Season 1 Episode 19

iGot Detention

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Carly's show's 50th airing is coming up but Sam gets detention. Carly and Freddie do bad things to get in detention to shoot the show from there. Meanwhile, Spencer drops his phone into a large coffee cup built by him.

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  • These episodes like this makes me LOL

    This episode made me laugh Nonstop. Where to start? Well this episode is about Sam getting detention for throwing a Football at so the icarly gang do their 50th webshow Spectacular in Detention. It was funny when Carly, amd Freddie do all they can to get Detention, but failed. It was funny when we see the effect of Gibby getting a Texas wedgie. It was hilarious when Carly and Sam were screaming for excitement about their 50th Webshow Spectacular. I don't know about you guys, but the 50th Webshow Spectacular Jingle reminds me of the Nickelodeon Jingle from the 90s. Good times! I Laughed so Hard when said that funny line, "Who wrote this?! Who wrote this lie?! Never in my life I never ate one pair of Pants!" After he said that Carly asked "isn't he charming?" That line also made me laugh. It was cool to see getting consequences when he called Principal Franklin a weak, spinless, fool. Spencer's subplot where he build a large cup if coffee was pretty funny as well. Overall, this is the funniest episodes I have seen on icarly. I would highly recommend this episode if you want to see humour done right. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • Another fun episode!

    Wow. The first time Freddy,& Carly try to get into detention on purpose and its just the things they do is what makes it worth watching. So damn funny!
  • iGot Detention- ehh Fair

    This episode is unexplainable. Just antoher oringinal iCarly episode thats all. By the way, why can't Sam just ditch detention and get it another day! It is worth it right? And why couldn't she just go to principal Franklin the entire time!!!! Season 1 is sooos boring!!!!
  • ok

    this episode was ok. So Carly and Sam get to detention just to make a web show. are you kidding me? They couldv'e posponed the 50th webshow to another week. But no the writters didn't think this episode through. Now they do detention at Ridgeway the wrong way, beause your supposed to watch the kids not leave them and g owatch tv. seriously! NOw the teacher Mr. Howard was so annyoing i hated him. I'm suprised he's not fired. ANd he yells at the kids constantly i hate when teachers do that. I wanted to jump into the TV and punch that guys so hard! The only funny psart of this episode was when Spencer made the giant cup of coffee. The coffee wasn't really well designed. and one last thing I was on SPring Break when this episode premired and that reaminded me of the teacher i had. OVERALL spencer's plot was good but the Icarly plot sucked.moreless
  • Mediocre

    So Sam and Carly get detention just when they have to make their 50th web show they do it from the detention classroom and use the hat cam to film Icarly. So they improvise and the mean teacher goes away several times and yells at the kids constantly. But later the principal comes in ans sees the man yelling so he sends him away and gives the kids freedom at last. I thought come on you can easily see that there's a camera in the hat! Its not even that well disguised! The constant interruptions by the mean teacher was a bit too much for me.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer are in the the giant coffee cup, you can tell that there is actually no coffee in there, because when everyone dunks their cups in and brings them back up, no coffee is dripping from the sides of the cup or is spilling out when they constantly wave them around.

    • In this episode they celebrate iCarly's 50th webshow, But in the pilot they say they will air a show every week, so if they did do one episode a week then that means they have been doing iCarly for nearly a year.

    • Carly says that there are three minutes left of school and the dismissal bell rings about only one minute afterward.

    • If Carly got detention by slamming her locker door, Freddie could have simply slammed another locker door and gotten detention before school ended.

    • The principal tells Mr. Howard that he heard him say "weak, spineless, fool," but he only said "weak, spineless" and fool wasn't added at the end.

    • When Carly throws the sandwich at the fire alarm, it lands on the side of the hall. When she throws the banana, it lands in the middle of the hall. After the teacher said the microwave burst into flames, the banana is next to the sandwich.

    • It is discovered that Principal Franklin and his family watches iCarly.

    • The microwave that catches on fire in this episode is the same one that Carly gives Principal Franklin for his birthday in "iPromise Not To Tell."

    • Carly pulls (or hits) the fire alarm to get detention, but if she really pulled the fire alarm at school, it could mean expulsion. She did not get in trouble since the microwave in the teachers' lounge caught on fire.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: Okay! We're just about done!
      Sam: I'm Sam!
      Carly: I'm Carly!
      Principal Franklin: And I'm Ted!

    • Carly: What are you doing here?
      Principal Franklin: Well, I was at home, watching the iCarly Fiftieth Web Show Spectacular. Congratulations, by the way, my kids and I love your show.
      Carly: Wow!
      Sam: Awesome!
      Principal Franklin: While I was watching, I heard Mr. Howard call me a weak, spineless fool.
      Mr. Howard: No! No, no, no! I-I said, sweet, stylish...cool!

    • Mr. Howard: You're all really in trouble now! I am talking suspension! I am talking expulsion! Deportation! And you can all start with five hundred push-ups! (Principal Franklin walks into the room) I don't care what Principal Franklin has to say about it!
      Principal Franklin: You don't?
      Mr. Howard: No! I- (turns around) Oh! Oh dear! Prin-Principal...(laughs nervously)

    • Mr. Howard: (walking into the classroom) HA! A video camera, turtles, burritos? What is going on in here?!
      Carly: (meekly) The iCarly Fiftieth Web Show Spectacular.
      (Sam presses audience screaming button)

    • Carly: (talking to the cap cam) Just hang on. Freddie has a way to get rid of Mr. Howard.
      Mr. Howard: Hey, no talking to that boy's hat!

    • Mr. Howard: Somebody gonna confess? Or do you all want to do two hundred push-ups?
      Sam: Principal Franklin says teachers can't give physical punishments in detention.
      Mr. Howard: Oh! Principal Franklin. If you ask me, he's not even fit to be charge of this school! He's weak, spineless!

    • Mr. Howard: (walking into the classroom) Uh huh. Everybody's so innocent! Do I smell burritos? I have a feeling- (notices what's written on the board) Who wrote this?! Who wrote this lie?! Never in my entire life have I eaten one pair of pants!

    • Sam: Okay! So you got anything else to say to the iCarly fans of the world?
      Rip Off Rodney: Yeah. I've got a special this week on burritos. (opens up his jacket to reveal a bunch of burritos) Two for six bucks!
      Carly: And do they contain quality meat?
      Rip Off Rodney: No they do not!

    • Mr. Howard: (walking into the classroom) I have ears like a hawk! I distinctly heard laughter! And I hate laughter!
      Sam: I thought you hated your wife?
      Mr. Howard: Her too!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Sam: Tell them why we got detention!
      Carly: Cause we're naughty!

    • (on the iCarly webcast)
      Carly: I'm Carly!
      Sam: And I'm Sam!
      Carly: And maybe you've noticed-
      Sam: -this isn't our usual iCarly studio.
      Carly: And if you haven't noticed-
      Sam: -scrape that crud outta your eyes!

    • Mr. Howard: (walking into the classroom) I heard noise! What's going on?
      Sam: Nothing.
      Carly: We're just sitting here, having a terrible time.
      (Carly and Sam sigh)
      Mr. Howard: Good. Just sit here, and DON'T MOVE! (leaves)

    • Freddie: (at the window on a ladder) Quick, pull me in!
      Sam: Too late! (pushes the ladder over)

    • Claire: Carly, what's the signal for Mr. Howard's coming?
      Carly: Uh, dippity do.
      Claire: DIPPITY DO!

    • (in detention)
      Mr. Howard: Alright, I'll be down the hall in the teachers' lounge, watching the Geometry Channel. While I am gone, there is to be no talking! I hope you have a terrible time! (exits the classroom)

    • (in detention)
      Mr. Howard: Now, you are all here because you are the worst this school has to offer! I am here because I believe in punishment and discipline. And I hate you all!

    • Freddie: You said Howard is almost never in the room 'cause he's watching the Geometry Channel in the teachers' lounge, right?
      Sam: Yeah.
      Freddie: So, as soon as he checks roll and leaves, you guys give me a signal, and I'll sneak in the window!
      Carly: But the classroom's on the second floor.
      Spencer: (resurfacing from the cup of coffee) You can borrow my ladder!
      Freddie: Awesome!
      Spencer: Did I hear you say you got detention?
      Carly: Yeah.
      Spencer: Should I be concerned?
      Carly: Not really.

    • Carly: Well now what? We're supposed to do the fiftieth webcast of iCarly from detention in five hours and Sam's the only one that's gonna be there! Why's it so hard to get detention?! (turns and slams her locker shut)
      Mr. Howard: (walking into the hallway) Who slammed that locker?!
      Carly: Me.
      Mr. Howard: Detention!
      Carly: Really?
      Mr. Howard: Tonight!
      Carly: Yay!
      Mr. Howard: Yay?
      Carly: Darn!

    • Sam: (about the giant coffee cup Spencer built) Is that thing filled with coffee?
      Spencer: Oh, just about five hundred gallons!
      Carly: Spencer, that's crazy!
      Spencer: Ah, it's okay. It's decaf!

    • Freddie: How am I gonna get detention in three minutes?
      Sam: You better, or else no show tonight!
      Freddie: Wait here. (walks towards Principal Franklin)
      Principal Franklin: (on his cell phone) I don't mind stopping by Krusty Cream. I-
      (Freddie takes his phone and throws it on the floor)
      Principal Franklin: (laughing) You heard I got the new PearPhone! Yup, these babies are indestructible! (bangs the phone against a locker)

    • Sam: Hey, thanks for that fire alarm. You saved me from giving an oral report on "Scarlet's Web."
      Carly: You were too lazy to read the book?
      Sam: I was too lazy to see the movie!

    • Carly: Who knew getting in trouble would be so impossible?
      Freddie: I gotta give you credit, Sam. You make it look easy!
      Sam: Years of practice!

    • Carly: (talking to herself about pulling fire alarm) Come on, Carly. It's for the Fiftieth Web Show Spectacular. You can do this! (reaches to pull the alarm twice and hesitates, throws a sandwich at the alarm, then finally throws a banana at it and the alarm goes off)
      Teacher: (running into the hall) Who pulled that fire alarm?!
      Carly: It was me!!
      Teacher: Well, thank goodness you did! The microwave in the teachers' lounge just burst into flame!

    • (Freddie and Sam sneak into the room)
      Sam: Dude, this is the principal's office!
      Freddie: I know, I'm so bad! Look what I did! (pulls up the shades to reveal words painted on the window)
      Sam: (reading the writing on the window) Freddie says Principal Franklin-
      Sam & Freddie: sucks eggs!
      Sam: Impressive! That might get you double detention!
      Freddie: Yup! When Principal Franklin sees that, you better believe he's gonna-
      (a maintenance man outside washes the writing off with a hose)

    • (Carly unscrews the teacher's chair)
      Teacher: (walking into the room) Alright kids, the sooner we start, the sooner we finish, so everybody, let's take a seat. (sits down, the chair breaks, and she falls to the floor) What happened to my chair?!
      Carly: (standing up) I did it! With whatever this is. (holds up a tool) Do I get detention?
      Teacher: (joyfully) Absolutely not. An on-the-job accident means the school has to give me a two month paid vacation while I recover! Bye!(takes her bag and leaves)

    • Sam: (walking into the room) Hey.
      Freddie: (nervously) Hello, Sam!
      Sam: Why do you look all guilty?
      Freddie: I did something bad! To get detention.
      Sam: What'd you do?
      Freddie: You'll see.
      Mr. Paladino: (walking into the room) Alright class, everyone please sit!
      Freddie: Hey, Gibby! Go ask Mr. Paladino to staple those together. (hands Gibby a folder)
      Gibby: What for?
      Freddie: SHHH, just do it!!
      (Gibby walks to the front of the classroom)
      Gibby: (uncertainly) Hey, Mr. Paladino, can you...staple these papers together?
      Mr. Paladino: Certainly, Gibby. (looking in his desk drawers) That's odd, I don't see the stapler anywhere...
      Freddie: (taking out the stapler) I have it!
      Sam: (sarcastically) Wow, you are a maniac!

    • Freddie: How can we do the show with Mr. Howard watching us the whole time?
      Sam: He hardly ever comes in the room. He always hangs in the teachers' lounge so he can watch The Geometry Channel. Such a nub!
      Carly: The nubbiest!

    • Sam: Hey! What if we kidnap Howard and keep him tied up 'til after the show?
      Carly: (exasperatedly) Okay, what have I told you about kidnapping?
      Sam: It's illegal and rude...
      Carly: Good girl.

    • Carly: Why'd you have to get detention tomorrow night?
      Freddie: Yeah! Way to go, Sam. You just ruined iCarly's fiftieth web show spectac- Oh, popcorn!

    • Teacher: You think just because you're on a popular web show that you deserve some special treatment?
      Sam: Yeah!

    • (Carly walks over to Freddie's locker, which is full of electronic devices)
      Carly: Freddie, you know the school has a strict rule against turning your locker into a time machine.
      Freddie: It's a surveillance system!
      Carly: For?
      Freddie: Someone snuck into my locker yesterday and stole my fruit-scented markers!

    • Sam: Could this be any worse?
      Carly: We could be Gibby!
      Gibby: (Walking uncomfortably) They gave me another Texas wedgie!

  • NOTES (3)