Season 4 Episode 8

iHire an Idiot

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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A cute boy is hired by Carly and Sam as an intern for the webshow.

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  • Ahhh!!!!

    Boring and just borderline ***ed episode.
  • This is the best episode in the entire series in my opinion.

    This is the best episode in the entire series, in my opinion. It is awesome. My eyes were glued to the screen when watching this one. It was so intense, and curiosity and interest kept my attention the whole time. It was an entertaining episode. The show is becoming too much work for Carly, Sam, and Freddie, so they decide to hire an intern. Carly and Sam end up hiring an idiot named Cort only because they think he is hot. He ends up ruining their entire webshow, but they don't realize it because they are distracted by his good looks. Freddie gets steamed and tells Carly and Sam to fire him, but they deny. Then Freddie gives them a taste of their own medicine by hiring another intern for the show named Ashley. She appears to be an idiot just like Cort. Carly and Sam act the same way as Freddie did with Cort. They are angry because she also ruins their webshow and gives them a hard time. Freddie, however, obviously realizes that Ashley is the same way as Cort and is not distracted by her looks because he just wants to teach Carly and Sam a lesson that they are doing the same thing with Cort, and more importantly, he wants Carly and Sam to fire Cort. He makes a deal with them that if they fire Cort, he will fire Ashley. Meanwhile, in the subplot, Spencer forgot that he made a deal with his grandfather that if he didn't get one of his sculptures in a museum in six months, he will be forced to go back to law school. His time was almost up. He was devious but clever in his plan to make it work. This was a flawless episode. It was picture perfect. It was a masterpiece work of art. I said it twice and will say it again. It is the best episode of the entire series in my opinion. I mean, it was nothing extraordinary, and most people will find it to be pretty standard and straight forward, but it was indeed one of the better ones. I hope that at least fanatics of the show will realize that. This is was also one of the few episodes that actually made me laugh. It was full of more humor than any other episode.moreless
  • Great episode

    I didn't think the main plot was great but it was overall good but my score is high because Spencer's subplot made me laugh so hard. The main plot with Carly and Sam hiring Cort to be his intern was bugging me because they only hired him because he is good-looking. I enjoyed the main plot a little more after Freddie hired an intern to get Carly and Sam back, it's about time those two were taught a lesson. It turns out by the end of the episode that Ashley (the intern Freddie hired) turns out to be in the intelligence program where she pretended she was dumb, I didn't like the end of this episode because Cort still showed and said "this is an elevator". Now to the subplot, I thought the subplot with Spencer trying to get one of his sculptures in the museum was hilarious and interesting because he made a deal with granddad three years ago that if he doesn't get a sculpture in the museum that he would have to go back to law school. It was cool seeing granddad again even though he was only in this episode for 2 or 3 minutes. I thought it was so funny when granddad asked "who is that?" and Spencer said "granddad.. please.. get us our privacy" and granddad runs freaked out. Overall, the main plot could have been better but the subplot was perfect. 8.5/10moreless
  • great

    Carly, Freddie and Sam have a lot of work to do with iCarly, because of how popular it is. They decide to hire an intern. They end up hiring a 'hot' (yet really dumb) guy named Cort. Freddie does not like how they hired him just because of his looks, so he gets back at them by hiring a hot girl named Ashley, also an idiot, and promises if Carly and Sam fire Cort, he'll fire Ashley.

    When Spencer dropped out of law school, he made a deal with granddad- if he does not have anything artistic in a museum before 3 years, he needs to go back to law school. It's been almost 3 years and Spencer needs to hurry up and figure out a way to get a work of his in a museum. Will he?

    Spencer's plot was kind of boring. But, I think it's interesting that his and Carly's granddad knows Spencer dropped out of school, yet his dad still does not (as revealed in an earlier episode; "Daddy's very busy."). It shows that Spencer confides more in his granddad than his own father, which is interesting.

    The main plot with Cort was OK. A lot of the humor stems from 'stupid characters often equal funny moments', and there was some humor in it. I loved how Ashley, in the end, was not stupid. I really am surprised at myself that I did not figure that out. I figured Cort and Ashley would have become a couple or something.

    Not affecting my grade or anything, but I'm surprised Carly, Sam, nor Freddie knew what an 'intern' was. I'm around the same age they are (in the show) and I've known what an intern was for a while now. Seemed weird that three 16/17 year old teens would not know what an intern was. Again, this does not affect my grade of course, just saying I thought it was weird.

    So… now that they fired Cort, are they going to try getting a new intern? Because if not the episode kind of feels wasted. The whole point of getting Cort was because they felt they needed an intern, and at the end, they had to fire him obviously because of how stupid he was; are they going to try and get a new intern in a future episode? Or did they just decide they did not need one? Hm… Overall my final grade is somewhere in the "B" range.moreless
  • 408

    There's an episode of The King of Queens that for some reason TBS airs what seems like every other week, where Carrie hires a maid that Doug ends up disliking, so he hires a maid of his own and "hilarity" ensues.

    This episode reminded me very much of that as Carly and Sam, obviously stricken by the intern, hired him despite his faults, so Freddie hired a female intern that was just as dumb (or so we thought.) That was a nice twist with the intern actually being smart, but the one thing I did not get it is: what point did Freddie prove by doing this? I know why Ashley participated, as she said, for her thesis paper, but I do not get why Freddie went along with it. Just to get the "himbasole" fired?

    A few funny things, and the Spencer storyline was actually mildly amusing, but as a whole, given how long it had been since the last iCarly, I have to say this was a disappointing half hour of TV.moreless

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