Season 1 Episode 14

iHeart Art

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Spencer becomes depressed and uninterested in art after his idol criticizes his work. Carly tries to cheer him up by featuring some of his sculptures on the show.

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  • I know that this episode sends a bad message out there to kids, but this is still a good episode.

    This is a great episode. This episode is funny, but this episode has one problem. The problem I have with the episode is that it sends out a bad message out there to kids. Spencer gives up his Artist Career, just because another Artist doesn't like his work. Kids don't ever give up on your dreams. But that doesn't mean this episode is bad. It does have some funny moments. It was funny when Freddie bets Sam that She has to pay him $5 if she says bad things about him. It was funny to see her struggling to not say any insults to him. It was pretty cool that Harry Joiner told Spencer, "Be an Artist after he admitted that he was jealous of his Artwork. It was also pretty cool to see Harry and Spencer building a teeth sculpture to that Dentist. The ending was pretty funny when Sam pays Freddie every $5 for an insult she did to him. Overall great episode, but it did send a bad message out there. It's still a good episode to watch. 8.5/10.moreless
  • iHeart Art- Terrible

    Gotta agree JengoFett6 this episode gave a bad message to children by telling them if you are intrested in doing something that you shoulvd give up because of one persons bad opinion. For example, do you THINK Dan Scnider gives up with some bad reviews on here- NO!!!! So this episode just gave a bad lesson.
  • This may be the most popular teen show on Nickelodeon but it's the most popular teen show on Nickelodeon giving out bad messages to kids all around the world

    Okay, what were the writers thinking? To everyone, this is the most popular teen show ever. I would have if this show was good. I only consider "iCarly" an okay show and if it really was the most popular show on Nick... I would have really liked it and more people would have really liked it. How can this show be popular and yet have some viewers that hate this show so much. Anyways, the writers just gave out a bad message to everyone. Spencer giving up art after his favorite art idol Harry Joyner criticized his art. Okay, shouldn't a popular show have good messages... really?. It's episodes like these that make me think,,, why is this show popular? there's way funnier and more better shows than this. Spencer giving up art in this episode is teaching kids to give up. Kids, do not give up on your dreams... this show doesn't know how to set up good messages so if you're reading this review kids, do not give up or listen to anything that this show says. I also didn't like Mrs. Benson in this episode (now that you think about it, I don't like Mrs. Benson in most of the episodes). While I really didn't enjoy this episode that much, I thought there were some funny parts. The clown in the bra was funny and there were a couple more I found funny as well. Also, the giant teeth sculpture that Spencer and Harry Joyner made together was really cool. Overall, this was just a mediocre episode of "iCarly" giving a bad message to kids. 5/10moreless
  • Funny

    This was Spencer episode. He was told by his art idol that his sculptures we're not so good . So he got depressed and quit. For some reason he became an dental assistant. It was funny to see how Carly contacted the crazy English artist to pursuede him to talk to Spencer about giving up his art all together. She even showed all of the art pieces online and they got good reactions. Later they we're in the dentist room and Spencer got sprayed water in his face regularly. Then the artist told Spencer that his work was so creative and he was jealous of him.moreless
  • This episode sends a bad message to children

    First, I need to say that there are SPOILERS in this review. If you haven't seen it, and are interested in seeing it, I recommend that you watch the episode first. let me go on the record by saying that I do enjoy this show. It's funny, entertaining and I certainly enjoy seeing Mary Scheer in a semi-regular role, as I enjoyed her work on Mad TV. However, this episode just bothered me. Was it because of Spencer's annoying behavior? Mostly, but there's something more than simply his behavior. What is it then? It sends a terrible message to children.

    Spencer has a passion for art and creates some interesting, creative and incredibly weird sculptures. Carly thinks it would be a good idea to get Spencer's idol (Harry Joiner) to critique his art. In a stroke of incredible luck, he actually shows up in person. However, he says Spencer's art is amateurish at best. Hearing this, Spencer immediately gives up on his dream, even though, when Carly displays Spencer's art on her web show, THOUSANDS of other people say his art is awesome. He refuses to even read the comments unless one is from Joiner. He completely gives up and gets a job as a dental assistant. Carly then tells Joiner that he made Spencer give up on his dream, so Joiner then tells Spencer that he thought his art was brilliant, and only said otherwise because he was jealous. Spencer immediately starts making art again and even gets to make a sculpture with Joiner.

    Now, you MAY be asking, "What's the bad message the episode sends?". Well, it shows an adult giving up on his dream completely because of ONE person's negative opinion. This could easily confuse children into thinking that if just a few people don't like whatever your talent may be, then it means you're no good and that you should give up UNLESS those people who have negative opinions reveal that they're only jealous of you and actually like you. Unfortunately, no matter what you do or how well you do it, there are ALWAYS going to people that dislike it. However, there will also ALWAYS be people who DO like it. If you're doing something that you like, you can't get hung up on every single negative opinion of you. Your opinion of yourself should NEVER hinge upon other's opinions of you. You gotta keep going and keep doing what you love. Never give up just because some people tell you you're no good, no matter who it is! Even if it's the person who inspired you to do what you're doing. Thank you for reading. If you agree with me, or like my reviews, I would appreciate it if you would take the 1 second out of the 86,400 seconds you have every day to click the agree button. Even if you DISagree, feel free to voice your opinion. Thanks!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Some of the sculptures Freddie, Carly and Sam show on iCarly are from other episodes of the show. These are Splatter Man ("iLike Jake") and The Video Camera Squirrel ("iPilot").

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Carly: You weren't supposed to fall on the floor.
      Spencer: Well, you know... gravity.

    • Carly: I don't know how Freddie can stand living with his mom. She wouldn't let me eat anything fun, she blocked out all of the good tv channels and she made me eat lasagna with a spoon.
      Sam: Why a spoon?
      Carly: She says that forks are dangerous. That I might stab my tongue.

    • Freddie: Anytime a chance comes along for you to insult me, you just have to jump on it!
      Carly: You really should be nicer to him.
      Freddie: Ha! She couldn't be nicer to me if she tried because, she has no self control.
      Sam: I have plenty of self control! I self control myself all the time!

    • Freddie: (referring to Harry Jointer liking Spencer's sculptures) That's so cool!
      Sam: You know what else is cool?
      Freddie: What?
      Sam: Not you!

    • Freddie: Do you even know what Harry Jointer looks like?
      Carly: Yeah, you know, he looks like a man. With a face. And hair.
      Sam: (sarcastically) Yeah, I have an uncle that looks just like that!

    • Carly: (referring to Sam eating Lewbert's half eaten cheeseburger) Sam, gross!
      Sam: It's not my fault, waiting around for people makes me crave meat!

    • (Sam and Freddie are staring at the sleeping Lewbert with a half eaten cheeseburger in his hand)
      Freddie: Look at Lewbert.
      Sam: Worst doorman ever.
      Freddie: I know! Who eats half their cheeseburger then falls asleep?!
      Sam: Someone who just lost the other half of their cheeseburger. (reaches over and takes Lewbert's cheeseburger out of his hand)

    • Freddie: When I grow up, I wonder what kind of girl would want to marry me.
      (Sam bites pillow to prevent self from insulting Freddie)
      Carly: (walks in) Should I call an ambulance?

    • Carly: You weren't supposed to fall on the floor.
      Spencer: Well, you know, gravity....

    • Spencer: (with hot glue gun sitting in front of him) Where's my hot glue gun?! I can't work with cold glue!

    • Spencer: (with green yoyo in hand) Ok, where's my green yoyo? I just had my green yoyo!
      Carly: It's in your hand!
      Spencer: It's in my hand!

    • Sam: Sure! I'll have a snack!
      Carly: I didn't offer you a snack.
      Sam: Well, let's pretend you did.

    • Freddie: Hey! Why did it take you guys so long to get home from school?
      Sam: Because my mom had to stop at Save-Mart to pick up her ointment. Anymore questions?

    • Harry: Spencer, do the world a favor. Be an artist!

    • Carly: Spencer it's been 4 hours, I think you need to get off the kitchen table.
      Spencer: Why? Santa Claus here to tell me I'm ugly and have no friends?

  • NOTES (2)