Season 1 Episode 4

iLike Jake

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Carly once referred to Jake's grandmother as "Grammy One Foot." In an episode of Drake and Josh, one of the movies being shown at the Premiere Theater is "Daddy One Leg."

    • In this episode, Sam trades lockers with a student so it's close to Carly's. In the previous episode, that was already her locker. This is most likely due to the episodes being shown out of production order.

  • Quotes

    • Carly: (about fixing Jake's voice) Please?
      Freddie: No.
      Carly: Please?
      Freddie: No!
      Carly: Please?!
      Freddie: If I do, will you kiss me?
      Carly: NO!
      Freddie: Then NO!
      Carly: Oh, come on!
      Sam: I'm gonna puke all over both of you!

    • Carly: (about kissing Freddie) But...it was just a nose kiss! Aw, come on! It was strictly nasal!

    • Freddie: Just one little kiss on the lips!
      Carly: No.
      Freddie: Cheek?
      Carly: No.
      Freddie: Nose?!
      Carly: No!
      Freddie: Okay fine, I'll do it!

    • Carly: (about Jake) Can you fix his voice or not?
      Freddie: Yes. But I'm not gonna do it! I'm not gonna help turn Mr. Awesome into Mr. Totally Awesome!

    • Sam: Hey.
      Carly: Hi.
      Freddie: Is Jake trapped?
      Sam: Like a monkey in a box!
      Freddie: Why would a monkey be in a box?
      Sam: What am I, a monkey expert?

    • Freddie: (speaking into a microphone) Cinnamon buns! Cinnamon buns! Cinnamon buns! Cinnamon buns!
      Sam: (coming out of the elevator) Why do that?
      Freddie: I'm checking the microphone and the acoustic resonance in the-
      Sam: Whoops, don't care!

    • Freddie: So...you're tall, you're an athlete, every girl in the school thinks you're hot, and now you're a musician, too.
      Jake: I guess...
      Freddie: Can you FLY?!
      Jake: Actually, my uncle's a pilot, and he's been giving me flying les-
      Freddie: Aw, forget it!!

    • (Carly and Jake are looking at Spencer's sculpture)
      Jake: So...your older brother is actually shaped like that?
      Carly: No, no, he has a head!

    • Freddie: Yeah...just keep kissing those frogs, Carly. This prince can wait!

    • (Freddie walks out into the hallway)
      Jake: How's it going?
      Freddie: Why are you here?
      Jake: Oh. Just stopped by to see Carly.
      Freddie: Okay. (pulls a photo of Carly out of his pocket and shows it to Jake) There! You've seen her. Now why don't you just scurry on out of here!

    • (Carly is frantically running around)
      Spencer: What's going on?!
      Carly: I have to make myself attractive!

    • Carly: (opening the door) Oh, hi Jake! (looks down at the messy clothes she is wearing) JAKE!
      Jake: Hey, I was in the neighborhood-
      (Carly slams the door on him)

    • (Carly and Spencer are splatter painting)
      Spencer: Feel the music, be the paint!
      Carly: How can I be the paint?!
      Spencer: Paint doesn't ask questions!

    • (Carly and Spencer are about to splatter paint)
      Spencer: Okay, ready? On three...One- I can't wait! (starts splatter painting)

    • Jake: So...we should hang out sometime. (Carly makes a loud swallowing noise) Something wrong?
      Carly: No, I just swallowed my gum!

    • Jake: It's weird, I kinda feel like I'm talking to a celebrity.
      Carly: That's weird, 'cause I kinda feel like I'm gonna throw up!
      Jake: For real?
      Carly: No, no, it's fine! I meant throwing up in the good way!

    • Carly: Okay, it's so not like me to get all crazy about a hot guy like Jake Randall...
      Sam: But?
      Carly: But oh my gosh, he's so hot, I want to bake cookies on him!
      Sam: I'd eat those cookies.

    • Sam: Morning, Carly...
      Carly: Morning.
      Sam: Hey, know what I hate?
      Carly: Mornings?
      Sam: Yup!

    • Jake: You guys aren't coming?
      Carly: Uh, we'll be up in a few minutes.
      Sam: Uh, after we...
      Carly: Uh...blow our noses!
      Sam: Yeah! Can't do a web show with a nose full of goo!

    • Jake's Grandma: (Watching iCarly) Yes! Yes! That's my grandson! That's my Jakey! Yes! Yea – (She falls)

    • Sam: Ugh, I hate mornings. Why can't school start at like two in the afternoon?
      Carly: And end at 2:04?
      Sam: Yes! Someone who understands!

    • Sam: Well I think we know the results of the sound check. Did it sound horrible?
      Sam & Freddie: Check!

    • Carly: That's Jake's ex-girlfriend! Why's he kissing his ex-girlfriend? You don't kiss your ex-girlfriend! That's the whole point of the EX!

    • Jake: This is a song called "Whatever My Love." And I'd like to dedicate this to my grandmother. Keep on hopping, Grandma!

    • (on the iCarly web cast)
      Carly: And now-
      Sam: -on iCarly...
      Carly: We're gonna do something a little special!
      Sam: Carly and I are gonna start punching each other in the face!
      Carly: The one with the last tooth wins!

    • Sam: We can't let Jake sing on the show!
      Carly: Do you want him to disappoint granny one-foot?

    • Carly: Your grandmother only has one foot?
      Jake: Uh huh.
      Sam: What happened to the other one?
      Jake: Uh, she had this cat... forgot to feed him. I don't really like to talk about it.

    • Carly: Okay, when it gets to the part where Jake was supposed to sing, we'll just improvise and talk about something funny.
      Sam: Like Freddie's haircut.
      Freddie: I heard that!
      Sam: You were supposed to!

    • Jake: (From inside the elevator) Hey what happened?
      Carly: I think the elevator got stuck again.
      Jake: Yeah, it's not moving!
      Carly: Don't worry we'll get you out of there!
      Sam: Eventually!

    • Freddie: (About Jake) Can't we lock him in the elevator and hurt his feelings?

    • Carly: (about Jake) Aw man, what am I gonna do? ...The elevator!
      Sam: Right! We'll push him down the elevator shaft!
      Freddie: I'll do it!
      Carly: We're not gonna push the hottest guy in Seattle down an elevator shaft!

    • Sam: (about Jake) Uh, we're gonna tell him he can't sing on the show 'cause he sounds like a pile of poo.
      Carly: I can't just... (pulls Sam aside) I can't just tell him he's too pooish to sing on our show!

    • Carly: (trying to get the wrestlers away from Freddie) Hey, they're giving away free meat in the parking lot!
      Wrestler: Free meat?
      Both Wrestlers: Protein! (they run to the parking lot)

  • Notes

    • Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), Jennette McCurdy (Sam), and Austin Butler (Jake) were all in different episodes of Zoey 101. Cosgrove was in "Paige at PCA," McCurdy was in "Bad Girl," and Butler had a recurring role that lasted for nine episodes. Dan Schneider produced iCarly and Zoey 101.

    • The Duration of this episode is '23:37.'

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Duke.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Jake.

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