Season 2 Episode 13

iMeet Fred

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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When Freddie declares his dislike of Internet sensation Fred, sensitive Fred stops making videos, causing Freddie to feel the wrath of upset fans. Elsewhere, Spencer consults a "magic" meatball when making decisions.

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  • This is Indeed the WORST episode of iCarly of All time!

    Now you know, I love iCarly. I think of iCarly as a good show. However, it does have some flaws, like this episode in particular. I see a lot of people hating on this episode, and I agree with you guysThe plot begins with Carly and Sam doing their webshow iCarly. They watch a couple of videos of the popular YouTube channel named FRED. In the episode, Freddie states his opinion about Fred not being funny. After Freddie expresses his opinion on the FRED videos, Fred says he is not going to make any more Fred videos. This causes everybody including Carly and Sam to hate Freddie. Freddie has been insulted by his peers at school, pushed around, has gotten kicked out of every club he is in, just because he expresses his opinion. In my opinion, FRED is sometimes funny, but there are times where he is not funny, and I can agree with Freddie right here. That is really cruel what the writers of this episode did to Freddie. The worst part of this episode is when Carly, Sam and Freddie go down to the creator of Fred Lucas's Treehouse to apologize. He would not accept the apology until Freddie says that his videos are funny. And when Freddie says Sam beats him down with a Tennis Racket until he says that his videos are funny. Sam is my least favorite character on the show. There are some times on the show where I dislike her, but this scene makes me hate her really more. Even I dislike Carly when she told Freddie to like Fred's videos. The reason why Fred is doing this is because of the ratings war of his show, and iCarly. When Carly says "That's Terrible", I can definitely agree with her. Doing all this just to boost ratings is just Abysmal. And then Freddie apologizes to Fred, and they became Friends again. Spencer's subplot was not even better. Spencer's subplot is about doing favors for his Stupid Magic Meatball. Magic Meetball is a parody of Magic 8-Ball. Spencer's subplot was stupid. It was not even funny. The ONLY good part about this episode was when Spencer was briging home the Ostrich. That scene made me laugh a little. In my opinion, iMeet Fred is the worst iCarly episode of all time. I hate this more than I hate the episode IQ. I think this episode is the reason why Fred was so popular on Nickelodeon. Lucas made three horrendous FRED movies and two TV shows called Fred: The Show, and Marvin Marvin. The movies and those two shows are really stupid. I know this is a channel for kids, but honestly, Nickelodeon needs to stop rely on shows that were based on the internet. Anyways, I give this episode a 1 out of 10!moreless
  • Fred was never funny.

    Before I go into this review, let me tell you a little bit about Fred.

    Fred is this stupid weirdo who is played by some OK guy called Lucas Cruikshank and Fred does nothing but run around, scream, and shit his pants.

    That's enough about Fred. Let's talk about this episode.

    In general, I think iCarly is an alright show. At least until season 4. This is an exception.

    At the start of the episode Carly and Sam were about to shave stuffed animals but instead they decided to watch some Fred. It was one of his most infamous episodes, too. Freddie goes all out there and thinks that Fred isn't all that funny, which Carly and Sam sneer at him for that. Shortly afterwards, Fred posts a video saying that due to Freddie's comment, he won't be doing any more Fred videos. After that, Freddie (Which is just Fred with a "die" after it) tries to go to school and enjoy his day, but a bunch of Fred fans start bullying him, such as smacking down his textbooks, booing at him, throwing his lunch to the floor, and banning him from every club he's in.

    What the fuck? Just because some stupid YouTuber quit due to a camera guy means you have to murder him for everything?

    After all that shit, the webshow gets boycotted. People hate them so much because they got rid of Fred, who only at the time had about a million subscribers. Stuff happens, stuff happens, and then they are going to drive to Idaho to meet Fred or Lucas himself, whichever it is. After they get there, they talk to Lucas for a while, and he explains that all of this was an elaborate ruse which he set up to gain popularity, along with iCarlies.

    If this episode was called "iMeet PewDiePie", it would have the same premise. I really hate this episode. 2.moreless
  • Miranda Cosgrove & Jennette McCurdy Has Lost Their Minds On This Episode

    I was so disappointed when Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) who angrily shouted, "We're in a treehouse in Idaho, just say it!" at Freddie (Nathan Kress). What does it mean anyway? I even heard Sam (Jennette McCurdy) say, "Yeah Freddie!" after Carly's comment was over. She also beat the crap out of him with the tennis racket and punched him in the back so he can apologize to Lucas in the proper way. He already did. He just said, "I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings, I didn't mean I think Spencer (Jerry Trainor) will be very upset about this when Carly and Sam were angry at Freddie for not liking Fred's videos.moreless
  • This was the worst episode ever in iCarly....

    As the title of this review says, this is the worst episode of iCarly I've ever seen in my life. The plot was horrible, the characters in this (especially Sam) were definitely at their worst and everything about this episode was fucked from the beginning. So as I always say, let's begin the review!


    Carly, Sam and Freddie were recording a webcast and they played one of Fred's videos. Carly and Sam were laughing and going on about how Fred was so funny. I've seen some Fred videos on YouTube and they hardly made me laugh. Freddie decided to say that Fred wasn't funny and this is where everything became messed up. After voicing his opinion on the webcast, people literally attacked Freddie just because of his opinion. He was kicked out of all his clubs, he was physically and verbally abused by Sam to the point where he was even hit with a tennis racket and what did Fred do? He shut down his videos because of ONE person's opinion! Because he shut down his shitty videos, the iCarly gang (especially Freddie) receive a lot of hate by everyone and Freddie is kicked out of all his clubs just for stating an opinion.

    First off, this plot is already fucked so far and I haven't even finished explaining it yet! In this episode, if you have a different opinion to others, it's automatically wrong and you get physical and verbal abuse for nothing. I felt sorry for poor Freddie particularly in this episode because he's already had a lot of shit coming to him since the first episode and now he's being abused for stating his own opinion and he's being alienated by everyone. Now onto the plot, people!

    Spencer gets an ostrich in the sub-plot and he drives Carly, Sam and Freddie to Idaho to see Fred. Sam forces Freddie to apologise and because he refused, he was hit with a TENNIS RACKET. Like the pretty follower she is, Carly joins in the abuse and like always she agrees with Sam because she's got nothing better to do in her pathetic life. The abuse stops and after that, Fred tells the iCarly gang that this war was a prank because he wanted both shows to get ratings! After that, Freddie finally apologises out of his own will and the iCarly gang and Fred make a shit video which is supposedly funny.

    OK, so I have wasted 30 minutes of my time watching this abomination only to find out that this Fred vs. iCarly war was a prank and Fred started this shit so he could get more ratings! This was absolutely stupid of him to allow something like this to happen and this episode proves that Fred is a baby because he can't accept criticism. Now, I am moving on to the characters which only made things worse in this episode...


    Holy mother of sushi, where do I begin with this? All the characters with the exception of Spencer and Freddie were at their worst, especially Sam. They were abusive and downright cruel to Freddie just because of him stating a FUCKING OPINION!

    Carly: Oh god, this 'perfect' little star (bitch) was basically joining in with the 'let's abuse Freddie' trend just because her so-called best friend Sam started abusing Freddie first. I like Miranda, but her character was definitely showing her true colours here.

    Sam: OH MY MOTHERFUCKING HELL, she gets the golden crown for being the WORST character in this episode. Not only did she abuse Freddie verbally, she even hit (yes people, HIT) him with a FUCKING tennis racket in Fred's treehouse. I also like Jenette in real life too but Sam (the character) was one of the two characters I seriously wanted to punch in the fucking face in this episode. I don't understand why she wasn't in prison for something as serious as this. (Oh wait, she was in prison before and the gang busted her out!) She needs to go to a maximum security jail or an institution with a probation officer or something.

    Freddie: I really felt sorry for him in this episode. Since the first season of iCarly, I've always felt sorry for him since he's abused by Carly and Sam a lot but he was abused to the point where he was excluded from his clubs, hit by a tennis racket and even shunned by everyone. I don't get what he did to deserve this other than state an honest opinion.

    Fred: Oh god, I hated him aswell in this episode. He gets the silver crown for being the WORST character in this episode and he's well on his fucking way to sharing the golden crown for worst character with Sam. He was acting like a baby just because of ONE person critizicing his videos and he started this stupid war so his stupid, SHITTY EXCUSE OF A SHOW GETS MORE RATINGS! WHAT MAKES IT OK TO ALLOW SOMEONE TO BE VERBALLY AND PHYSICALLY ABUSED SO THIS 'DRAMATIC' FIGHT RACKS UP RATINGS? My point about Fred is that he is SHIT.

    Spencer: Well at least he didn't join in the abuse game so well done to him! Other than that, his plot points with the ostrich got one laugh out of me and that's it.


    The jokes were SHIT as always and they basically revolved around abuse. Obviously the creators thought it would be really funny to abuse the smart, nerdy guy of iCarly.

    Moral values:

    There are no values in this whatsoever. This episode teaches people to abuse others if they have different opinions to them about something because having different ideas and opinions are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Also, you'll be shunned by everyone (even your so-called pathetic bitchy friends) if you don't fit in and follow the crowd.


    This episode gets a 1.5 because the only thing good about it was the Spencer sub-plot. Other than that, this episode is abysmal aswell as abusive because it has no moral value and every character (again with the exception of Spencer and Freddie) showed their (horrible, shitty and pathetic) true colours.moreless
  • The episode that started this mess that thankfully is gone.

    This episode was stupid, unrealistic and made to promote Fred!

    In this episode, Freddie describes fred as annoying and he gets hated badly for it, EVEN AN INTERVIEWER REPORT ATTEPMTED TO RAID THE APARTMENT! This is worse than Sam treating Freddie like he's an idiot. Oh and the ending? The fight was all to boost ratings? Come on, the only good thing about this episode was the B-plot with Spencer's magical meatball.

    Not only this disaster got him a tv series and THREE movies that were thankfully bombed, but this will remain as one of the biggest misfires in Dan Schiender history!moreless

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