    Sam: I know that look that's your thinking look.

    Spencer: Oh I'm thinking. You thinking?

    Sam: Yeah I'm thinking. we thinking the same thing.

    Spencer: We are if yoou're thinking about buying Nevel a car that's state registered and can go 25 miles an hour at it's own races than yes

    Sam: Oh no. i was thinking about fried chicked

    Nevel: What, and you think that rolling space turd will get Icarly off the hook?

    Carly: Yeah.

    Sam: We think it will Carly do you say this vehicle is unique?

    Carly: Of course it unique. Freddie do you think this vehicle is state registered.

    Freddie: Why no Carly it hasn't.

    Carly: Do you think he did 25 miles an hour.

    Spencer: Oh yeah.

    Car dealer: You can't do that kind of damage unless you go 25.

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    Nevel comes back yet again, this might not be one of his best comebacks but this was still an entertaining episode of iCarly. The cold opening really was the best, with Sam drinking the pickle juice, and Spencer getting the Galaxy Wars model. This episode was a tad predictable to say the least. I knew the moment Nevel was messing with them that the Galaxy Wars model would become the car that they would have to give Nevel.

    And come on, we all knew Nevel wasn't going to get away with it, so in ways, yes this was a filler, but hey, when nothing's on, this episode surely can be an entertaining watch, and even though it wasn't the most necessary installment, it's always great to see Nevel come back and see what he has up his sleeve this or the next time around.moreless
  • 208

    The eighth episode of iCarly's second season, and it features the return of the dastardly Nevil. I hate this character so much, but that just means that the young actor portraying him is doing a good job as he is supposed to be the villain here.

    The episode was enjoyable as it was good to see them fighting with someone other than themselves. Season 3 really could have benefited from his presence, or from the introduction of a new villain (not Chuck!) iCarly is one of the best comedies on cable and it is solid episodes week after week like this that are just why.moreless
  • Nevil's worst so far

    This episode was too weird for me. Most people who watch iCarly {the web show in the TV show} are probably around the age range of 8-10+, yet they give away a car as a contest prize? Seems weird.

    Nevil was really unlikeable in this one, worse then any other episode so far. He just... was so obnoxious it was nearly impossible to like him or find him funny at all.

    And Spencer's plot was at least watchable but then it got weird when he gave his thing away.

    Then Nevil crashed the proton cruiser. Would have been funny but a random ending.

    One of the worst, for suremoreless
  • I hate this episode. Nevel was being such a jerk.

    I hate this episode. Nevel returns. I hate that nub. He was being such a jerk in this episode. He was also being selfish, mean, and annoying! I thought after " Irue the day", he would leave the show for good. If nevel ever returns, I am going to smash my tv with a baseball bat. I cant belive you guys like this episode. Nevel was so annoying and mean. I didnt like the other two episodes that had nevel, so in the future, I bet I wont like any other nevel episodes. I hate this episode, and I seriously cannot understand why people like this horrible, miserable, and sad excuse for an episode. This is the only episode of icarly I rate below a 4 (Inevel was a 4, and Irue the day was 4.5). This is the worst episode of icarly ever!moreless

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    • Carly: What's wrong with you, Nevel? Why is your lifelong dream to get rid of iCarly?! Nevel: It's not. My lifelong dream is to open up my own haberdashery. (Carly, Sam, and Freddie look at each other, equally confused) Freddie: What's a haberdashery? Nevel: (miserably) Oh, why does everyone ask that?? (Nevel walks off, then comes back a couple of seconds later) Nevel: (in the tone of one who has given this explanation many times before) A haberdashery is a men's retail shop that sells men's accessories such as wallets, hats, buttons, belts, ribbons, and zippers! (Nevel storms off again)

    • Sam: Where's Carly? I've been calling and texting her for hours.
      Spencer: She's been in the shower.
      Sam: All day?
      Spencer: Pretty much. She takes really long showers when she gets depressed.
      Sam: When do you think she'll come out?
      Spencer: I don't know. She took a chair in there.

    • Sam: ...I know that look. That's your thinking look.
      Spencer: Oh, I'm thinking. You thinking?
      Sam: Yeah, I'm thinking we think of the same thing?
      Spencer: We are, if we're thinking of a way to give Nevel a vehicle that's never been state registered and can go 25 miles an hour.
      Sam: Oh...no. I was thinking of fried chicken.

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