Season 1 Episode 4

iLike Jake

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • I rather watch "iDream of Dance" than this drek of an episode

    Okay, I thought "iDream of Dance" was pretty bad with a few funny and mildly entertaining parts. Here is the difference between that episode and this episode... there were funny or mildly entertaining parts at all. Seriously? what is it with Dan Schneider making these girls falling over a guy (who isn't hot at all). Austin Butler plays as the guy that Carly likes. It's okay if Dan makes these kinds of episodes once in a while but watching episodes like these just don't work especially if Dan Schneider does them. Sometimes it does work but the other half of the time, it really doesn't work. Carly and the girls screaming over Jake in the beginning of the episode was just extremely annoying. I got a tiny chuckle out of Spencer's paint sculpture plot and he had to wear a head for the sculpture but that was just it and it's not saying much. Not laugh out loud, not just a giggle, not just a hmmm, just a tiny chuckle that doesn't mean anything. What made this episode worse was that Jake is a terrible singer and Freddie has to fix his voice. I feel for Freddie... I know I would be annoyed with w girl if she gets all googly over some guy. The ending was even terrible as well. Overall, this drek was a nightmare and I rather watch the poor and boring episode "iDream of Dance" than this episode. 1/10