Season 1 Episode 25

iHave a Lovesick Teacher

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 25, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When Miss Ackerman calls Carly "sassy," this is the second time Carly is called by that name. The first time was when Mrs. Benson called Carly "Sassy Pants" in the episode "iFence."

    • Miss Ackerman makes Carly and Freddie do jumping jacks for as a penalty for being "sassy" with her. But in "iGot Detention", Sam stated that Principal Franklin doesn't allow teachers to give physical punishment.

    • When Spencer tells Miss Ackerman he does not want to date her, Miss Ackerman rips the head off of the "panda-pig" she was about to give him. This is reminiscent of Logan ripping the head off a stuffed giraffe in the TV movie episode, "Goodbye, Zoey?" of Zoey 101.

    • Spencer's favorite animals are pigs and pandas, as indicated by the "panda-pig" stuffed animal Miss Ackerman gives him.

    • When the pot boils over, Spencer doesn't just remove the pot from heat, but puts it on a different burner. Therefore, Spencer and Carly have an electric stove in their kitchen.

  • Quotes

    • Spencer: (considering jumping out the window to get away from Miss Ackerman) Why couldn't I have been born with wings?!
      Carly: You're not a cockatoo! Be a man!

    • FBI Officer: You're under arrest.
      Miss Ackerman: Arrest?! For what?
      FBI Officer: Five hundred counts of illegally downloading music on the Internet.
      Miss Ackerman: You have no proof!
      FBI Officer: Yes we do. Ma'am? (Carly tosses him the PearPod) I believe all the proof we need is on this PearPod.
      Other FBI Officer: And you admitted it last night on those kids' web show.
      FBI Officer: Which we recorded.
      Miss Ackerman: You set me up!
      Freddie: That's a lie!
      Carly: No, we set her up.
      Freddie: Oh yeah!

    • (Freddie is typing on the computer)
      Carly: Is that it?
      Freddie: That's it.
      Miss Ackerman: Well, what's the vote?
      Freddie: The iCarly viewers say that you and Spencer should...(the results load)
      Carly: Break up.
      Spencer: WOOHOO - I'm deeply sorry.

    • Freddie: (about Miss Ackerman) Why can't Spencer just date her?
      Carly: 'Cause the woman's a big bottle of crazy sauce! But...
      Freddie: But what?
      Carly: I think I might know a way to fix this.
      Sam: Good.
      Freddie: How?
      Carly: iCarly.
      Freddie: Our web show?
      Sam: No, our potato farm!

    • Spencer: Lauren, I don't want to go out with you anymore.
      Miss Ackerman: Spencer, I think you're just overreacting!
      Spencer: No, I think you're underreacting. Seriously, I don't want to date you.
      Miss Ackerman: (about to cry) If you're trying to tell me something, just say it!
      Spencer: (slowly) I. Don't. Want. To. Date. You.

    • Freddie: I'm trying to prepare for Miss Ackerman's pop quiz on chapter seven.
      Carly: We're having a pop quiz?!
      Freddie: Probably! You saw how she treated us last time she got dumped!
      Sam: Aw man, he's right. Gimme that thing. (grabs Freddie's book) I gotta start writing stuff down on my arms.
      Carly: How much information can you write on two arms?
      Sam: Yeah I'm gonna need more space. I'll be in the bathroom!

    • Miss Ackerman: Oh, I think you got something boiling over on your stove!
      Spencer: Ah! (runs over and moves the pot) Whew! You saved my soup's life!

    • Carly: It's just a little weird seeing a teacher at my house.
      Freddie: Weird how?
      Carly: Weird like when she comes over for dinner, I feel like I have to raise my hand to say, "Pass the peas!"
      Sam: Ew, peas?
      Carly: Not the point.

    • Sam: Come on, having a miserable life's not all that bad. Sometimes my mother laughs...

    • Miss Ackerman: Okay everyone, I know you were all expecting a test today, but instead, I decided to give you all A pluses! And... (grabbing a tray) ...caramel apples! (everyone cheers) Pass those around while I make a phone call.
      Sam: Okay, Spencer dating Miss Ackerman is the best thing that's happened at this school since that lunch lady fell in that giant gravy pot!

    • Carly: (walking into the room) Miss Ackerman?!
      Miss Ackerman: Oh, hi Carly!
      Carly: Hi...Uh, not that I'm not happy to see you, but why are you here standing on my brother?
      Spencer: (laying on the floor) 'Cause she has magic feet!

    • Miss Ackerman: Do you have a girlfriend now...?
      Spencer: Nope. I got a goldfish. (whispering) But we're just friends!

    • Carly: Miss Ackerman, you don't need to yell at Freddie in front of the whole class.
      Miss Ackerman: Well look! More back-talk from the Sass Master!

    • Miss Ackerman: Freddie, why aren't you reading chapter whatever?!
      Freddie: Oh, um, 'cause I...dropped my textbook in the bathtub last night.
      Miss Ackerman: Of course! You men are all the same! You lose interest in your textbook, and then you just dump it in your filthy bathwater!

    • (Miss Ackerman is laying on her desk, crying)
      Sam: This is super weird.
      Freddie: She's been like that for twenty minutes!

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