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Season 2 Episode 5

iGo to Japan- Part 1

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer go to Japan for the "iWeb Awards." After an extremely dangerous plane ride that Spencer set them up on, they get to their hotel in Tokyo, Japan. Kyoko and Yuki, their competition, have their cousins trap Spencer and Mrs. Benson, while they leave Carly, Sam and Freddie in the middle of nowhere. Spencer and Mrs. Benson must save the children before it's too late. Note: This can be shown as a three part episode or a movie with all parts together.moreless

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  • This iCarly TV specail really wasn't that bad for me. This is a review for parts 1, 2 and 3.

    O.K. I thought this was a great tv movie of iCarly. Now I really don't have a few gripes about this episode.. O.K. The iCarly gang including Spencer and Mrs. Benson go to the Japan for the iWeb Awards. Now this is a review for both parts 1, 2 and 3. Now this episode did make me laugh hard especally in the middle. Now there were some wrong things that lowered my score was the Kyoko and Yuki stuff was just annoying and unfunny. Also hey were very annoying to me and the ending was way too predicable that they would win. Now the parts that made me laugh was Spencer trying to learn Japenese with a shock collar. Everyone jumping out of the plane, The lady at the check in desk saying would you like at stay at the honeymoon suite or something like that to Carly and Freddie and Carly slapping Freddie. The scene where Spencer and Mrs. Benson getting a seweed wrap. "Spencer your naked. "Ah, I have a second towel." was very funny and I think the funny moment throught the movie. The police dude at the end who didn't understand there language and put up signs like Happy birthday. I actually liked that part. Overall a great iCarly TV movie. 8/10.moreless
  • iGo To Japan- Mediodcre

    This movie was very funny an very cool! But two big concerns I have!

    1. The plot made absolute no sense! So they go to Japan because of a dumb award show! Not good!

    2. VERY racist!!! French, Japan people they really made fun of them!!

    Not that good but mediocre!
  • Racist and unfunny, total disappointment for a great show like iCarly...

    They made fun of Canada, France, Japan, they made Japanese people look stupid, they made the French Comedian look like a stuff up psycho, they made the Japanese Comedians look like evil selfish bad guys, and not to mention all the other cracks about other countries...

    I am none of the countries mentioned, but when they make fun of other countries it hurts just as if it were mine, I mean doesn't iCarly have French fans? what would they think when they hear the "I hope it's not in France" "Why?" "Cause it's full of French People" sketch? And with no doubt iCarly also has Canadian fans, all of which might get upset because of those jokes and start hating iCarly...

    I hope the other movie "iFight Shelby Marx" is better...moreless
  • Part 1 of the iCarly episode "iGo to Japan" started out very very poor

    Since this episode is 3 parts long, I'm gonna review all three parts. In my opinion, this was just a poor start to the 3-Part iCarly episode "iGo to Japan". Most of the episode was nothing but annoying, annoying, annoying crap. Excuse my language but this episode actually annoyed the heck out of me. Carly, Sam, and Freddie watching a clip of Kyoko and Yuki was really annoying and that Kyoko and Yuki clip was just ridiculously stupid. I've seen funnier stuff than that. This episode just felt way too annoying and kinda childish for me to enjoy it. My score is really kinda high because Spencer learning how to speak Japanese and repeatedly getting shocked with the collar on his neck was hilarious. That plot is what pretty much what my score a little higher. The other thing that made my score a little higher was the last 2-3 minutes of Part 1 when Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and Mrs. Benson were at the airplane but it wasn't the airplane that they expected which made it funny. Overall, Part 1 was WAY too annoying and kinda childish for me to enjoy it. 4/10moreless
  • If this truly was an award for Internet comedy, then iCarly would NOT have won, especially directly after performing. Nor would a sketch be required to have been prepared for the show...moreless

    Not horrible, and it had its moments, but falls to cliche and some unfunny punchlines.

    First off, the sketch that iCarly sent as their qualifying sketch for the competition (the space cheerleader thing) was not at all funny and instead extremely annoying. And their competition (which, apparently, only consisted of two parties--1: a delusional Frenchman who seems to think his poodle puppet ["MAI POOPET!!"] is real and is about as mature as the French guy from Monty Python and the Holy Grail; and 2: two Japanese twins [fraternal] who are prop comedians but whose comedy seems to only be from them whining and beating each other up) are not funny at all; if anything, it insults what great comedians you can find on the internet (such as Smosh, Blamesocietyfilms, Can of Nothing Productions, and Dave Days). But I digress.

    Second, I don't understand the point of some plot points. WHY is a BRITISH guy holding an Internet competition in JAPAN?? Why is he British? Why Japan? Did they get a British guy because Britons automatically signify elitism? Japan because they're known for technology? And also, why isn't the commitee that sanctioned the competition providing airfare or tickets? WHYYYY?!?? And also, how the heck are Carly, Sam, and Freddy stupid enough to believe that "American phones don't work in Japan"? That's like saying that Canadian popcorn doesn't pop in an Italian microwave!! Why didn't they just try it out anyway??

    Thirdly, in Japan, English is a strongly emphasized second language--it's highly unlikely that someone living in Japan wouldn't at least have a basic grasp of the English language. (But, then, that guard was described as idiotic. So, going back to my "WHY?!??"s, why would they hire a unilingual guard for an international competition? And why not have an interpreter if that IS the case?)

    Anyhoo, getting back to the episode/film itself, it wasn't all bad. Though as many other reviewers, the "I'm wearing a second towel!" line was pretty much the only truly funny thing. I didn't understand why the nominees had to do a live sketch on the awards show--why not just judge them on the webshows themselves? And also, why did iCarly win right away, directly as soon as they had performed? Didn't the judges need some time to discuss and, well, judge? Were there judges? Was it simply based on audience reaction? Why weren't the acts brought out at the end if that was the case? Why was there such fanfare when iCarly won? It just all seemed too cheesy and cliche in the end. I also don't know what the point of the Good Charlotte cameo was--they were only onscreen for barely thirty seconds and furthermore, they haven't had a hit (at least, in the U.S.) in years. Plus, they aren't exactly a "big" or important group. I doubt many people in the show's target audience have heard of them.

    Things I DID like about this: the fact that it was advertised as a movie and actually WAS a movie, Sam breaking up Kyoko and Yuki's "fight" by merely flipping them, "I'm wearing a second towel!", the subtle Spencer/Mrs. Benson-shipping (even though I'm not really a shipper), the award show host's opening monologue (despite only thirteen seconds of it being shown), the soap/candy running gag, and the use of a green screen.

    So, yeah. It wasn't terrible--it was passable and definitely not the worst this show's given (the worst was all reseved for the second half of season two), but it doesn't really measure up to most of the other episodes.moreless

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