Season 5 Episode 1

iLost My Mind

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 13, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • This episode was bad, and definitely the worst continuation of iOMG

    I thought that the season 4 finale called iOMG was a phenomenal episode of iCarly. it was funny, well written, and it had a surprising ending that involves Sam and Freddie kissing. When I first saw that episode, I was a little interested in what is going to happen with Sam and Freddie in the future. And here is how they screwed it up! When I first saw the promo for this episode I was like really? Is this the idea that you could come up with for a continuation of iOMG, writers? I thought putting Sam in a Mental Hospital was just stupid. I was really pissed when I saw the episode. This episode proves that iCarly is starting to go bad. Anyways, my positives with this nightmare of an episode are Jim Parson's appearace, the iCarly webcast in the end, and someone in the background saying is it for my positives. I know that the Sam and Freddie is not going to be good. This episode is boring, stupid, and definitely a worst continuation of iOMG. 2.0/10
  • A fresh start.

    A fresh start to the Sam,Freddy relationship story.
  • Really Good

    I really enjoyed this episode. For me, this is one of my favourite episodes. It had a really good plot, but I wish the episode went for longer. Jim Parsons guest staring in this episode was the icing on the cake for me. Some of Jim's lines were quite funny, they should have him on more. The kiss at the end was nice.
  • 501


    "iLost My Mind" was a fun start to the new season of iCarly, which I hope is not short, but fear it probably will be. Jim Parsons' appearance on the show as Caleb was much hyped, but it definitely delivered as the Emmy winner brought some real laughs to the house.

    Mental institutions are a great place for sitcoms to have one-off episodes and this show properly utilized that setting for a good episode tonight.

  • great


    what i liked- Spencer trying to get into the jeans he thought were his, only to find out they were Carly's, Gibby enthusiastically saying "Yes!" when Carly said they were going to the hospital, Carly telling Freddie Sam's password is 'icky' (that's how you do an innuendo slash 'hm, what could it be?' line/scene), the ending was nice, Spencer as Pam (would've been funnier if they hadn't spoiled it in the promos, Spencer and the book club ladies, amongst other things.

    decent. it wasn't as good as iOMG but it was still pretty decent. it sucks we have to wait till September for the next episode, but hopefully it will be worth it. B- or so as my final grade for this episode.

  • Pretty Good - (and)* - Exciting


    This episode was very exciting and I think better then iOMG because of the functionality of it.

    Carly is in her apartment andFreddie tells Carly why he didn't tell her about the kiss and that he doesn't even know where Sam is.They find out where she is at (she checked herself in a mental hospital) so they go there to talk to here. Once there, Freddie and Sam are alone and Freddie tells her that she isn't stupid for liking him so they try to get out of the hospital but can't because Sam needs a parent to sign papers for her to get out. So Spencer dresses as Sam's mother who couldn't be there because of laser hair removal. That fails and they really needed to get Sam out because they had an Icarly show coming up soon. So they have the show there. They try to see do Icarly fans think Freddie and Sam should date but Freddie kisses Sam which ends the episode.

    I especially liked the part where the Icarly fan says " SEDDIE! , SEDDIE ". The good thing about this episode is that it is very exciting to see the story between Sam and Freddie continue. Although I think they could have done more with this, this was very exciting anddefinitelyfunny. Far better then the last episode (Except for the ending).

  • great


    OK this episode was OK the the IOMG sequel. This epsiode wouldve been a 5 but if it wasnt for Gibby jumping over the nurse that put was FUNNY. that deserves 3 points. the reason why this wouldve been a 5 was because of Jim Parsons playing the medical dude. He annoyed the mess out of me! And the women and the guards were mean i mean they treated it like it was a prison and made me made. it got an extra 5 points was because the plot. It was pretty good but overall all great episode

  • Awesome Premiere!


    - Lol, at Carly and Freddie telling Gibby "We're going to a mental hospital" xD.

    - Spencer getting pepper sprayed was hilarious!

    - Jim Parsons is SO FUNNY!!!!

    - Aww Sam. Her and Freddie's confrontation was hilarious!

    - The lockdown was hilarious!

    - What was Spencer doing with all those girls!

    - Love that the main drive was getting Sam home to do iCarly.

    - Wtf at Jim Parson laughing at the tv!!!

    - LOL at Spencer playing as Sam/ that stupid man HAD to mess it up.

    - Lockdown again xD .

    - Glad they did iCarly from the Mental Hospital

    - Even when the show centers on relationships it still hold strong to the webshow .

    - Jim was hilarious. The ABSOLUTE best part of the episode XDDDDDDD

    - The return of "SEDDDIIIEEEE"

    - Aww Seddie happened!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seddiers.. we did it!!! Well Dan did it but you know what I mean. I saw no Creddie.

  • Truly awful continuation for "iOMG" and truly awful Season 5 premiere


    Man, Season 4 has been the most funniest and most awesome iCarly season that I have ever seen with the exception of "iSell Penny Tees". Too bad an awesome season like Season 4 had one bad episode which ruined a streak for hilarious episodes. Anyways, this is apparently the Season 5 premiere. Why did Season 4 have to be so dang short? Well, I'm glad that this wasn't a Season 4 episode. After a stellar and splendid iCarly episode "iOMG", we get the worst continuation from for an episode that I have ever seen on television. I wasn't even looking forward to this special because it looked pointless and nothing to do with "iOMG". This is your idea with the continuation of "iOMG" writers? Sam checking herself into a mental hospital. Talk about not coming up with a much better conclusion. Nothing in this episode made me laugh like how Season 4 made me laugh very hard. The only part that was maybe a tiny bit funny was when that fan was yelling "Seddie" but sadly that part wasn't funny enough for me to give a 1.5 but that's the only part that was at least tiny bit good and humorous. Also Dan Schneider needs to stop with the inappropriate humor. For Pete's sakes, this is a kid show. I understand that a bunch of teenagers watch this show but Dan Schneider should know that kids watch this show also. Yeah, "Victorious" has some adult humor also but not really that much which is the reason why I like that show better even the adult humor isn't that bad. Seriously? Spencer saying "I'll go get my boobs". Also, when Freddie asked Carly "Do you know Sam's password" and then Carly responds "Yeah but I can't tell you... it's icky". The idea of a mental hospital was just a lazy idea. Even the next iCarly episode "iDate Sam and Freddie" doesn't look good also, I really hope Season 5 won't drown into the toilet. Writers, you did such an excellent job with Season 4 except for the episode "iSell Penny Tees". Anyways, you made Season 4 look so good. Don't go back to your lame and pointless charms and make Season 5 bad. I really hope Season 5 will be a good season just like Season 4. But for now, Season 5 just got off to an awful and pointless start which was a waste of my time. Not even Jim Parson's appearance helped this episode. In fact, his character was so annoying trying to predict the future. Overall, truly an awful start for Season 5 and truly an awful continuation of "iOMG"... what a waste of time. 1/10

  • sam in a mental institute?


    it was actually a good episode. it is a twist on icarly like who would have thought. trough the whole episode all i thought was how does freddie even feel about this but i guess at the end we found out! i didnt really kinda know the reaction from freddie

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