Season 1 Episode 4

iLike Jake

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Worst episode of season 1

    Wow. I thought that the last epiosde idream of dance was okay, even though it was a little boring. This episode is way worse than than "idream of Basically the plot is about Carly falling in love with a boy named Jake. The plot is boring, and there is no humor in the episode whatsoever. I even hated how Carly forced Freddie to fix his voice in the audio on the webshow because Jake was a terrible singer. The only funny part of the episode is when Spencer was wearing a helmet for a sculpture. That part was funny. Overall this is a bland episode of icarly, and easily the worst of season 1. 1/10.
  • Worst one out of the first 5 episodes!

    iLike Jake more obnoxious than the previous 3 and its not nearly as funny either.
  • iLike Jake- Abysmal

    Ugg these season 1 episodes are just horrible. That Jake guy was sooo annoying. The plot made absolutley no sense whatsoever. Jake was a dork. And he was NOT funny. I just hate that stupid Austin Butler.
  • I rather watch "iDream of Dance" than this drek of an episode

    Okay, I thought "iDream of Dance" was pretty bad with a few funny and mildly entertaining parts. Here is the difference between that episode and this episode... there were funny or mildly entertaining parts at all. Seriously? what is it with Dan Schneider making these girls falling over a guy (who isn't hot at all). Austin Butler plays as the guy that Carly likes. It's okay if Dan makes these kinds of episodes once in a while but watching episodes like these just don't work especially if Dan Schneider does them. Sometimes it does work but the other half of the time, it really doesn't work. Carly and the girls screaming over Jake in the beginning of the episode was just extremely annoying. I got a tiny chuckle out of Spencer's paint sculpture plot and he had to wear a head for the sculpture but that was just it and it's not saying much. Not laugh out loud, not just a giggle, not just a hmmm, just a tiny chuckle that doesn't mean anything. What made this episode worse was that Jake is a terrible singer and Freddie has to fix his voice. I feel for Freddie... I know I would be annoyed with w girl if she gets all googly over some guy. The ending was even terrible as well. Overall, this drek was a nightmare and I rather watch the poor and boring episode "iDream of Dance" than this episode. 1/10
  • Not so funny

    Carly has a guest on Icarly a kid that says he can sing. But when he does it sounds awful. So they think of a way to modify his voice on the computer while he was singing. Freddie worked his magic. And icarly thinks she has a shot with the guy but know he's popular with the ladies and gets his girlfriend back. I didn't like this storyline at all. It was very boring. You could predict that Carly wasn't going to end up with the guy. And how come Icarly has so many expensive and professional tech stuff where is the money coming from?
  • good

    the hottest guy at school, jake, is single and appearing on icarly. carly and sam are both excited for this, until they learn how horrible of a singer jake is. freddie knows how to alter his voice so he sounds good, but will he be willing too?

    good episode, it was kind of boring in the second half, with us knowing jake is not a good singer, and the ending was kind of dumb i guess, but overall it was a pretty good offering from the show's first season, it gets a B- or so as a grade from me
  • 104

    I think it is safe to say that iCarly took some time to truly find its footing. This episode while certainly high on laughs, was just a really cliched storyline that just about every show has used (girl falls for boy, boy has weird or undesirable habit or talent). I expected more from a Schneider Bakery show.

    Spencer also took some tie to really find his groove on the program as well. While just about every one of his lines in season three is funny, the same cannot be said here. The problem? He was actually too normal, they needed him to be weird to be funny.
  • Overdone plot

    iLike Jake" was a good episode. I think it could've been better.I'd have to say I was most impressed with the funnness of the episode.One footed grandma,pile of poo,elevaotr shaft,all classics.I'm getting tired of seeing Austin Buttler in everything though.I just really don't think hes a very good actor.You can always tell he's just reading a script and not really feeling it.He's always the guy all the girls have a crush on 2.It kinda gets annoying.The ending of this episode was awsomely funny."Come on it was jsut a nose kiss! Come on ti was strictly nasal!" Haha. Good Episode h h
  • jake isnt that cute

    I love this episode! I mean its not really the best but it is still a good, enjoyable episode.
    What i love about this is that jake isnt able to sing and he got 'stuck in the elevator'. after getting out sam and carly were like 'yay' 'more yay'
    this is seriously hilarious. but i just hate how carly treats freddie in this episode. i mean after slamming the door infront of freddie's face, she suddenly ask him for a favour. wow, how faithful can one guy like freddie get.
    But overall, i liked this episode. its realy amazing. and thank god sam didnt fall in love with him^^
    *Jake is a jerk. Jerky Jake!
  • Funny moments, but not as great.

    I believe this episode didn't really meet the iCarly standards. I still liked it, as I thought the episode was all right, but it just wasn't that good in my opinion. Yeah Jake's singing was terrible, and they try to do everything to avoid a disaster during iCarly live, but it wasn't that good to me. I don't know why I didn't like it as much, but I still liked it a little. Some moments were funnier than other moments. I good moment was the nose kiss. That was kinda funny and its more of a hint towards Carly and Freddie getting together I guess.
  • This episode had some funny moments and though I have already seen this episode twice already, I still enjoyed it.

    Poor Freddy with those two jocks fighting over something as stupid as the same move and I can't believe that those two really thought there was free meat in the parking lot. LOL. I can't believe that Sam throw an apple at Jake then ran away, I totally laughed my head off at that and how both Sam and Carly squealed in the hallway, so girlie. Splatter painting looks so much fun to do and I love how Carly shut the door in front of Jake to get dressed. Spencer always makes me laugh with his silly antics. He is so funny without meaning to be. Yikes, Jake is a bad singer but it was sweet of him to want to sing for his grandmom. Poor Carly, she really thought she had a chance with Jake.
  • i ove thi show and carly is so cool and funny

    icarly is very exiteing, cool, funny, and in a way wrong but if you saw school of rock or you watch drake and josh you will know that she is agood at what she does. my favorite epesode is i promise not to tell because sam uses her skills to hack into the grade page and changes carlys grades but sams so called skills were her ears beacuse she got sent to the office and over-herd the princable tell his assistant his password i think it was teddy bear or somthing bit any way it was so funy. watch it!!!
  • Jake is the hottest guy in, well at least the school anyway, and Carly likes him, though has some competition because every girl seems to like him!

    Carly likes Jake but is too shy to go up and talk to him, so Sam helps Carly in a pretty amusing way by chucking that apple at Jake's head! Carly goes up to Jake and apologizes for the apple "Stupid Fugi!" Next thing that happens is very exciting for Carly, because Jake wants to go over house and be part of her Web Show! Carly can't wait but when Freddy finds out about this he appears to be showing somne jealousy! But cool Freddy tries to keep his cool while they are about to do the Web Show! They find out about Jake's singing but Freddy volunteeers to provide some aid by making Jake's singing better! So I think this episode was exciting and Very pleasing to watch. Carly is so cool! and Miranda Cosgrove! Hold on: NEWS FLASH! Okay so his name is Jake Randall? Verrrry interesting. Okay there's definitely a coincidence going on here, because MY name somehow got 2/3 ripped off of it, My first name is Jake too that is writing this review, and my last name is Charow, but my middle name is Randall! So talk about a magic act! This seriously is my real name, no jokes.
  • carly has a crush on the hottest guy in seattle, jake, but when he wants to sing on her webshow and she agrees after being blinded by love she ends up with a problem on her hands

    how cruel am i lol..that was like the most general summary i ever wrote..it kind of doesnt give anything away lol..anyways first of all austin butler was in this ep and he was totally hot even if he cant sing but austin butler may be able to it might have just been his character jake..anyways this ep was funnier the second time around 4 me i dont know why..i may have judged this show too harshly..there were some decent, funny parts lol and some that were like audience laughter and just stupid like usual but going for the cheap comedy somewhat..i liked this ep and it was so funny in the end when he couldnt sing..lol..and then poor carly couldnt get together w/ him anyways..its like she went thru all that trouble and then the guy is just ignoring her
  • It was ok

    "iLike Jake" was a good episode. I think it could've been better.I'd have to say I was most impressed with the funnness of the episode.One footed grandma,pile of poo,elevaotr shaft,all classics.I'm getting tired of seeing Austin Buttler in everything though.I just really don't think hes a very good actor.You can always tell he's just reading a script and not really feeling it.He's always the guy all the girls have a crush on 2.It kinda gets annoying.The ending of this episode was awsomely funny."Come on it was jsut a nose kiss! Come on ti was strictly nasal!" Haha. Good Episode h h
  • Good episode, but could be better.

    When Carly hears that a handsome boy, Jake, had broke up with his former girlfriend, she tries to talk to Jake, and it successfully ends up with Jake going to Carly's house and being a guest star in iCarly. Carly was faced with a tough situation when she found out that Jake was a terrible singer, and that Jake would get humiliated by singing in the show.

    Overall, the storyline was good, but not as creative and original as many other episodes. Also, Freddie, who was a nice person, was pretty rude at Jake in this episode because he was jealous.
  • My favorite iCarly so far.

    So it starts off by 2 football guys fighting in between Freddie. Carly helps him out of that situation. Then a girl comes up to Carly and tell her that Jake broke up with his girlfriend and is now single. So later Sam throws a apple at Jake head, so Carly would speak to him. Carly invites Jake over to see where they shoot the web show iCarly. So while Spencer and Carly were working on a figure that was Spencer body. Jake comes and knocks on the door. Saying that he can sing and play the guitar. So he sings a little something for sound check. Then Sam, Freddie, and Carly realize that the boy can't sing so Freddie ends up fixing his voice on the computer. Jake and his girlfriend get back together. Partly because Jake saw Carly kiss freddie nose since she was happy he fixed his voice.
  • this was a good episode, i liked the storyline and the twists were fun to watch.

    this was a good episode of icarly. i like how there is the popular boy in school that carly shows some affection towards, and when he accepts the invitation to sing one of his songs on icarly, everyone his happy. but when sam, freddie, and carly hear jake really sing, they arent so sure baout having him perform. in a last stitch effort, freddie uses his computer to alter jakes voice so that he sounds amazing. the next day at school, everyone is tlaking about the show, and unfortuantely, carly wlaks in on jake and his ex- girlfriend kissing. carly walks up to him after his girlfriend leaves, and jake states that he felt that he could go back to dating her ebcuase he didnt want to interfere with carly and freddie! overall a great episode, and a episode that i know i wouldnt mind watching again.
  • Carly likes a boy, but not his singing.

    One of the first love interest episodes, well iDream of Dance is also one of them too. A guest star appears on iCarly, his name is Jake. It was really great to see how Carly connected with Jake, in this episode and until she finds out his singing... well not so good. So Carly tries ( or shall I say Freddie) tries to tune up the sound, after they find out that Jake's grandmother is watching iCarly! And personally, they got away with it! Peace out guys, and this is my review for iCarly "iLike Jake" or shall I say "iCarly Likes Jake". :D.
  • Carly's crush can't sing... the problem? They didn't find out until he's about to go up and sing!

    I thought this was a decent episode. It was funny, had its own drama in a way, and had some character development. I didn't see any areas I didn't like and most of the plot was good. The actors were really great in this episode, especially the guy who played Jake.

    iLike Jake is about Carly having a crush on a boy named Jake. He offers to play a song on her web show and Carly accepts because he can play guitar, write, and sing.... ok maybe not sing. They only find out that he can't sing during one of the testings right before he goes on! So they try to lock him in the elevator... not the smartest of ideas but it kept him away for a few minutes. When he tells them that he's only doing it for his Grandmother that lost a leg and can't walk, the tell him he can sing. So he doesn't get embarrassed because he's a bad singer Freddie mixes his voice and makes it good. The next day he gets back with his old girl friend because he saw Freddie give Carly a kiss... on the nose! The episode ends with him saying that everything worked out in the end.

    I really liked this episode because it was funny and because it had a little drama. iCarly is getting better after every episode. I'm sure in about a month it'll be able to beat Drake and Josh...
  • It was really really good!

    iLike Jake is one of my favorite episodes so far. It was so funny. Sam was hilarious. And the boy that played Jake looked familiar, but I can't remember. Ugh it's gonna kill me now! Well anyways, every girl in school has a crush on a boy named Jake, and they heard he broke up with his girlfriend. Jake talks to Carly about the webshow, and he says that he can perform and she says yes. And he likes her and she likes him. But when he sings before the show, he sings terrible. They fix his voice with the computer and, because they made him sing good, his ex girlfriend wants to get back together with him, and they do. Carly isn't too happy, but she;s okay with it.