Season 1 Episode 19

iGot Detention

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • These episodes like this makes me LOL

    This episode made me laugh Nonstop. Where to start? Well this episode is about Sam getting detention for throwing a Football at so the icarly gang do their 50th webshow Spectacular in Detention. It was funny when Carly, amd Freddie do all they can to get Detention, but failed. It was funny when we see the effect of Gibby getting a Texas wedgie. It was hilarious when Carly and Sam were screaming for excitement about their 50th Webshow Spectacular. I don't know about you guys, but the 50th Webshow Spectacular Jingle reminds me of the Nickelodeon Jingle from the 90s. Good times! I Laughed so Hard when said that funny line, "Who wrote this?! Who wrote this lie?! Never in my life I never ate one pair of Pants!" After he said that Carly asked "isn't he charming?" That line also made me laugh. It was cool to see getting consequences when he called Principal Franklin a weak, spinless, fool. Spencer's subplot where he build a large cup if coffee was pretty funny as well. Overall, this is the funniest episodes I have seen on icarly. I would highly recommend this episode if you want to see humour done right. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Another fun episode!

    Wow. The first time Freddy,& Carly try to get into detention on purpose and its just the things they do is what makes it worth watching. So damn funny!
  • iGot Detention- ehh Fair

    This episode is unexplainable. Just antoher oringinal iCarly episode thats all. By the way, why can't Sam just ditch detention and get it another day! It is worth it right? And why couldn't she just go to principal Franklin the entire time!!!! Season 1 is sooos boring!!!!
  • ok


    this episode was ok. So Carly and Sam get to detention just to make a web show. are you kidding me? They couldv'e posponed the 50th webshow to another week. But no the writters didn't think this episode through. Now they do detention at Ridgeway the wrong way, beause your supposed to watch the kids not leave them and g owatch tv. seriously! NOw the teacher Mr. Howard was so annyoing i hated him. I'm suprised he's not fired. ANd he yells at the kids constantly i hate when teachers do that. I wanted to jump into the TV and punch that guys so hard! The only funny psart of this episode was when Spencer made the giant cup of coffee. The coffee wasn't really well designed. and one last thing I was on SPring Break when this episode premired and that reaminded me of the teacher i had. OVERALL spencer's plot was good but the Icarly plot sucked.

  • Mediocre

    So Sam and Carly get detention just when they have to make their 50th web show they do it from the detention classroom and use the hat cam to film Icarly. So they improvise and the mean teacher goes away several times and yells at the kids constantly. But later the principal comes in ans sees the man yelling so he sends him away and gives the kids freedom at last. I thought come on you can easily see that there's a camera in the hat! Its not even that well disguised! The constant interruptions by the mean teacher was a bit too much for me.
  • 50 is the new 25!

    One of the best ewpisodes of nthe series has Sam being caught and place in detention, the same night as the airing of the 50th webcast of the iCarly series. Carly and Freddie had planned to get dentention so they can film it in class. The results are very funny as the teacher came in and out of nthe classroom and Carly and Sam interact with their fellow classmantes. I like the ntiming of this epsiode and I like this episode very much. One of the reason why I'm hooked on the series. I can't stop watching the show. I hope the webcast reaches 500.
  • good

    sam gets detention on the night that iCarly is airing their 50th web show spectacular. soon carly and freddie try to get detention so that they can air it from detention. but troubles arise when only carly and sam get detention. will they have their spectacular?

    it was alright, my main two grieves are Freddie not getting detention for throwing the principal's phone on the ground. That was the joke, yes, but come on... I also disliked how Principal Franklin was mad at Mr. Howard for what he said about him, yet was fine with iCarly being in detention. I mean yea, he likes their show, so that makes it OK for them to air it when they are in detention? It's just another way to show how better treatment celebs get than other people. But otherwise fine episode, low B
  • igot detention

    An early, season 1 episode of iCarly, but definitely a good one. Here we saw Carly and Freddie purposely try to get detention with Sam so they could do their web show together. They failed multiple times which resulted in some really hilarious moments, but the episode as a whole was just average to me.

    One good thing you can always count on is that the show will move quickly and give you a few laughs, but sometimes the show is a bit too insane, and tonight it was with a 10'2" coffee cup which was funny, but just too insane.
  • Inspiring and fantastic.

    Being an enthusiastic writer, I have currently two shows written on my laptop-a cartoon spin-off, and a teen comedy show. This episode gave me a great idea for my comedy, and the plot was great. So of course, Sam gets detention. Nothing to be surprised at. Except, she gets it on the night of iCarly's 50th Webshow! So Freddie & Sam try their best to get detention too, so they can film iCarly live from detention. Sam gets it by slamming her locker 3 minutes before school ends, but it's too late for Freddie, so they sneak him into the detention. They do a fantastic show (it literally was amazing, out of all the "webshows" they do within the actual show, it really was the best) and eventually the teacher finds out. Not to worry though-he gets a big telling off for being horrible about the principal behind his back, but thanks to a "hat-cam", the principal, who was watching the show with his family, finds out about it.

  • Sam got a detention in the same night as "iCarly's 50th Web Show Spectacular", while Spencer built a giant glass of coffee. What should Carly and Freddie do for the show?

    The film begins when Freddie makes a "thief-camera" in his locker because he had lost his fruit color pencils. But eventually, Carly borrow it, but she takes the tangerine color pencil. She borrowed it to write an announcement for "iCarly's 50th Web Show Spectacular".
    But Sam accidentally throw something to a teacher, which made her friends notice the announcement, and called by Principal Franklin & Mr.Harold, who makes her got the detention in the same day as the show. Sam has told Principal Franklin about the show, and he likes iCarly, but as he got a call, Mr.Harold don't care about it.
    Carly and Freddie mad at Sam because ruining the show. Then, Freddie thought of a great plan, to held the show on the detention, and they decided to be bad. So the next morning, they started the mission. Freddie stole teacher's stapler, but the teacher thought Freddie found it. Carly rearrange the next teacher's chair, but by doing that, the teacher got resting day for accident. Then Freddie write in Principal Franklin's window "Freddie Says: Principle Franklin Sucks Eggs", but the cleaning service washed it out. Carly activated the fire alarm and hoping for detention, but the teacher thanked her because the oven in the teacher's room was in fire.
    Freddie and her complained about how hard it is to make detention, but when Carly slammed the locker, she finally got detention, but Freddie haven't got, and it's 14.57, which means only 3 minutes left to get detention. Freddie took Principle Franklin's phone, but he thinks he wants to prove that it's very strong. He didn't got the detention.
    At home, Carly surprised seeing Spencer in a big glass of coffee titled "Skybucks Coffee", and filled it with coffee, 50 gallons of it. He jumped because his mobile was fallen to the coffee and he had found it for over 2 hours. Freddie thought if he could record it when Mr.Harold went to watch "The Geometry Channel", but he'll switch to CapCam if he comes back. Spencer lets Freddie to borrow the ladder.
    That night, when Mr.Harold went, they started the show with a scream, and a tune "It's iCarly's 50th Web Show Spectacular!" Then someone shouted the signal if he comes, "dippety-doo" and everyone sits neatly again.
    Next, they play Hang Man with the answer"Mr.Howard eats pants", and Mr.Howard got angry plus make fun of Principal Franklin with the words"weak spineless fool" and want to stay there. But Freddie got plan B by a kid whose makes noise downstairs. Then they play Turtle Races, that's when Mr.Howard uncovers the secret. But Principal Franklin came because he saw in iCarly through the CapCam Mr.Howard called him "weak spineless fool", but Mr.Howard denied it by saying "sweet,stylish,cool". Eventually, Mr.Howard was gone to the teacher's room. So that's the end of the show, and after they went home, they celebrated it with a coffee swim.
  • loving this episode :)

    This is a really awesome episode. I loved it how Carly and Freddie tried to attempt to get detention. and when freddie said cuckoo. So cute! (=^_^=) anyway, the teacher was such an evil bondinie. so horrible :p. but i loved how the principal was 'immature' enough to watch iCarly. I love those kinda principals :) Of course, i think this episode can be improved mostly because it is too rushed if you ask me. and whats more,freddie could have just gotten detention by smashing the locker.
    Overall, it is a good episode for all to watch. Not the best but still good
  • this episode is about the iCarly 50th webshow SPACTACULAR and how they are planning to have the best webisode and carly is tryin to promote it so more people watch that show. sam gets detention on the night of the show ruining everything..turning funny.

    i really like this episode because its funny. also, it promotes icarly more and its very intersting and made me laugh a lot. if you like the show you should definitely watch this episode because its just as great as all the rest and i really enjoyed it! sam and carly (janette and miranda), do a fantastic acting job in this episode of the show and i liked it very much. i watched it on the premere night of the new episode and enjoyed it very much because i laughed so much it made me cry. i really like this show and this episode is one of the best as well
  • Too rushed.

    You would think they would have made the iCarly 50th webshow spectacular more special. I mean, trying too pull that off while in detention, that was pretty clever and funny. But it seemed not nearly as special or funny as any other webcast shown on iCarly. Yeah, some parts were funny. But it just wasn't special enough for it to be the iCarly 50th webshow spectacular. Spencer's subplot was funny, yet interesting. It was funny for him to construct a 10 foot coffee cup and then drop his phone in it. Then when they were all swimming in it, that was hilarious. I laughed pretty hard at the sight at that.
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    iGot Detention is a special episode because iCarly is having it's 50th Web Show Spectacular. Sam gets detention so now they can't go their 50th web show spectacular. Carly and Freddie try to get into detention so they can do their show in the classroom, but they think it's hard to get in trouble while Sam makes it look easy. Carly slams a locker and gets detention, but school's over and Freddie didn't get detention. So he hides in the classroom's closet while detention is going on. Mr. Howard, the really mean teacher, leaves the room and they start the web show. Later, he finds out that their doing their show and calls Principal Franklin, aka Ted, something "bad." He says it on iCarly and Ted is watching it so then Ted goes over to the classroom and tells Mr. Howard to go to his office. It'd be cool if Principal Franklin was my principal, he's pretty cool.
  • This episode is so funny!!!!!!!!!!

    This is my fav. episode of iCarly. Sam gets detention on a special episode of iCarly, so Freddie and Carly have to think of a way to fix this. I just love how Carly and Freddie try to find ways to get detention, but the plans backfire, ex.: Carly makes her teacher's chair falls apart, but she doesn't get it because the teacher says the school has to pay for the injury; Freddie writes on the windows of the school's office, "Freddie says: Principal Frankling Sucks Eggs", but someone washes it off. Then, when Carly slams her locker, she gets detention, but Freddie has to find a way to get into detention. Then, the mean teacher that is in detention keeps coming in on their show, so they have to improvise. But my favorite part was when Wesley (beat box kid)tries to distract the teacher. All in all, this is a really great episode.
  • It's the iCarly fiftieth webcast, live from detention!

    I really enjoyed this episode. I think it would have to be the best of the series. In this episode, Sam gets detention for hitting Mr. Howard in the head with a football. So, Carly, Freddy, and Sam decide to do their webcast live from detention. I think I liked it when Mr. Howard was talking to Sam, because he sounded so funny. I also liked all the things they did to try and get detention, but they kept getting praises. I think my favorite attempt, but fail, was when Freddy wrote on the windows. And then, they got washed away! I also liked it when Spencer was not concerned when Carly got detention. I also liked it when they were in detention and Mr. Howard said he hated everyone and his wife. Then, when he left, and Carly called down to Freddy, that was funny too. Their signal was hillarious. I also laughed when Sam pushed Freddy's ladder down. The way they got rid of Mr. Howard was funny too. I was surprised though when we learned that their principal watches iCarly. I was so surpised. So in conclusion, I really liked this episode of iCarly, and I thought it was the best of the series!
  • iCarly at it's best.

    The previous episode of iCarly was not the best. But since the one week difference they have improved greatly. It' much more funny than last week's installment, and a bit suspensful. The Episode was a bit predictable, but besides that it's the best of this series I've seen so far. It would have made a great season finale, and I'll probably buy it on iTunes. The whole: "Making fun of theacher crap" was a great way to show how much of a loser our teachers can be at times. And they lenghts they went to too get detention, but ended up failing, was very funny. When Carly pulled the fire alarm, the teachers were happy she did. She tried to injure the teacher, and the teacher thanked her. Then she slammed a locker... and that's all I can say. Then in the detention room they try to find a way to have iCarly live from there. But there's one problem: there's a teacher in the detention room, (well duh, I didn't have to explain that for you) so how will they succed in putting out the 50th webcast? Or will the teacher catch them? And how will they find a way to even stream live video with a teacher in there watching their every move? Well, some of you know these answers if you've already seen the episodes, but if you haven't watched them, go do it now! So, if you ever come across iCarly, I recommend you watch this episode out of all the others.
  • My favorite episode, I love this!! the best one out there!! perfect!

    carly gets detention and ask if she can take it another day and they say no. so carly decides to haver her web show in detention. she asks the guy behind her to wear a cap with a camera in it and another guy with a video camera and they switch views from the hat and camera when the teacher walks in. the talk to people in the detention area about how they got in detetion. and the have someone signaling when the teacher come by. the have turtle races and stuff. I recomednd this episode. a defenate classic. Yes. musty watch
  • I liked it, but not so much.

    I think I should have expected that this episode would not be the greatest just from first looking at the commercial. As much as I did like it, it just wasn't that exciting. Sam gets detention. That's normal. Freddie thinks he's a bad boy when he REALLY isn't. Carly unscrews her teacher's chair and still doesn't get in trouble. That surprised me. In real life, you would get in so much trouble it would probably be worse than detention.

    Then she actually gets detention by slamming her locker loudly. That was kinda weird. But I kinda expected more while they were on detention. Just like it would be more crazy iCarly stuff. But no, it was just a normal broadcast will some funny stuff. And it was the 50th broadcast too! There wasn't anything special about it!

    At least the teacher got what he deserves. I give this episode an 8.5. Not even close to my favorite.
  • I liked it a lot!

    Sam gets detention on the night of iCarly's 50th web show spectacular! Carly and Freddie try to get detention, so they could do it in there. It's harder than it seems and Freddie doesn't even get it. Spencer makes a giant coffee cup. Carly, Sam and Freddie figure out how to do the show in detention. The teacher suspects them of it, but he doesn't find out until later. The teacher also tells Principal Franklin off, so the principal goes down to school and lets Carly do the show.

    This episode was pretty good! That would be fun to try and get in trouble! This episode gets a 9.0!
  • I loved this episode and it was so funny and I want to see it again.

    Sam gets detention for throwing a football at the assistant principal. Carly and Freddie try to get detention to shoot iCarly's 50th webcast from detention only Carly gets detention when she slams her locker really loud. Meanwhile Spencer builds a slupture that is a huge coffee cup and fills it up with coffee free caffien and drops his cellphone there and tries to find it. The assistant principal heres laughter and keeps checking on the room with detention. At the end of the episode Carly,Sam and Freddie are swiming in the coffee cup with coffee and drinking and diving and having fun.
  • its icarlys 50th webcast but the big cause for celebration is turned upside down when sam gets detention on the same day and time as the webshow..so carly and freddie must get detention to broadcast their webshow from detention

    eh, this was a decent ep..im not really sure how im going to get a hundred words but ill do my best..ok honestly i wasnt even really gonna watch this ep..i watched to see drake host teennick altho i know its usually talking for like 2 mins and then introducing the new show but anything to see him w/ that beard..ok sry..yeah this wasnt the best ep..i mean how hard is it to get detention..i could do it and im a goodie two shoes like carly..i liked the plan w/ broadcasting..it was clever but still didnt seem to go their way..that teacher also deserved what he got..ok 100 words..im done
  • Well, that was a fine epsiode now wasnt it?

    "iGot Detention" was a cleverly plotted episode. It was well written, adevntrous,a fine example, a series classic,anothe rgreat installment, average, above average, exciting, jumps the shark,dream sequence, in formative all rapped up into one. It was funyn and serious. Mostly funny. But it did mix the two togetehr quite well. I want iCarly to have more epsiodes like this. Its one of my favortie of the series. Well, so far at least. That Mr.Howard guy was REALLY mean. I never want to see his ugly face again. Meanest teacher ever! Even meaneer than Mrs. Francene Briggs! Great episode. Do it again!
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