Season 6 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • iHalfoween

    Another really stupid episode of this show. Clearly on its last legs, iCarly is closing out its run by picking the dumbest premise possible and running with it week to week.
  • One of the best of Season 6

    This was actually a really good episode. Reminded me of something from like S2-3. I really like the idea of "Halfaween". I thought it played out really good. I didn't expect Nevel to be back to his antagonist side. But I guess some ppl never change, as shown at the end of iPTN. It was funny when their voices changed .

    Sam was so funny when she went up to that little and said "I just want to eat you" or something along does lines. I don't think Nevel's done yet. The iCarly crew definitely fueled more flames, doing that to Nevel at the end.
  • The iCarly gang celebrate a halfway year holiday called Halfoween and throw a party

    iCarly celebrate Halfoween, a new event iCarly made up, by throwing a party. Wow!!! an episode of this show impressed me two weeks in a row. Although, not as good as previous episode "iOwn a Restaurant", it was still a fantastic episode. It was very entertaining all the way through and it definitely had me laughing mainly with Carly, Sam, and Freddie having their deep voices. I cracked up at Carly, Sam ,and Freddie having those deep voices after eating that candy which is apparently a prank by a robot suit. The person inside the robot suit is Nevel?. Wait what? I thought Nevel and the iCarly gang were cool with each other in Nevel's previous episode in Season 4 "iPity The Nevel". It didn't make sense to me on why Nevel wants payback on the iCarly crew but I was glad that he mentioned the situation in "iPity The Nevel" so that made me feel better... by the way, that's the reason why my score is a tad low because of the fact that Nevel once again plans revenge on the iCarly gang and it was very dumb and I didn't like him putting the robot suit on Freddie. But yeah, I was still impressed with this episode. Sam (who I am starting to like more) was hilarious using her deep voice like using the popular Star Wars line "Luke, I am your father" or singing an opera with the deep voice. So yeah, the deep voices are the most hilarious part of the episode. Other parts make me laugh as well such as that giant basket game, Nevel getting what he deserved in the very end of the episode was funny as well, and some more. If Nevel does appear one more time before the show ends forever, I just hope that we is actually friends with the iCarly gang like in "iPity The Nevel". I'm actually liking the fact that this is something new, the episode of them celebrating Halloween which is halfway through the year was just a very creative and well done premiere... props to Dan Schneider for coming up with something new to enjoy. Overall, a nicely done half-Halloween episode of "iCarly"... hopefully by this point, the rest of Season 6 will be good especially if this is the show's final season. 9.5/10
  • One of the best iCarly episodes to date!

    Although it felt like an episode of Scooby-Doo,it was quite entertaining and some very hilarious moments.