Season 7 Episode 8

iGoodbye - Part 1

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • iGoodbye 1

    Maybe focusing so much on Miranda Cosgrove trying to act wasn't the best move. More of Dan Schneider's Meekalito would be.

    At least they tried to make it something special. We'll see how the next part ends things.
  • One of the best finales I have ever seen on Nickelodeon!

    Now this finale is not perfect. It had the worst case of filler in the first half, but it was an amazing finale to look at. I loved watching this finale when I saw it back in 2012. I'm going to be honest with you guys. I was kinda sad that iCarly was coming to an end, but I was kind of glad that the show was over, because It was really time for iCarly to move on. The show was not getting good after season 4, but I did love Season 7 though. They probably should've ended the show after Season 4. But anyways, Onto the Review! iGoodbye is about Carly wanting to go to the Father/Daughter Dance with her Dad Colonel Shay. But it turns out he couldn't come, so her older brother Spencer decides to go with her to the dance. However, later on in the episode, Spencer got sick due to their Doorman Lewbert's allergies affecting him. Depressed Carly goes up to her room and sobs. Sam tries to cheer her up, but it didn't work. In the nick of time, Carly and Spencer's Dad finally comes up to the apartment, and he happily takes her to the dance. After the dance, Colonel Shay informs Carly to go up with him to Italy, and she agrees. After Carly agrees to go to Italy, her Sam and Freddie all decided to do one final iCarly. Their bits on the final icarly are the similar comedy bits like Baby Spencer, and "The idiot Farm Girl" bit. After the comedy both Carly and Sam announced that this is not the end of their iCarly Webshow. They were taking a hiatus because Carly is going up to Italy. So after they said goodbye to the audience on the webshow, Carly packs up and says goodbye to everybody before she gets on the plane. When Carly got on the plane, she goes on her computer and looks back at most of the iCarly segments for Reminiscences. Then we get five minutes of flashbacks of Sam, Freddie and Spencer during the first episode iPilot. After that, the episode ends with Sam riding her MotorCycle, and Freddie saying in the background "And We're So that was the review for iGoodbye. It was not perfect as I stated in the beginning because in the first half of the finale, there were just some pointless Filler like Spencer fixing a MotorCycle, then giving it to Sam (although it was very sweet of Spencer to giver her the Motorcycle) after His Best Friend Sokko who I think broke up with his Girlfirend. And also, there was this scene where Gibby makes a replica of his head just like in the episode iStill Psycho, which was also kind of pointless. But that is all of the negatives that I have to say about the finale. iGoodbye had a lot of enjoyable moments like Spencer giving sam the Motorcycle, Carly's dad actually showing up to take her to the dance, their final webshow was memorable and enjoyable, and the last fifteen minutes where carly and the gang saying goodbye to each other did make me cry. Carly reminiscing her webshow segments were also memorable and emotional. The ending was great, and Satisfying to Watch. It even have some funny moments too like gibby stupidly asks carly when her dad shows up to the apartment "So Spencer's not your dad?" and the scene where they throwback some SEDDIE moments like Sam asking Freddie"You want to get back together?", and Freddie saying" Well I. What's up?" and I am so glad that Freddie didn't say "yes", because I hated the SEDDIE plots in iCarly. Overall, iGoodbye was an amazing finale of iCarly. There are a lot of scenes that will make you cry, and laugh at the same time. iCarly may not be the greatest show in the world like Drake and Josh was, but the show can definitely make you enjoy the characters, and laugh too. Thank you iCarly, Dan Schnieder and Nickelodeon for giving us a show to look upon aside from Spongebob back in 2012. Goodbye iCarly. I'm going to miss you.
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  • Satisfying ending

    Sorry fans but this was NOT a perfect series finale in my opinion. There are WAY more better series finale than this one. I'll KINDA (very little) miss this show but for the most part, I'm honestly happy it's over because the series was not getting any more good and lost its charm after Season 4. No offense to the fans though but that's just my opinion. The series finale, for what it was given, had a satisfying ending but it really didn't have anything huge to end it though. There were some LAME humor here that made me roll my eyes. Some parts actually made me laugh. The numerous callbacks to the past episodes throughout this series finale was cool. Pretty nice how Carly and Sam stopped the webshow for a while. It was sad when Carly had to say good-bye but it really wasn't the most emotional thing ever mainly because they still ruin it a few supposedly funny moments such as when Gibby said "Wow!!! you're dad is a good-looking man". I know I'm sound a little harsh with this series finale but come on, don't add humor especially if it's supposed to be a heartwarming/emotion moment because then it would just ruin it. Mrs. Benson's final appearance in this series finale turning out to be just a cameo appearance was a nice touch. The last scene with Carly watching all of the bits of the webshow from the past would've been heartwarming if it had some kind of sad montage music to match with it because it was honestly more annoying than yeah and I get they want to remember the good times but make it sad at least. So yeah, I didn't cry in this series finale but the good-bye is nice. The very ending with Sam riding away with her motorcycle was nice and Freddie saying "And... we're clear" made it a satisfying ending. Overall, it's a solid/great ending to this show but like I said... I'm glad it's over. Although it's not over for Sam though so lets see how "Sam & Cat" goes in 2013... good-bye iCarly, I'll kinda miss you but I'm glad you ended because you already have ENOUGH episodes. It's not a series finale to remember but it's just great so it deserves a pretty generous and honest...... 8 out of 10.
  • iGoodBye

    Just finished watching the series finale for the long running Nick Show iCarly. The finale started off at the school with a minor gag between sam and carly which didnt feel like much of a finale at all. it seemed to have started off quite slow and just felt like any other episode of icarly up until the moment where the Dad asked carly to come join him in italy to see in which direction it was going. Took awhile to start off but once the question was asked thats when my mood started changing and i started looking back at all the moments that icarly was on the air, watching the characters change over 5 years and looking at the flashback scene thinking to myself i remember watching that.

    Slow starting with a beautiful finish iCarly it was nice having you on the air this is another show that will be missed.
  • The Finale iCarly

    Well everyone..this is my final review for an episode of iCarly. Here goes it. My official review for iGoodbye:

    The beginning was very entertaining with the whole back scratcher and then with Gibby making fun of Freddie xDDDD. The theme song was full of memories. It was like a collage of everything. I loved it . It was great to see Ms.Briggs again. A truly classic character. but no Principal Franklin? The phone thing was pretty weird. Freddie shouldn't have brought that case . The whole Gibby/Mall thing was funny. He totally broke the machine when he started freaking out lol. Seeing Carly's dad was awesome, I never really set in stone, the perfect image for him, but this guy played him well. I guess we'll never know what Socko looked like or why Freddie speaks Spanish. There were also LOTS of references to past episodes in the series. One that stood out the most, being the Ms.Briggs pointy boobs thing.

    It was great to see disgusting ole Lewbert again . I liked that Spencer let Sam have the car. Their scene together was really sweet. Great final moment between the two of them. I was pretty mad that the dad had to just up and leave :/ . I guess I understand why Carly decided to go. She's a kid who misses her father. I'm sure we'd all feel that way if we were in her place.

    The Carly/Spencer goodbye almost drove me to tears. Those two have the best brother-sister relationship. He raised her from a spunky short tweenage girl to a beautiful, outstanding, strong young lady. The Creddie kiss was...something. As a half creddier (I'm also half seddie), I liked it, but I felt bad for Seddiers. Creddie got the last kiss.

    At least Dan DID bring back up Sam and Freddie's relationship, but it was more of a throwaway joke. I liked the final webshow. It was really sad when they said "This has been, iCarly". Hopefully one day, they do reunite for one more iCarly.

    The ending...the group hug, then the Sam/Carly hug. Just beautiful. It was hard watching our gang split up. I felt like crying and crying while watching the group reminisce about the past. That really hit me hard. Then at the end with Sam riding off on the motorcycle, the credits rolling, Freddie's voice saying "..and we're out"....I just got so depressed about how that was the last time a new iCarly will ever air. Overall, iCarly was an AMAZING show. It really changed Nick, soon becoming its flagship show. I have to say, I've really enjoyed the ride. Thank you iCarly, for the wonderful, magnificent, outstanding, incredible 6 years.

    RIP iCarly:

    September 8, 2007 - November 23, 2012
  • Nice ending.

    Like the title says. I figured there would already be comments here. Anyway, Gibby thinking Spencer was Carly's Dad was funny (funnier in the promo, imo). He DOES have a fatherly figure. The flashbacks at the end were cute. There were other things I thought about as well.
  • I good Carly bye

    I ll miss I Carly