Season 1 Episode 16

iHatch Chicks

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Carly and Sam have a science project to hatch chicks. When the eggs hatch earlier than expected, they have to search the apartment for the runaway chicks.

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  • Not great!

    Never was a fan of this episode. It more like a short story of Titanic with the emotional moments instead of being funny.
  • iHatch Chicks- GREAT!!!!!

    This episode was great in my opoinion. I love those mystery episodes where they have tofind something. My favorite part is when Sam said, "Ewww theres gum on your shoe. Points were deducted because stupid Freddie was pushing the button while saying why why why? STOP PUSHING THE BUTTON IF YOU ARE CONFUSED YOU DORKY ***!!!!!! But other than that good episode! :)

  • BORING!!!

    I know alot of people are gonna disagree and that's okay but this is my honest opinion. I didn't think that this episode was good at all. If they were gonna make an episode like this... they could have at least made it funny. This is one of the worst "iCarly" episodes of Season 1 in my opinion. The whole plot was so boring and it would almost put me to sleep because of the boredom. This isn't a terrible episode... it's a terribly boring episode. I have to admit that the baby chicks were so adorable. Duke also didn't do this episode any justice. I didn't even laugh when Duke had to lift up the refrigerator to save one of the baby chicks. The laugh track is also cheering like they haven't seen anything amazing before. It also irritated me when Carly fell down and Sam responded "That wasn't careful". I also felt like this episode tries too hard to even be funny which it wasn't. I also thought it was so stupid that the baby chick was gone after the elevator closed but then that sixth and last baby chick was in Spencer's mouth and he got the last baby chick. I knew nothing was going to happen to the last baby chick and they made that scene so ridiculously serious. Freddie knocking down a can when he was mad... Wow! he's cool (sarcasm). Overall, it's okay if you enjoy this episode but I found this episode to be ridiculous and boring and it's one of the worst "iCarly" episodes of Season 1 in my opinion. 1/10moreless
  • A good

    This was also one of the best episodes of icarly. The kids we're hatching chicks under a dome for a school science project and they posted it on the website but the chicks escaped and everybody was looking for them. Also Freddie crazy wrestler science partner, who was teasing him all the time. They found them in weird places like in the kitchen sink or pipelines. It was funny to see that Carly could open up the pipe line and Sam blows into it and the chick was blown out. The last one was in the elevator but behind the window. Freddie pushed the elevator button an it was gone but Spencer was trapped in a small crawl space and had him in his mouth very funny to see. I didn't think you could do an entire episode of people trying to find chicks.moreless
  • perfect

    i dunno why but i thought the title when i first saw it was "iHate Chicks" and i was wondering why you would have chicks if you hated them. Anyways it was a great episode, the pplot of trying to find 6 chicks in an apartment was new and creative and i think it paid off well. it may have been kind of boring in some parts but overall it was a strong offering from the first season, i think, and so my grade for this episode is an easy and well deserved A+, all around perfect episode, i thinkmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The names of all the chicks are also ways of cooking eggs

    • When we see the last chick which was in the elevator window, you can see the window is clean, but when Freddie calls the elevator and it goes down and opens and the chick is gone, there's a big smudge of something on the top right corner of the window.

    • The URL www.zaplook.com redirects to the iCarly website, but the URL www.zaplooksearch.tk is actually the search engine Freddie uses to search for information about the baby chicks.

    • The URL WorldofChucks.com redirects to iCarly.com.

    • In reality there's no way newly hatched chicks would be able to get out of their incubator. They also wouldn't be able to climb as high as the one Carly found on the beam or the one stuck in the drain.

    • In reality, it would take chicks much longer to hatch. Unless they skipped a period of days, the chicks wouldn't have hatched that fast.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Sam: Can you see anything?
      Carly: No. It's too dark!
      Spencer: I'll turn on the light.
      Carly: Wait, no!
      Sam: Don't! (Spencer accidentally flips he switch or the garbage disposal by mistake)
      Carly: (screaming) THAT'S THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL!!!
      Spencer : OH, MY GOD!!!
      Carly and Sam: TURN IT OFF!!!!! (Spencer disables the machine just in time)

    • Carly: (referring to Duke holding Freddie in a headlock) Duke! Duke! Beef jerky...
      (dangles beef jerky in front of Duke's face)
      Carly: It's yours if you let Freddie go.
      Freddie: (still in headlock) How did I end up in a hostage negotiation?

    • Freddie: (about baby chicks) I was watching the egg cam, I can't believe they already hatched! (sees that baby chicks are gone) Ah, man! Did Sam eat them?!
      Sam: I wouldn't eat baby chicks! (Carly and Freddie stare) Raw....

    • Freddie: Hey, I think I hear one behind the fridge! (listens to chirping) Yeah, there's definitely one back there!
      Duke: (shoves Freddie out from in front of the fridge) Move, I'll move the fridge.
      Freddie: Dude, that thing weights a ton!
      Duke: (shoves Freddie again) MOVE!! I LOVE ANIMALS! (struggles to lift fridge) Yell at me!
      Freddie: Huh?
      Duke: I always do better when coach yells at me so do it! (goes back to fridge)
      Freddie: Uh...Come on Duke! Lift the fridge! You can do it! Good boy! Come on Duke lift the fridge!
      Duke: (turns around) I'm not a dog.

    • (Sam, Carly, Duke, and Freddie attempt to pull Spencer out of the heating duct but pull off his pants)
      Spencer: Did my pants fall off?
      All: Yeah...
      Spencer: Please tell me I'm wearing underwear.
      Carly: You're good...
      Spencer: Awesome!

    • Carly: Turn the heat up to ninety.
      Spencer: Ninety degrees?
      Sam: No, ninety pickles. Yes ninety degrees!
      Spencer: No need to be hurtful.

    • Freddie: Hey, Duke's on his way over.
      Sam: We don't want Duke here!
      Carly: We're in the middle of a crisis, this is no time for sweaty wrestlers!

    • Sam: (laying on couch) I want breakfast.
      Carly: We've got cereal.
      Sam: Milk?
      Carly: Out of milk.
      Sam: I'll use root beer.

    • Sam: I can't believe Mr. Suemack assigned us a science project. Who does he think he is?!
      Carly: Um, our science teacher?

    • Sam: I love hobos. Let's do our project on hobos!
      Carly: What do hobos have to do with science?
      Sam: I don't know. Aren't they affected by gravity or something?

    • Freddie: Why'd you shove your kneepad in my face?!
      Duke: Because it reeks!
      Freddie: Great explanation!

    • Spencer: Ah, I believe it was Einstein who said that what can not be proven scientifically, is the scientific nature of science itself.
      Carly: Einstein said that?
      Spencer: Either him or that hobo that sleeps in the garbage behind our building.

    • Spencer: Hey. What you ladies up to? Little sittin'? Little conversin'?

    • Freddie: (yelling to Duke) You owe Sam three bucks for the jerky!
      Sam: No he doesn't.
      Carly: But you said that he-
      Sam: (pulls out wallet) I took his wallet.

    • Carly: (referring to Duke) Wow, I've never seen dry beef make a boy so happy.

    • Sam: Ah, look who's grumpy because he didn't get paired up with Carly for his little science project. (pinches Freddie's cheeks)
      Freddie: (pushes Sam's hand away) Untrue.
      Sam: True.
      Freddie: So!

  • NOTES (1)