Season 5 Episode 10

iMeet the First Lady

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • One of the Best episodes of season 5

    iMeet the First Lady is one of the best episodes of season 5. I don't really get the hate for this episode. It is one of the better epsiodes of seaosn 5, because let's be honest. Season 5 is becoming very boring, and dull in my opinion. This episode was well written, and it was very good as welll. I thought it was cool that the iCarly crew made a webshow for Carly's Dad to celebrate his birthday since he couldn't come. So Carly and friends made a Webshow for Colonel Shay to celebrate his birhtday since he couldn't make it. I also loved Michelle Obama's guest appearance, even though it only lasted very shortly. Michelle doing iCarly with the iCarly crew was kind of fun too. My only flaws with the episode is Michelle Obama being there at the end. I spend all my time praising Obama's appearance in the episode, but it would've been better to see her on the much longer. My other flaw is Sam interrupting . Like come on Sam! This is the most important Woman in the World Speaking. Overall, this is an amazing episode of season 5. One of the better episodes out there. 9.0/10
  • iMeet the First Lady

    Of all the cameos this was one of the biggest on TV in recent years. Michelle seemed up for comedy, I just wish they could have given her some better material.
  • filler episode

    i can't think of anything good to say about this episode, it's so bad and the first lady was the problem. i give this a 2 thumbs down.
  • worst guest star ever

    michelle obama might be a high profile person, but she is not a very good guest star. she ruined this episode. the writers can't cheat their way out of this disaster, it's pretty obvious half way through the episode that it was going south. and it goes down pretty bad.
  • It was a little disappointing in my opinion

    When the group disrupts an important government feed to talk to Carly's father, the government cracks down on them. When realizing their intentions, Michelle Obama comes to their aid. This was a great episode of "iCarly" but it was a little disappointing though. First of all, the episode felt like it went by too fast and Michelle Obama was only in like the last 5 minutes of the episode which kinda angered me. I just really don't like it when a person that you like/love guest stars in an episode and they turn out to appear near the end of the episode. My mom who really doesn't like this show decided to stick around for this episode since it had the First Lady Michelle Obama in this episode and it seemed cool. I didn't ask my mom what she thought about the episode but from the look of her face, she looked disappointed. My aunt also looked disappointed as well since she kinda likes "iCarly" and wanted to see more Michelle Obama. Not only did that issue lower my score but Sam was also a little annoying in this episode such as when she asked for a sandwich when Michelle Obama is speaking. Come on, Sam couldn't show respect to the most important woman in the world. My score wasn't any lower though was because the storyline is well written and I loved the moment with Carly and Spencer celebrating their father's birthday through the iCarly cam. Another thing that disappointed me a little was that we never saw who Carly and Spencer's father looked like. This show is at its 5th season and they still never showed their father. As for the humor... there wasn't a whole lot but the only parts that did make me laugh were the cake exploding by Spencer about a few times, cake from the ceiling falling on Gibby, T-Bo's short appearance, and Sam in her disguise and giving Carly and Freddie wigs and passports to leave Seattle. The ending of the episode was pretty good as well. Overall, it's cool that we saw Michelle Obama but the episode was a little disappointing and I thought that after all these Season 5 episodes being weak and not very good... I would give this episode a 10 but it sadly didn't live up to my expectation but yeah, it's great episode but it just could have been better. 8/10
  • Great

    what i liked- the birthday party on iCarly, Michelle O appearing on iCarly (Even if it was a pretty stupid game show, even for their standards) Sam trying to get Carly and Freddie to leave with her when she thinks they will be arrested, amongst other things.

    kind of slow-moving episode but it did its plot well. the only thing i wished was different in the plot was we see carly's dad, but oh well i guess. B- or so as my final grade
  • what were they thinking?

    icarly is a high quality sitcom. but in this episode, the producers decided to lower the bar to accomodate michelle o. it was a big mistake. i had high hopes for this episode. i watch icarly for the laughs, but this episode is totally wasted. michelle o looked as if she was reading her lines. they should have made her appear in another show that i didn't watch like jackson vp, but instead they decided to make her appear in their top rated show. this reckless undertaking is totally unforgivable. nick threw away a perfectly good episode and for what?
  • Well Job

    I considered it superb for some reasons:

    1- Storyline was very smart.

    2- Michelle Obama guest starring.

    3- Jokes werent unfunny.

    4- Dans cameo was funny.

    5- Well Written.

    But, nonetheless, Sam jokes werent as funny as sometimes in other episodes.
  • iWorst Episode Ever

    this is perhaps the worst episode ever. it was so good until the first lady was shown. they should have just used an actress to play michelle obama. she lacks comedic timing. the editor can also be blamed, everything seem to grind to a halt as soon as the first lady shows up. maybe fast cuts could have masked mrs. obama's wooden presence. the editing department just decided to not edit her scenes properly.
  • When you're a celebrity

    I really did not like this episode because it just goes to show that if you are famous you can get away with anything you want to. Hey cast of Victorious why don't you rob a bank in next weeks episode and say that it was because they were going to close down the children's home at the end of the block.