Season 4 Episode 1

iGot A Hot Room

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 30, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Fair I guess.

    Not bad but really not good either. Could have been worse but yet another iCarly that fails to make us laugh or entertain.
  • A perfect Season 4 premiere of "iCarly"

    I just want to say that they really started Season 4 at a very well done start. This is also one of my favorite episodes of "iCarly". I loved the plot to this episode because it was very funny and kind of charming. It is Carly's birthday and Spencer wanted to make her a lamp full of gummy bears for her birthday but things get bad when the lamp burns down her room. I thought the joke about the goat was hilarious because Carly didn't want to talk about of what the goat did. I thought it was so hilarious when Spencer's pants fell down after he finds out how much his great grandmother's watch costs. I thought it was very funny when Spencer is giving Carly a whole new makeover for her room. I thought it was funny when Carly was working at the Groovy Smoothies for Tee-Bo. I thought it was funny when Spencer was thanking everyone for their hard work and then told them to leave fast because Carly is on her way home. I thought that Carly's new room was amazing and I was just completely blown away by it and said to myself "wow". The ending was also nice when Carly hugged Spencer and then it was funny when Gibby said "Man... is there anything money can't do?". Overall, a perfect Season 4 premiere of "iCarly". 10/10
  • Season four premiere.

    Lets face it, season 3 was a train wreck. With ridiculous TV movies like "iPsycho" or "iQuit iCarly" and over hyped episodes like "iSpace Out" and "iThink They Kissed". The characters were starting to become caricatures of themselves. Once season 3 closed with a mediocre finale, the future looked grim for this show in my viewpoint.

    I decided to give it another chance when season 4 came around the corner so quickly. I stood corrected after watching this perfectly executed episode filled with laughter and some nice moments. This episode reminded me of the golden days when this show was mostly focused on the characters and not so much focused on the web show.

    We also see some definite changes for the new season. Such as a new set: Carly's room, and Spencer's new haircut. That was pretty much it, but that's more than what I can say about the season 3 premiere. This episode didn't have to be a big deal with ridiculous Nickelodeon promos, it didn't have to be focused on "Seddie" or "Creddie" to make it a good episode.

    It just had to be funny and entertaining. And that is what this episode was. Lets hope the rest of this season is as good as it's premiere.
  • 401

    A new season of iCarly, even if it was just about a month since the last episode aired. This was one of the least funny episodes of the popular Nicks show I have ever seen, but it was a well-written and somewhat emotional episode, thus explaining my fair score for it.

    iCarly's last two episodes have not been very good, in fact the funniest thing tonight was Freddie and Sam singing the medley of the iCarly, Drake and Josh and Victorious themes, but a slight slump is expected with any quality show. If it happens in sports, why not in television?

    iGot a Hot Room was not terrible, but it is probably good that Nick did not advertise this too far in advance.
  • Fourth season premiere -- funnier than any episode in season three

    Season three was a bit of a disappointment after the first two hilarious seasons of the show, trending more toward the weird than the funny and losing track of the characters a bit at times in the process.

    From the moment when Gibby popped out of the colossal birthday cake, gasping as if HE'D just been birthed, I knew the fourth season was off to a great start. Lots of fun character-driven humor that made me laugh out loud several times, and some nice sweet moments thrown in as well. I was psyched to learn we wouldn't have to wait until September for this episode, and it didn't disappoint.
  • it was alright

    carly's room is burned down because of an accident involvin a gift spencer gave her on her birthday. spencer of course feels terrible and vows to make it up to her, by getting people to help him rebuild it and make it a cool new room. good episode, it wasn't great but it was not awful either. the audience was weird, like, why applaud for spencer just for getting a haircut, no matter how 'good' some might think he looked? and the last half wasn't as good as the first half. overall grade for this episode- a C or so
  • season 4

    in this episode it is Carly's birthday and I think she turns 16 but they never said it and Spencer wants to make it the best day ever and he gets a hair by Gibby's grandpa and its a cool hair almost the same way he had it in season 1 and then Spencer
    s present from Carly destroys her room and with a huge amount of insurenet money Spencer creats a hot room for Carly and its really awesome everyone would want that room and last thing is that Noah who plays Gibby is now a main Character and thats means he will come out more