Season 5 Episode 1

iLost My Mind

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 13, 2011 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In Scene 4, on the tv set; that is the tv show 'Hungry Girl.' Her name is Lisa Lillen, who is Dan Schneider's wife. Dan Schneider is the creator/producer of the show.

    • When they filmediOMG, Dan Schneider shot the Sam-Freddie kisstwo ways. In one version, Carly wasn't there – she never saw the kiss happen. In the other version, Carlyisthere and witnesses the kiss. He filmed that ending both ways because, at that time, they hadn't yet written the next episode, and they weren't sure if they wanted Carly to have witnessed the kiss or not. Obviously, they went with version two, where Carly sees it happen.

    • iLost My Mind picks up 3 days after iOMG ended.

    • According to this episode, Sam's mobile number is '503 664-0452.'

  • Quotes

    • Freddie: (Talks to the camera) Anyway, yeah.. it's important how Sam feels; but how I feel is important too.
      Sam: (To Freddie) Okay Benson, we get it! You wanna humiliate me on the web in front of millions of people, go ahead and just do it, I don't care! Get back at me for all the mean things I've sa-- (Freddie puts his pear phone down and walks across the room. Freddie kisses Sam for 6 seconds while everyone in the room claps) You mean that?
      Freddie: Mmm hm.. so I guess we're both insane.
      Sam: ... So now what?

    • Freddie: (Talking to his pear phone which broadcasts to the iCarly web show) Hey, it's me Freddie. So uh... a lot of people have been talking about whether Sam and I should, ya know... "go out" with each other. And it's like everyone is wondering if Sam is crazy for wanting to. But nobody asked me how I feel.
      Sam: (To Freddie) We talked about it.
      Freddie: No, you talked. You told me how you feel while you ate a quesadilla.
      Sam: (Caleb puts a cotton swab in both of his ears in the background while Sam talks to the Camera) The quesadillas here are amazing.

    • Sam: (Walks away from the laptop) Okay look, I don't care how many iCarly fans say I'm not insane for liking Freddie. I know I'm rig--
      Freddie: Wh-Wait. Let's take one more chat.
      Sam: I don't wanna--
      Freddie: Just one more. (Hands the camera to Carly) Hold this.

    • Sam: (To Carly) Uh, what do you mean we are doing something else first?
      Carly: (Talking to the Camera) Okay, so you fans of iCarly wanna see Sam and Freddie get together.
      Freddie: (Holding the Camera) Carly, I don't think--
      Carly: Shush! (She talks back to the Camera) Now the problem is that Sam thinks it's insane for her to like Freddie.
      Sam: Cause it is.
      Carly: (Talking to the Camera) But we wanna hear from you.
      Caleb: (Stands up on a chair, and then talks to the whole room) Four years from now, Virginia and West Virginia will merge; to form one huge Virginia.
      Carly: (Carly and Sam look confused) Settle down Virginia.

    • Caleb: (Talking to the camera) Warning, in the year 2029 (20-20-9); Aliens will capture Ryan Seacrest. (Everyone gives weird looks)
      Sam: (Talking to the camera) Now, tonight on iCarly...we're going to start off by having Gibby sit in some sushi and then he will try and identify what kind of fish it is.
      Gibby: (He walks into the room with his fingers crossed) Fingers crossed for Salmon.

    • Carly: (Talking to the camera) People call me Carly.
      Sam: (Talking to the camera in a deep voice) People call me smooth and refreshing.
      Carly: (Talking to the camera) And this be..
      Carly/Sam: (Both talking to the camera) iCarly.
      Sam: (Both talking to the camera) Now crank that whistle.

    • Huge Scary Patient: (Walks over to the Chief Security Officer and talks in a deep voice) You let them do iCarly here, or I will tell everyone your secret.
      Chief Security Officer: (Looking very scared and intimidated) What secret?
      Huge Scary Patient: You know! (Everyone gives weird looks)
      Chief Security Officer: I say they do iCarly right here.

    • Sam: (Talking to the Chief Security Officer) See how many mental patients love iCarly?
      Freddie: Just let her leave!
      Chief Security Officer: (Points towards Sam) Not until her mother, walks through that door and signs a release.
      Freddie: Uh.. alright, why don't we just do iCarly from here tonight?
      Flora: You're not doing a web show from this hospital.

    • Sam: (Talking to Carly and Freddie) You guys got my mom?
      Carly: Hmm....... sorta.
      Freddie: In here, Ms. Puckett.
      Spencer: (Walks in from the front door, dressed up as Pam Puckett/Sam's mom) Hello Sam. Blahh!
      Sam: (Gives Carly a weird look and Carly looks back) Hey mom! How did your laser hair removal go?
      Spencer: Great, now I'm as smooth as a dolphin.

    • Caleb: (chuckling crazily at the black and white screen TV)
      Sam: Caleb! (Looks over at the TV and the back at Caleb) Caleb!
      Caleb: (Still chuckling crazily at the back and white TV) What?
      Sam: The TV's not on.
      Caleb: (Still chuckling but it dies down and he realises and screams) AHHHH!!!! (Caleb runs out of the room)

    • Spencer: (Looking at his phone) So, were you like kidding when you texted me 'with Sam at Mental Hospital?'
      Freddie: Nope!
      Carly: And she's still there.
      Gibby: (Looks at Fruit Tarts on the table, and then looks at Spencer) Can I have some fruit tarts?
      Spencer: Sure. (Gibby gets up from his chair and walks over to the other side of the room, Spencer then looks at his phone) So, why is Sam at Troubled Waters?
      Freddie: She thought she was insane for kissing me.
      Spencer: So, she wants to be there?
      Freddie: Not any more.
      Carly: But they won't let her leave without a parent going there and signing her out.
      Spencer: Well we know tons of parents.
      Carly: (Freddie and Carly both give Spencer weird looks) One of Sam's parents!
      Spencer: Uh.

    • Spencer: Hey?
      Carly: Hi. Umm... are those your book club ladies?
      Spencer: (All embarrassed) Yes.
      Freddie: You guys talking about a book?
      Spencer: No...were.. just exchanging recipes.
      Gibby: Recipes for what?
      Spencer: (Still embarrassed) Fruit tarts. (Gibby, Freddie and Carly all laugh)
      Gibby: Ha-Ha.
      Spencer: Okay, everyone out. No fruit tarts for today. (Opens the door for all the ladies in the room)

    • Sam: (To the chief security guard) I'm not trying to escape.
      Carly: She checked herself in here.
      Sam: And now I'm checking myself out. And now go get my bag or no tip.
      Chief Security Guard: You're under 18 years of age. You can't leave this place without permission from a parent.
      Sam: Dude. My mom's in Tijuana having laser hair removal!
      Chief Security Guard: Where's your father?
      Sam: You tell ME!
      Carly: Sir, you have to let her leave. We're doing iCarly tomorrow night.
      Chief Security Guard: i What?
      Freddie: It's a popular webshow.
      Chief Security Guard: It can't be that popular if I've never heard of it.
      Sam: It's not for old people.

    • Freddie: Look can we talk about the kiss?
      Sam: (eating) Yeah, actually let's never talk about it..alright?
      Freddie: Sam. (Off Sam's look and he backs off) Don't kill me. I was just going to say, no matter what happened that night; what you're feeling right now. I'm telling you. (Freddie puts his hand on Sam's shoulder)
      Sam: Off!
      Freddie: You're not any more mentally unstable than you have been your whole life.
      Sam: You really mean that?
      Freddie: I do.
      Sam: Okay.

    • Sam: Why'd you come here?
      Freddie: To figure out why you checked yourself into a mental hospital.
      Sam: You wanna know why.
      Freddie: Kinda!
      Sam: Because I hate you.
      Freddie: Then why did you kiss me?
      Sam: Because, I'd......like you.
      Freddie: So, you hate me and you like me?
      Sam: Now you see why I need to be in here. I've got problems and I can't think straight and can't eat.

    • Sam: Accept it Carls, I've lost my mind.
      Carly: What, you think that just because you like Freddie..
      Sam: Don't say it out loud. (She moves onto her bed)
      Carly: It's alright to say it out loud.
      Sam: No, it's not.
      Carly: Sam loves Freddie!
      Sam: Quit it!

    • Caleb: You've got to get me out of here. I must get back.
      Gibby: To where?
      Caleb: The future.
      Gibby: The fut.. shut..up!
      Caleb: It's true. I'm from the year twenty-twenty seventy-seven and I can prove it.
      Gibby: How?
      Caleb: Because I can remember meeting you on this very day.
      Gibby: (Sorta laughing) No, you don't. Seriously?
      Caleb: Yes! And... if I remember this meeting correctly, about 20 seconds from now; I grab your nose and twist it.
      Gibby: No way!

    • Carly: (Opens the door to a room) Excuse me, is Sam Puckett in-- (Sam looks up at Carly from her painting) Sam!
      Sam: Hello Carly. What do you want?
      Carly: To find you. What are you doing in this mental institution?
      Sam: Finger painting. What do you think? (Sam picks up her painting and shows Carly)
      Carly: It's a... it's a beautiful finger?
      Sam: Thanks. [Puts the painting back down)

    • Flora: (To Carly and Freddie) Hi, welcome to Troubled Waters. How can I help you?
      Carly: Umm.. we're here to see Sam Puckett.
      Flora: Oh, I'm sorry. Ms. Puckett isn't accepting visitors. (Caleb opens the door in the background)
      Freddie: Listen, we're like really close friends with Sam.
      Carly: Can we please just talk to her for a minute?
      Flora: Just for a minute?
      Carly: Promise.
      Flora: No.

    • Carly: (Off the computer screen) Troubled Waters Mental Hospital?
      Freddie: Mental Hospital?
      Gibby: (Gibby opens the front door) Gibby. Sup people.
      Carly: (To Gibby) We're going to a mental hospital.
      Gibby: Yes!

    • Freddie: I didn't tell you cause, even I didn't know what it means. She just kissed me.
      Carly: Well where's she now?
      Freddie: I don't know. I've called her, I've texted..
      Carly: (Off Freddie's look? What! That's your idea face. What's your idea?
      Freddie: Come here. (Carly follows Freddie to the computer)
      Carly: What's going on?
      Freddie: We can track the location of her pear phone if you know the user's password. (Freddie types something on the computer) Do you know Sam's password?
      Carly: Yes.
      Freddie: Well good, tell me!
      Carly: You can't say it out loud. It's icky.

    • Freddie: I'm really getting worried about Sam. Man its been 3 days since--
      Carly: You two kissed! Yeah, I know, I saw with both of my eyes. (Walks past Freddie)

    • Carly: I'm really worried about Sam.
      Spencer: So call her mom.
      Carly: I can't, she's in Tijuana having laser hair removal.
      Spencer: From what part of her body?
      Carly: I didn't wanna know!

  • Notes

    • The Duration of this episode is '23:37.'

    • It was not in the script for Jim Parsons to have cotton swabs in this scene. When they were filming it, and going to Jim for reaction shots, Dan felt Jim should be doing something more interesting than just sitting there, listening. So, Dan grabbed some cotton swabs and handed them to Jim.

    • A new Penny-T! 'Angry Towel' appears in this episode.

    • If you'll notice, Gibby enters this scene, says a couple of quick lines, then exits, and never returns. Why? Because Noah is under 16 years old, so they have a limit on how much time they get him (for work) each day. They didn't have enough time shoot this whole scene with Noah, so Dan wrote him a quick entrance and exit. If they could've had more time with him, Dan would have put him in this whole scene.

    • After Jim drops to the floor (after Jerry kicks his thigh), Jim says two things that were not in the script. First he says,"I didn't even feel that"– and then he says"Don't touch it". They added those 2 lines on stage as they filmed this scene. Steve Molaro came up with"I didn't even feel that"and then Dan came up with"Don't touch it".

    • Jim is actually wearing a special "stunt shield" on his thigh (under his pants leg), so it didn't hurt too bad when Jerry kicked himhard.

    • Scene 8 marks thesecondtime we've seen Spencer dressed as a woman on iCarly.

    • In the original script, it was someother patientat Troubled Waters that was going to be laughing at the TV that isn't on... but then someone said,"Why don't we give that bit to Jim?" And they did.

    • There were more funny lines about the book club ladies exchanging recipes and making fruit tarts, but they had to be cut, for time.

    • Freddie's last line in scene 5 –"Sure". Danadded that on stage, while they were filming this scene.

    • It was not scripted for the elderly lady to blast Spencer's eyes with pepper spray. Dan thought of that on stage, while they were filming the scene.

    • Nathan's line, "I have to click the items!"– that line was not in the script – Dan added it on stage while they were filming this scene.

    • Miranda, Nathan, and Jennette kept asking Dan Schneider what Sam's icky password was in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • "Troubled Waters" – Is a little nod to the great Simon & Garfunkel.

    • You'll hear Spencer use the phrase"in ways I can't understand". This is a little wink to one of Dan Schneider's old characters,Coach Kreeton,fromAll That(the first TV series he ever wrote and produced). Coach Kreeton would always get upset and yell,"Daagghh! Aw, you've upset me in ways I can't understand!"Now, you'll hear Spencer say it to Carly in this scene.